Kanye West on Why He Doesnt Care About His Legacy TIME




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every time I crash the internet it's like this little drop of truth every time I say something that's extremely truthful out loud it literally breaks the internet so what are we getting all of the rest of the time to me I don't care about having a legacy I don't care about me and remember it's the most important thing to me is like while I'm here while we're having fun while we're going to sleep and breathe in oxygen and live in life and falling in love and having pain and having joy it's like what can I do what can I do with my voice what can we do for each other to make life easier make like dopa for our kids you know as they grow you know we born into a broken world we're like the cleanup crew my mother made me believe in me when I was growing up I wanted to make video games my mom got this amiga computer when I was in seventh grade and had 4096 colors I found myself running home to use a sound program that allowed me to place a note it would stay place another note that would stays place another note it would stay and that's how I learned how to produce in seventh grade and I was just really making the music to make video games they just let me dream they supported me they push me they didn't set me up to be inside of a box what's the main thing that makes magic magic the fact that no one believes it's possible when I entered the fashion world and I encountered a lot of elitism and all that it just made me happy it was something fun we had the entire world against us it was like absolutely no allies whatsoever you know I mean it was like the world was against us the pressure of that was like crazy it was like a Super Bowl I remember sitting there with my fashion publicist Deborah and we were supposed to do the Reese's this is the thing with the editors after the show they come back to see it and see if they like the collection and we had like two or three people that came to see it I took a picture with tiny above all type stuff I said do we have any more editors coming and Deborah just look at this no no one else is coming and I looked at her I said this is great remember this moment because it won't always be like this embrace this moment where no one came to see the collection I take you know things that people look at as a negative as an inspiration to do something better I think there's school teachers that are the the exact same mission as as me I think there's police officers with the exact same mission as me just help just do everything you got give everything you got and you know our focus needs to be less about what I like to see is going to be or how we're going to control each other but or how can we can give to each other