KPops ITZY Play the Mystery Box Challenge


Young Hollywood


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what's going on guys hanging with me right now I have it see hi I'm Hollywood we are it see all right young Hollywood it C is about to do our famous Mystery Box challenge ladies this is how it works you'll each receive a box yeah and without looking you'll put your hands in there feel around and try to guess what's inside the box are you ready yeah perfect oh we've tried ii like to say more but normally you would be like all of us without knowing what's in the box oh i think this way it's much fun you'll be able to see it yep para let's go yeah I can't do it oh is it this moving HM you know you look good it is moving right now yes I can do its door I thought okay check it out miss much - maybe rabbit no no but here is I actually the hole follow in there can I have this analysis yeah yeah yeah you guessed right yeah this song and it matches you I guess alright next box Tyrolean zone I can do it open let's go you can do okay it's really hard I think [Music] [Music] whoa I can't yeah these robbers are plastic on the first try I can't hear anything Oh Isaac wait we're done but she can't touch this yeah oh okay [Music] [Applause] what did you think it was when they said that you were afraid of it would be like something that's moving yeah all right her eyes are actually shut behind the glasses as well it's just taking this very secret well with your suit oh I won't see manga manga yeah it see thank you so much for playing our famous mystery box game that was so fun you guys did so good young Hollywood go catch these ladies you don't want to miss them anywhere yeah [Music] you