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the one the only miss Kathy Griffin Kathy you've you've made it you're coming to Billings Montana I've arrived I mean I know you are proud of being in the Gazette as one of the top 40 under 40 in Billings let me tell you something big day I'm Kathy Griffin and I'm bringing my two-time Emmy award-winning and Grammy award-winning comedy to Billings on October 10th at 7:30 by the way at 7:30 show is tricky I'm going to be honest people might want to think it's 8:00 get there at 7:30 you don't want to miss the profanity for one moment I'll be at the Elbert Abair theater and tell me what do I have in store from the audience in Billings what is the typical Billings comedy audience member going to be like Oh typical because you're gonna get it you're gonna get like 90% normal Kathy Griffin fans people that know what they're getting themselves into and are excited for a great show oh so you're actually teasing me and saying that if you buy a ticket to this show you see the name Kathy Griffin you know it's a comedy show you know that you're gonna hear cursing you're gonna hear me maybe talk some smack about anyone from you know I mean I hate to take with Paltrow because you know she actually ran into her a week ago and she was very nice and we're practically like family I'm sure I'll be pooping something very soon or you could be hearing just an evening of film they're prepared for that well 90% and then the other 10% are gonna see your face and going oh it's that lady from TV like I bet she's a real hoot lady from the show yeah and then they'll show up and then they'll hear you swear and they'll get up and walk out in the middle of it and that's for their money back and say like that lady's filthy and disgusting and nobody warned me about that okay I didn't know you were going to describe my dreams because on an 80 City tour think about it 80 cities everywhere from the Kennedy Center to Spokane Washington to stores Connecticut to Carnegie Hall I still love a walk out I still love a good firm how dare you and usually it's an older couple and they think they're there to see like Mamma Mia or The Lion King and then when they see as you would say the redhead lady from the show there may be expecting Kathie Lee Gifford to sing a Christian song which is not probable I don't want to rule it out probably not what I'm going to be doing and yeah I am I still enjoy a good walk out it'll happen we I mean recently I've seen it at Tracy Morgan I've seen it at Japan I've seen it at Lisa Lampanelli wait what's great though about about Chapelle is sometimes Dave will walk out himself like I've seen Dave just Rock a show and not be about to buy anything and then sometimes and I have to say I I loved him and I've known him for a long time and I mean really like I'm like in love with Dave but sometimes if people are bothering him he'll just stop the show and I have to say that that's not what I do but what Dave does it it cracks me up every single time yes he just is like I'm not having it and I'm out of here that's gold well yeah they were all and recently here at the Alberta very same venue you'll be playing at this this show this is a Dave thing though and you know him he'll sign autographs but he won't allow anybody to take pictures with him so I'm in Montreal a couple years ago and I'm doing the comedy fest and Chappelle's doing the comedy fest and like I said we go back to when he was a teenager and so I'm there with my boyfriend this isn't sorry I'm coughing there was my boyfriend and first of all let me just get this out of the way my boyfriend is 17 years younger don't even start with me I'm younger than that so when you're done with him you can make a move to me your little old for me I'm not gonna lie but you're very cute yourself he's very cute and you're shirtless selfies so anyway we go see Dave backstage and I said you know my boyfriend has like a bro crush on you so not only did he take a lovely picture with my boyfriend but then he accidentally started taking like a picture that did include Dave but only include my boyfriend and finally I took his own phone I go David you have pictures of my boyfriend in your phone and in two years you're going to look at them and go who is blonde guy so I hear what you're saying he is selfie adverse I cannot say the same for you my friend now what's going on it's I'm a little I'm a little different than Dave but I want I want you to tell Dave next time you see him it doesn't work because all Facebook was filled with the day after here in Billings was people taking selfies of themselves with Dave Chappelle sitting like two seats away in the background is that really so it's like a half a selfie come on yeah it's like a your selfie and someone else see in the background I don't mind if someone else they now I will tell you that one of the stories I will be bringing to the Magic City is that I had an amazing encounter backstage at the Hollywood Bowl with the one and only Lady gaga and of course being a gay man myself I identify as a gay man this day and age you're allowed I don't know if you heard that Miley Cyrus has decided that she is pansexual which is one even I haven't heard of is that she's everything kind of don't know she has a list and so her her thing is she believes in like basically having whatever relations she wants as long as it's not an animal as long as the person is consulting you know a consenting adult consenting adults of course I couldn't say the same for Cosby but you know and she is open to men and women and people who are transitioning or so I'm I'm kind of bummed she like beat me to the pansexual thing because I would have been all over that just you know just for the publicity well why do you have to put the restrictions like no animals and consenting adult on there well you know what what's talking here and see how she feels