Kasaneru ReZero Greed IF Story




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a dream i saw a dream a dream that wouldn't end over and over again i repeated and corrected every mistake but before i knew it i lost count i died over 100 million times and yet there was still a place i wanted to reach a wish i wanted to protect no matter what i had to save everyone and that's why i took her hand foreign natsuki subaru woke the same as any other day except a voice was in his head after forming the contract with echidna she's been able to communicate with him through sound waves and she can watch everything he does through the black crystal pendant hanging from his neck with echidna's help subaru was able to save the sanctuary pass the trials and protect everyone he cares about but that didn't come without a cost after dying over 100 million times natsuki subaru was now a completely different person he's desensitized to a lot of things and no longer fears death he's become a new version of subaru that abuses his ability as often as he prefers to all the while the witch of greed watches him in amusement this is cacinero the greed if story as soon as he finishes practicing his smile in the mirror subaru touches the black crystal pendant he wore around his neck as he held it in his hand its presence grew stronger and started to pulse as if it was a living thing the pulse grew faster until it was equal to subaru's own heartbeat and that was precisely the moment his consciousness left him without a word subaru sits down across from echidna and gulps down his cup of tea with no reaction whatsoever it wasn't that he had forgotten what the tea was made of it had just been so long since he cared you could at least say hello there's no reason to you're already prying inside my head day and night so what's the point this and that are different matters you know greeting me properly is simply the polite thing to do after all i am a shy young maiden as delicate as a flower the meaning of those words change without me noticing echidna was quite tolerant towards subarus and politeness so his sarcasm didn't bother her she relaxes her mouth into a smile which causes subaru to accidentally admire her beauty for a moment what's the matter you're staring at me she was a perverse demonic figure that exuded a sensation of inescapable ruin and destruction but subaru still found it difficult to be afraid of her the two of them talk for a bit but it wasn't typical for them to delve into idol gossip so subaru planned on returning to reality as soon as possible before leaving he tells her that from now on he's removing the pendant whenever he uses the bathroom and then despite her pleas for him to stay subaru exits the tea party without saying goodbye to echidna leaving her with nothing but a sigh when his consciousness returns he confirms that only a few seconds have passed but he still wasn't used to the discomfort produced by the gap between worlds maybe i'll never get used to it subaru spoke out loud talking to himself but echidna was always listening and would often interject with her own suggestions which began to annoy subaru to the point that he asked her not to speak with him if it wasn't necessary yes yes i understand i'll be silent except for when it's absolutely necessary you just made a witch obey you you truly are a master at this shut the hell up there was a sudden knock on subaru's door but having repeated this loop already he knew exactly who it was right on schedule petra says good morning and explains that she's got plans to go shopping this afternoon however she doesn't know if the weather will be nice enough they chat for a bit longer and then subaru visits the courtyard where garfield was sparring with reinhardt garfield fought with his full strength but was easily defeated too weak to continue garfield left angrily to go wash off the dirt his body was covered with reinhardt on the other hand didn't even work up a sweat and somehow the grass underneath him had returned to its original clean state the thought of reinhardt as an enemy gave subaru the chills and that's exactly why subaru secretly led him to join the amelia camp about a year ago by convincing felt to drop out of the royal selection and abandon the estrella family subaru caused reinhardt to feel depressed and out of place with nowhere else to turn he accepted subaru's offer to support emilia but after being abandoned by felt reinhardt was never the same because of his childhood trauma garfield was miserable as well but instead of working through his trauma and solving the problems within his heart rosball and subaru excluded him entirely and forced him to leave the sanctuary against his will if they hadn't he would have been eaten by rabbits but the result of saving him was an unstable garfield whose depression was steadily being converted into rage reinhardt became an outlet for him to release his anger but even that only reminded garfield of the strength he lacked talking with garfield and reinhardt wasn't intentional though subaru just happened to run into them on his way to the library the mansion's library was actually where subaru's daily routine was supposed to begin hey beatrice sorry to intrude beatrice said nothing and sat in a corner with her forehead pressed to her knees in the past she might have greeted subaru with some form of insult but now she wouldn't say anything at all beyoko come on don't you want to play outside subaru kept pestering her until she finally had enough and told him to shut up her voice was hoarse and she almost sounded like a different person but hearing her voice at all was a big relief to subaru because typically she wouldn't even speak a single word to him so today he felt pretty lucky during the events of the sanctuary subaru forced her to leave the forbidden library that she swore to protect up until this point beatrice had dedicated her entire life to her contract but now that contract was broken and so was beatrice in a deep depression beatrice spent the rest of her days incessantly sobbing with a non-existent will to live subaru wrapped his arms around her to comfort her shivering body without knowing that he was really the one searching for comfort but beatrice hated it so she clawed at his neck until it bled subaru eventually gave up and shut the door behind him on his way out leaving beatrice alone once more back then i wonder if i should have lied to her i could have said i was that person saving her life was the right thing to do though it is a shame that her contract was broken in the process wait hold on a second isn't it your fault that she ended up this way well of course i will take partial responsibility for the child's solitude but my intent was certainly not to force misfortune upon her i do hope you understand even if devastated by regret momentarily there will come a day where that child is free again in due time someone will accept her perhaps that someone is you there are an infinite number of possibilities after all finished with his conversation with