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[Applause] hi guys I'm Adam will born up from what coach wrestling joined now by Celeste Bonin better known as Katelyn of course from WWE how is WrestleMania weekend treating you so this is actually the first WrestleMania weekend this one first time I've been back to wrestle cons since I left at WME in 2014 so I have not been a part of any of these shenanigans for five years so I always have like a super positive attitude but last night my flight got delayed three hours and I didn't land in Jersey until 2:00 a.m. so but I'm like I'm there's like all this positive energy so I got no sleep but today has been like super dope and like fans the love runs so deep like if I really haven't been in wrestling for so long except for them a young classic and so it's just really cool to meet you know a ton of people that were you know fans of me a long time ago so you mentioned meeting meeting fans there's no but it's also about meeting you know former people used to be across the ring from friends it's like five years out the industry it's such a crazy like it's not crazy but it's such a tight bond like Brotherhood sisterhood when you work when you're in the same profession as these people and whether you've been in the like the same whether you've been in WOB together or some other promotion like it's just this really weird like mutual respect to you over each other because it's like this shit is fucking hard yes so it's really cool and I don't I barely have a chance to see a lot of these people because you know they live people that are still actively wrestling and they're traveling all over so it gives me a chance to see people haven't seen in a long time and so that's but everyone's always crazy I have a crazy schedule everybody else does so I didn't doubt I'll get to see everybody I want to see but I will get to see you know a good amount of people so I mentioned at the start it's WrestleMania week and of course the main event of Wrestlemania is a women's triple threat you were one of the catalysts for the you know women being recognized there's the talented people they are as opposed to that you know the history we've seen in WWE or WWF how does it feel to see three women main event in WrestleMania and also see the main eventing WrestleMania on Marit it's um it's like when you said it like I got chills a little bit so you know I have my differences with your on my experience that I had with delivery was individual to me and you know I but I my love also runs very deep for professional wrestling and it just makes me really happy to see like the leaps and bounds that women have made in the last five years and to know that like everything that was you know the catalyst for this to happen wasn't a waste it wasn't in vain and so the women just took it and ran with the opportunity and it's like it's so cool that you can actually say that like they earns this main event spot and people are excited to see it yeah exactly I mean this has been built for what well Survivor Series since basically this main event and the reason why I say on Mary is because there was a talk of Charlotte Rhonda main event in WrestleMania 35 anyway after Rhonda's breakout performance at last year's WrestleMania but not only those two but obviously of course Becky Lynch has driven intrigue in this match so more than it's not just we're just putting WWE's arguably best female wrestler up against you know a transferring MMA athlete these two these two or these three have made a fascinating story line as well so there's so much because for a storyline to be good you have to have people emotionally invested in the story and like in the characters and they are so passionate about what they're doing like and it shows and they absolutely deserve like every everything that they they've earned and and you know main eventing I'll give me this isn't the end of the women's revolution it is just the beginning what what does the future hold what what other things are possible we've seen them you know main event pave user said now main event WrestleMania they're really breaking down barriers they're literally Jake there's no glass ceiling anymore like it's theirs I think that there's going to be just you know they've accomplished all these amazing things they're gonna start doing setting new records and stuff that men haven't even done you know so they're like the sky's the limit and like the what you know the women all women are incredibly powerful but especially these women specifically are trailblazers and I'm I like to like watch it as like a fan you know what I mean just because I really appreciate and because I've also lived on the other side of it and I know how hard of a life it can be and how emotionally and physically taxing it is you talk about them being trailblazers now when you were growing up and looking to get the industry who you're sort of inspirations so I mean like I love like Vader as a kid I wasn't like a huge wrestling fan but when I got older I really loved Beth and then I actually you know a lot of people say oh don't meet your heroes but I had the opportunity to be like under her wing for for a while and she was like she's the most knowledgeable caring giving loves the business so much so she was the best person to like really look up to and then to meet and find out she's truly like a genuinely amazing person she hasn't missed a step you see her coming she's like so I got to see her she cuz she was on the announce team for the Maine classic and so I when I sat in the room with her and Renee and Michael Cohen was just like reunion and I I had a bone to pick with Michael Cole because of you know his his history with our season of NXT you know he tore us apart on that season but um it was really cool to sit down and talk to him about like how my life has changed and how her life has changed and she really heard Renee and Michael really like helped me tell my story of like my comeuppance and might come back and all that and then I've been watching Beth like thrive and kind of just she has two kids and she's just like superwoman and like she she really hasn't missed a beat it's like it's it's insane you talk about your time in w/e they're your some of your favorite memories really matches storylines people you work with I just anything I did with AJ was always like what my storyline with Eve and when I won the title from Eve was really like where I started to be able to express myself and we kind of developed it like who I was and my signature and and Eve helped really really bring that out of me and then to take it to the next level when I had it that my storyline with with AJ we were you know the best of friends and so when you have like a really good chemistry with someone you just can do good work because you you know you love it you're so passionate and you can if you if need be you can beat the crap out of each other yeah sometimes you have to because we you know we we traveled on the road together so there was frustration for sure it's it's an exciting time afoot for wrestling is it one of the best times to be a wrestler at the moment with with the development only in WWE as you mentioned we're interesting but independent scene and of course aew just my opinion and like what my experience yes it's like there's so much opportunity for wrestlers in general but for women it is like the the sky's the limit and right now if and there's also so much more like mainstream attention on women's wrestling because of the shows like total divas and like all that stuff so now is the most like opportune time if you ever wanted to wrestle is it get your feet wet now because it's only it's just gonna keep continue growing I mean you look at you know films like fight with my family to get more and more people interested so it's insane everything that's going on right now and like it's just when you're super passionate about something and you see it like just thriving it's it's very fulfilling you know if I'm not a part of it what about you know fans of yours what's your future plans so I I probably will never do anything full-time again contract wise because I run a business and I'm very heavily involved in it and I'm launching a new business this year so if I do anything with wrestling which is still a very very high possibility it'll be one-off stuff like you know big matches stuff like that but uh I don't really have anything set right now but I'm definitely open to you know taking bookings and important matches here and there so it'd be amazing to see for example like an evolution pay-per-view we saw that the all-women's pay-per-view did well broke more ground right yeah that was incredible and I'm like just being a part of the main classic that sets such a precedent like all the wrestling was insane the storytelling was unbelievable and so then to follow it up and see you know then the women got the pay-per-view it's just it's all very I'm very satisfied you know with everything that's happening right now final question for you are asking literally everyone we speak to hear wrestled on the same question the Hulk Hogan Moe movie is in the making right now if someone was to play Celeste Bonin in a film about your life who would it be I I don't know either like maybe Mila Kunis or and she looks nothing like me I just love her Kristen Wiig but she's just a larious and I think that might be it maybe like a hybrid of those two two different parts of your career ending yes I like I like that it's a nice absolute pleasure to you thank you so much you can't walk or dressing today I don't miss your last question but I don't know you say thank you thank you thank you very much hi guys I'm Adam will born up from what culture and if you're a fan of what you've just seen then make sure you subscribe to what culture Wrestling on either iTunes Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts for daily wrestling podcasts where we not only review Monday Night Raw and Smackdown live we also discuss the events before and after of pay-per-views we have roundtable discussions discussing burning wrestling issues interviews and a roundup of the week completes with a bloody good quiz of course on wrestle culture thanks for watching I've been Adam from what culture and I'll see you soon