KLM Fly Responsibly

look at it go still feels like magic doesn't it do you remember your first flight we do even though it was a hundred years ago going here and here and who yeah even here people have really gotten the hang of it it's changed our world forever but a hundred years of aviation comes with great responsibility because you want our children to get to know this beautiful world too right that's why we're working night and day to improve flying for the next hundred years but we can only make it possible together that's why we want to ask you something to fly more responsibly [Music] do you always have to meet face to face could you take the train instead could you contribute by compensating your co2 emissions or packing light we the first commercial airline in the world today kindly invite you all travelers in the aviation industry to join forces to join us in making the world aware of our shared responsibility we all have to fly every now and then but next time think about flying responsibly you