Kansas Man Moves Into Animal Shelter to Help Get Dog Adopted


Inside Edition


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this is what she wants to do thank you all the time so incredibly affectionate Scott poor and three-year-old terrier mix Queen have gotten awfully close he's moved in with her at this Kansas Animal Shelter hoping to catch the attention of someone who can give her a forever loving home I love her so much guys I'm having a blast here at the shelter but I don't want to live here for a long time Queen has been here for more than 400 days after starting off life on a slippery slope she's three years old she's been a third of her life in the animal shelter she came in she was injured she required a ton of medical the shelter covered every single dollar of that got her back to feeling better she's a completely healthy dog now and until she's out of there the two are enjoying breakfast in bed perk of being my roommate reading and playing Scott says she doesn't snore but he hears the neighboring dogs at the same time he's still trying to run his clothing brand mission-driven which brings awareness to all shelter pets and there's quite a few people that don't know me that are getting very frustrated that I don't adopt Queen I have a great dog at home she wants a best human and friend Scott says Queen is the example of what happens when dogs are not adopted and he wants to change that for inside edition calm I'm Lisa boy Kiki [Music]