Its the day of the fight August 25th , KSI vs Logan Deji vs Jake the fight is in a couple of hours Logan Paul and Jake made a video explaining how you can watch it. By paying with credit card. Were gonna blur that cuz f*** ya'll Dude, he blurred his card better than he blurred the body Now if your'e looking to see the fight in this video, i've got bad news for ya. Just take it from Jake himself. And if you think you're gonna be able to watch it for free afterwards, You're WRONG because there's people stripping down all of the content that everyone else uploads. So the only way you're gonna be able to see the fight is if you can get the pay-per-view. don't worry, I will still show the outcome at the end of this video I know everyones dying to know who wins it's not like it doesn't matter.. *pewds laughs* I'll also give my prediction on who I think is gonna win and who I want to win BUT FIRST let's review the Weight in. It was yesterday. And if you thought the press conferences has been cringy it was somehow they managed to make it even worse they looked at all the press conferences and they said "You know what? Not cringy enough!" We need to up it way more Alright everyone we ready? *SHUT UP* I'm the TrueGordie and welcome to the KSI vs Logan Paul weigh in *Takes a big sniff* We're gonna start off.. For some reason raka raka was there I don't know how that came in out of nowhere next up to the stage. It's raka raka *crowd claps* YEAH!!! LET'S GET IT! *crowd laughs* Why Oh God It's a bit awkward yes, it is it is a bit awkward, can we cut this please the guard is loving it at least I'm glad he's having a good time And then for some reason he's fighting scarce why have I not heard about this Next to the stage it's scarce So scarce is here. Why is he not fighting? No, that would actually make it the biggest event on internet history This is a family friendly show all right. UGH He's on the scales yikes Weighing in at 79 kilograms Scarce, you know, you're allowed to breathe that Breathe out please you could die Im concerned Then they have the most awkward stare off that has ever been done Probably ever Raka put on his clothes Scares is like, I don't know Should I put on a shirt or something then he decides to keep it up anyone else like that. Yes. I didn't know whether we're gonna kiss or punch each other. You could have gone either way youre right, man. I can't wait for that fight. That should be pretty good you can tell they clearly hate each other so much drama, so much tension. Let's get to the point Jake came out about 10 minutes later and damn Jake look's ripped He really bulked up man. Whoa, look at that I promise I know it's gonna be a good fight now. Okay. Now I'm excited. This is gonna be epic. No, just kidding after about five minutes for Jake Paul to take off his bling by five other guys we finally get on the scale any any moment on the scales Jake Paul then Jake Paul makes a statement about the fight. It's gonna be a first round knockout Its not gonna be you its not bloody hell gonna be you, is it jakey? All right, next up the Deji! My man. He's been training hard That's the number one thing about Deji. He's been like. I'm working hard. Okay, doesn't matter that I lost my trainer. Okay. I'm working hard I'm training hard and you know Deji looks a little goofy but once he takes it off to the glasses Now, we get to see how hard he's trained. Finally. He's gonna look hard I know it for sure (right) He is DEEEEEEJJJIIIIIIII stepping onto the scale. oh no he's trained Oh No Deji Oh No What have you been doing Deji He hasn't been training? hes been drinking b e e r s You know, I thought well at least you know even if you lose the fight At least by the end of it, you'll be ripped. I know it's not about looking ripped. I know it's about the kills. I'm just joking. It's a joke, then Deji makes his statement, Deji always has the best statement. He's always got the smartest things to say. that's why I like Deji. For those three minute rounds. That's gonna be the tough part you trained hard. Have you trained hard Deji is the question. What is he gonna say? we were meant to have a faceoff now. I didn't want one because he's too scared to come at me. How does that make any sense. How doesn't make any sense, right? Okay. So We're meant to do a face of- this doesn't make any sense. Like we're supposed to fight and stuff like okay how does that nothing this doesn't make any sense where I am. I-I don't understand that yeah, well, he's delusional Pake Jaul is delusional. I'm gonna show him augus- it's tomorrow! Tomorrow.. *Pewdiepie starts laughing* *Claps* august 2-. It's tomorrow!? I just realized that's tomorrow, holy heck, I don't believe it the fight is tomorrow great response to the question Deji thank you very much as always! The moment we've all have been waiting for, Logan Paul vs KSI Logan the maverick paaaaauuuulll *crowd claps* let's go change *More clapping* (and booing) LeT's gO lOgaN! *pewds laughs* LET'S GO LOGANNN the pitch gets a little higher once Logan gets on stage LeT's gO lOgaN! LET'S GO LOGAN LOGAN!! Logan Logaaann I love you Logan!! Next up KSI comes out finally The reigning and defending oh no. Oh no, he did not That is Logan Paul's girlfriend. Oh my god He's had absolute mad lad This thing this whole thing is just a clown show Oh My god, but my favorite thing out of this whole waiting. It's the face up Logan posed a great meme. He's like Oh your breath is really bad. Hey, look what I got some gum alright, let's it's really bad here you go Ksi and he takes it Chew dat! Chew dat! Chew dat! Hope that was a piece of cyanide. No, I don't that was a joke. Why did he take it? KSI mysteriously dies before the fight. Now, we know why why Did he think it's so weird? so strange I'm so confused. This whole thing is so weird now for me The fight is in a couple hours has probably already happened when you're watching this video I wanted to give my thoughts before I see it who my honest predictions is. I don't know the outcome I really really want Deji to win just purely from the fact that from a boxing fight. The winner will be comedyshortsgamer Everybody Cuz that's his YouTube channel name comedyshortsgamer Check out the win. I hope Deji is going to win just because he's the underdog and I Think Jake can handle losing better than Deji. Does that make any sense? However, I think Jake is going to win it We'll see afterwards if I was right. When it comes to Logan and KSI uh same thing with KSI I've always thought he was an idiot But watching some of the podcasts that he's done without all the drama without all the crazy screaming at each other I realized he's not an idiot. He's a level-headed dude, and I really- I do respect him I do hope he wins purely on the fact that he's- he wants to do boxing, right? So if he loses against Logan he can't really do that He's really the only one that got something to lose here Logan has nothing to lose essentially I think he's the one that's gonna come out strongest throughout this whole thing because of it I probably ripped into Logan more than any other youtuber But I actually do hope he does as well. I do hope this will be his way To move forward. I mean, he's already apologized. What else can he do at this point? Like I don't think anyone actually cares still. Uh who's gonna win between KSI and Logan It's so good cause I don't know like I don't know. I think Logan's gonna win it I think both the paul brothers gonna take it and then I think it's gonna be a rematch But that's just what I think place your bets if you don't know in the comments right now, I'll be back in a few hours which will be in a second and uhh We'll see how it went. Oh boy. Here we go. Here's the live footage of the fight I got special permission to show it. Don't worry guys. This video won't get strike because of it Now if you watch the fight, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You went through that. That was awful. Okay I want my money back the whole chat is this going refund? Everyone *pewds laughs* Basically KSI vs Logan got a draw of course and KSI just goes whoa. Let's do that again That was fun. No, it wasn't fun. Okay, you guys made millions Congratulations, but fool me once. Okay, fool me twice. No, Thank you Uhh Jake won against Deji as I expected too bad though. It was a good fight. Good job both ya scarce lost against Rucka Rucka and Yeah, that's it. I-I won't I how can I refund does it work?