Kanye West Previews Jesus Is King Album Says Hes Only Making Gospel Music From Now On

all the guys got the rumour report now Kanye West was all over the place this weekend he's releasing a new album I believe this week is called Jesus is king I thought that he pushed it back no Friday and they saying they're trying to get out this week I thought anything you can put it up put it out on Sunday well to come out on Friday this was coming off Friday thought he was pushing it back and he's the last Friday Sunday yes come on last Friday get fast ride it yes but come close come out this week they say but we don't know when that's true as yet but uh Friday he was out in Detroit and he played snippets of the album people that was at the venue that was uh they got free tickets they said that it's a lot of gospel sounds very gospel he's rarely rapping on a lot of his songs and they said it sounds pretty good now Kanye also said that he's not doing any secular music anymore it's all gospel from here on out what exactly is secular music when people say they're not doing secular music there's somebody from the gospel community explain to me what secular music is exactly but I've been used that term a lot but I wonder what that actually means huh Missy secular music is simply music that if not affiliated with any religious practice our tradition so a song like back in the dance back to take the power of God and you with that because in the gospel record cuz he's rapping about God no no I understand what the secular music thing means I don't know that's a good question hmm that is a great question jesus walks would that be considered a secular record know what Kanye did that Bay considered that gospel music back and they remember that was they played that old gospel stations they played on hip-hop stations they played even an R&B station that would that went across all boys if I remember correctly Saturday he was out in Chicago with chance the rapper playing some cuts and then yesterday he was out in Queens New York Jamaica Queens he went to Alan Church and shot the pastor Floyd flake and he performed there and everybody said the music sounded so great so let's play a clip of him freestyling in Queens [Applause] I love it it's positive music is feel-good feel-good music when God gets in you and tells you to change your life you change the life that freestyled be wacky anyway with the church though you right cliff you know I'm saying that only works in the church when everybody no good when he said it don't everybody got the Holy Ghost and you just trying to get people on their feet I see people trying to you know say yeah is making a mockery of God and you're trying to cut off religion wow I don't see how you can say that when he won his first records with Jesus walk instead of house and not to mention people grow and people evolve people change species in a life he wants to make gospel music at this point is career I don't have a problem with you don't know what his plan was you know no you don't know what God's plan for him was absolutely and that's the thing I mean it could be one of those things but God wants to make him one of the biggest artists evidence a you know what now I want you to speak my word that's usually how it works yeah what is that God doesn't know God doesn't called qualified he qualified the call that's right yes so Jesus is king the new album is supposed to be album and documentary I can't wait to hear it little nods X like he's going through a little bit of stress he cancels two shows and he announced he's taking a little time off from music to the last 7 months has been a really rough and he just needs some time to himself I hope no problem with him taking a break I'm just saying when you got one record though it's kind of tough he put out an album no you put out an EP like I said when you got one record you know what I'm saying it's kind of tough to take a break you might you need to get all you can now cuz tomorrow is not promised maybe that's maybe that's part of it maybe he wants to get all that he kidnap me he's been working he's been on the road he has been able to enjoy his life you take too long of a break when you a guy with one record it might be it it's all I'm saying low not maybe what's the date maybe want to start a family maybe just wasn't you do you think that's a 100 million dollar record he should have made a lot of money off that one Rachel he did I pray he did I pray not you got in any contract situations and I pray that he made all his money off that record alright that is a record that could last him a lifetime well congratulations to 2-shot 2-shot 2-shot became a dad for the first time at age 53 first time yesterday say who's gonna go no kids no it's a two-shot it's a proud father he welcome to his first child at the tender age of 53 he's been keeping the news under a rap until now it seems like Ray J is shooting a documentary and too short is part of that documentary so congratulations - okay then we need to protect you practice and protected sex for a long long a long a long a long time which I'm sure that you've been getting it in you know maybe protection like you said that's good yeah I don't know that brothers still I hate using condoms all right no I'm saying to get hot in Oakland sometimes it's hot for condoms in there oh my goodness already not some kids all right well that's your rumour report [Music]