well hello there whatever sons are creepy how's it going friends my name is Peter Pan that's right that's me today I'm going to do what no other man has ever dared to do play video games in VR horror games yes doing this for you Bruce I'm a little scared I'm a little shaky I'm all sweaty but that's alright the ladies like it please keep watching okay here we go oh shit I got a gut press shoot to start oh my god I'm out in the open what am I gonna do well I got a try what about this what about this oh that one tingles a little bit cuz it vibrates what about this oh this is how you shoot hey oh shit it's starting what the fuck oh god oh god I see them take this oh god it's not working take that yeah how do I miss who's that that when you end where no matter what okay guys careful oh you want some suck my asshole yeah come at me come fucking at me hey guess what you're fucking dead yeah that's right that's right you can't fuck with the booty pop bitch yeah okay yeah that's right what you gonna do huh I call this one these nuts ah fuck you I'm the fucking King yeah subtle you got game is that Oh laser sight that's fucking good explosive ammo that's fucking bad-ass bigger clips do I think I need a bigger clips it's the side it's fucking done nah Jack a lot of pizza okay yeah well continue what you want but they're bigger now well guess what so am i hey guess what oh I don't like that okay said the big ones they charge once you shot him Oh God oh god it's getting fucking intense okay that's right Oh what that's bullshit in real life never happened I know how to conserve ammo it's one of my top features let's go do I look like I'm bitch to you huh do I look like a fucking bitch do I look like I've never hold a gun before way to here we go I look so fucking cool right now oh I'm just checking my phone whatever it's not a big deal whatever excuse me were you saying something that was fucking cool y'all want some you all know me still same og okay Jesus that was fucking close what's your name bitch that's what's your name is that say that say you want somebody's going somewhere that's too bad only from March bitch what was that oh my fucking god what is that guys I'm scared what is Sam excuse me while I reload my gentleman Jesus oh god they're getting too many shit they're everywhere daddy oh shit ah I'm dying okay I'm out of ammo oh god please forgive alright I'm alive that was intense that was fucking cool I felt like a badass Vieira's here guys it's fucking beautiful if you want more videos please leave a like I really hope you enjoyed this video thanks for watching and as always stay awesome bros there's the fucking king I swear to God excuse me bitch yeah what's good that's right