echidna subaru ran into roswall in the hallway roswall appeared to be in an excellent mood and there was a certain element of respect in the way he addressed subaru rosball had come to appreciate subaru's utility and respected him for all he's accomplished subaru wasn't too happy to be working with him though especially considering all the trouble he caused at the sanctuary however roswell was too great an asset to be cast aside so reluctantly subaru cooperated with roswell and the two of them worked together towards achieving their respective goals because rosball changed the way he acted towards subaru ram did as well she no longer insulted him or called him barusu she spoke with courtesy in a dignified manner as any maid would however there were no traces of familiarity or friendliness in her voice she was distant and treated him as if he were an esteemed guest whom she had no prior connection with in the room with rom and subaru rem slept silently in her bed as she has been for the past two years at subaru's request rom left the room giving subaru some alone time with rem well rem and someone else hey echidna for you to call me is truly a rarity could you remind me how to wake her up echidna explains that there are three possible ways to save rem the first is to find and question the sin archbishop of gluttony and try to make them reverse the effects of their authority however finding them would prove to be enough of a challenge and defeating them would be even more difficult and we don't even know if the authority can be reversed the second option is about as equally unlikely as the first because it would require cooperation from the sage which according to echidna isn't a realistic expectation either so we're really only left with the third option which is to obtain the blood of the divine dragon the omnipotent power in the dragon's blood would certainly be enough to wake rem from her sleep however the dragon only offers his blood to the ruler of the kingdom and that's why you absolutely must make amelia the ruler emilia subaru knocks on emilia's door and emilia knocks back from the other side she lets him in and they have a nice little flirtatious interaction but emilia changes when she notices the scratches on subaru's neck immediately she realizes that beatrice was the one responsible and then a large quantity of mana surges out of her body the air starts to freeze and emilia loses control soon the mansion and everything around it will turn into ice emilia calm down everything's all right hey emilia look at me subaru hugged emilia's body and desperately called out to her eventually she snapped back to reality after seeing subaru smile at her earlier that morning subaru had practiced his fake smile in the mirror because he knew amelia would need it if she had continued to freeze the mansion reinhardt would have had no choice but to stop her and subaru probably would have had to use return by death again so luckily the fake smile worked emilia calmed down and the mansion was safe again emilia was so different from before because what she saw in the trial brought back painful repressed memories that continue to haunt her relentlessly and because subaru took the trials for her she was never able to overcome her traumatic past resulting in an unstable incomplete version of emilia that was now entirely dependent on subaru i'd bet it would be more convenient for you if she were an emotionless doll that followed your every command subaru tried his best to ignore echidna but sometimes it was difficult to do so echidna disliked emilia and would often make rude comments when she saw her this really bothered subaru but not as much as the guild did he couldn't help but wonder if perhaps amelia would have been better off without him whether or not he made the right decision was a question that constantly plagued subaru throughout his daily life echidna would offer him reassurance but it was never enough the possibility of regretting something was terrifying to subaru after having a bit of a panic attack subaru hurried back to his room he didn't want anyone to see him like this but when he opened the door he found a dark-haired woman sitting on his bed smiling elsa was no longer an enemy she wasn't exactly an ally but in any case she didn't pose a threat to subaru anymore in fact subaru was now her employer she's been working behind the scenes doing the dirty work for the amelia camp and with elsa's assistance they were able to kill the sin archbishop of greed and capture the sin archbishop of wrath however elsa's current assignment to track down the archbishop of gluttony was unsuccessful oh elza you were outside earlier right how was the weather out there elsa replied that the weather was fine and subaru nodded in confirmation and then asked her for another small favor i see thank you now please take your knife and lop off my head oh and try to make it painless elsa was a bit confused at first but after confirming that subaru was serious she followed his order subaru's blood sprayed across the room and his consciousness faded away with his final thoughts he felt sympathy for whichever maid would have to clean up the mess elsa would sometimes question his sanity whenever he asked her to kill him but would still obey him anyway making her an excellent means of using return by death when subaru woke up echidna confirmed that he had reset to earlier that same morning she also asks him why he used return by death but he doesn't give her an answer once again petra knocks on the door and says good morning to subaru and just like in the previous loop explains that she has plans to go shopping this afternoon but doesn't know if the weather will be nice enough however this time subaru has a proper response for her rest assured petra the weather is going to be nice today so you don't need to worry and that was the response he had died for subaru sacrificed his life to give petra that information a small insignificant detail such as the weather was worth more to subaru than his own life meanwhile atop the hill in that meadow of green the lonely witch led out a sigh using your own life to protect others is noble indeed however your ability returned by death is a double-edged sword if the lives of others become too desperately consequential you can no longer value your own with all the afflictions and hardships that subaru went through he was unconsciously led to rely on the witch and with subaru's return by death ability at her disposal echidna held the world in her palm you truly are someone who can satisfy me she swore to wholeheartedly assist the boy with his own goals however she possibly could but at the same time also intended to satisfy the inexhaustible curiosity of a witch so from now forth suffering and unreasonable fate would equally descend upon the boy for all eternity his suffering would become her satisfaction and that was the witch's love ah even so a proposition that would remain sempeternally unsolved and yet an enigma that would forever enthrall her why must love always fade you