it's a good point yeah just be a Miley and and so I I had an amazing run in backstage with the great Lady gaga and I of course wanted a picture with her and didn't know if I should ask and it was the Hollywood Bowl and by the way Tony Bennett was right next to me so there's that hello Legend and then the lighting wasn't good and Lady Gaga's said to me in that quote this is a good lighting girl I'm do you like that and I thought that was very adorable and sassy so I will be bringing to the Alberta bear my personal run-ins various and sundry with these celebrities and when I say celebrities X Matt can be a loose term I might throw in a Kylie Jenner is she hotter than Kim you know an important debate right up there with the Republicans are paid very important debate issues that we're going to be talking about billing yeah people need to know that about you to Kathy if they don't that you run in some big circles you had my life on the d-list it went away because now you're way higher than the d-list you're at least see maybe I feel like right now I'm having a solid moment yeah you're I mean so you're doing it big you're hanging out with all these people and that's what's great about your act is that the people that you hang around with know or if they don't know they won't be your friend anymore but you talk about everything that happens in LA I hope you I hope you don't think that I hold back when it comes to someone like Anderson Cooper exactly which is what I was gonna stance one of my favorites because the two of you I'm a weird CNN junkie for some reason I watch CNN and MSNBC all day all night yeah it's so weird and so yeah we are the same in that sense but to see you and Anderson like the way you fluster him every New Year's Eve is so amazing the Pope I would say that I can fluster Anderson Cooper far more than the Pope could it's so perfect I really want and I know it seems like a marketing gimmick every year for CNN like we're having her back but I want to know there's got to be a real debate behind the scenes about not having you back some you yeah yes I've been fired every year fired and rehired so typically what happens is Anderson doesn't really want to know what I have in mind for New Year's and I think it's best he doesn't you know what I mean he's he's like look he's basically you know a hot catalog model not unlike you exactly had very similar yeah he doesn't need to know the details and so we show up there on the risers just shall I say lovingly spitting distance from Ryan Seacrest and I have but anyway and so we don't know what's going to happen it's three and a half hours of live television but on seeing you know it's not like Comedy Central although I kind of treat it like it's company central and then every year I try - let's just say keep Anderson humble you know what I mean because he's a Vanderbilt his mom is Gloria Vanderbilt and I feel it's my duty as a patriot and you know as you may or may not know I have performed overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan for the troops I'll actually have some vets at my show and Billings and Anderson has said publicly and I'm very proud of this that he has more fear on New Year's Eve with me than when he visits Jalalabad or any place where he could get like I easy fire and stuff like that so I take that as a point of pride it's amazing I love it you talk about keeping him humble I remember last year when he said something about like a gallon of milk and you called him on he said when was the last time you purchased a gallon of milk oh but you don't know how much that killed him so I asked him live on the air how much does a gallon of milk he didn't know and it's always like one of my favorite things about New Year's is when we talked the day after like the things that actually get to him and last year by the way I also I mean I tried to humiliate him in a variety of ways and it was so funny that was the one that got him he's like now everyone knows I don't know how much a gallon of milk is or I was like honey no one ever thought you knew how much a gallon of milk cost yes look just enjoy modeling as long as you can and just know you're Anderson Cooper man I mean come on the real important issue here is let's get back to you you've dropped it a little bit here I wanted to focus on you the like a BA store Saturday the 10th 7:30 at the Alberta Bear you mentioned the 40 under 40 the shirtless selfies how much time did you spend you were the first we've interviewed hundreds of people we've had Buzz Aldrin and Bill Clinton and we but we've had some big names Matt Damon I don't know why they would have looked me up but you're the first person we've ever interviewed that has known anything about me is this well no not only do I know about you but I happen to be pretty excited about the employment opportunities over there at hot 101.9 and what I understand is that you're now accepting applications for advertising is that if you have a member of the sales team you'll work directly for our owner and sales manager to create innovative marketing plans for on it all right I mean thank you that would have come to is is now like you guys are just hiring people online I mean that's like that so catfish I do have to be careful did you get a catfish sure I think we have to put that up there to like pretend that we're an equal opportunity employer or something well you couldn't hire me for that job I would be very I would be profane and there'd be all sorts of fines involved I mean you're walking the line just now but yes I do I do extensive research and development when you do 80 cities in one year I mean think about just traveling to 80 cities a bunch let's playing 80 cities the fun part is I love to dig deep and every single city every theater I love to find out as much as I can about whatever is the local flavor whether it's a crazy restaurant or I mean I have cook I've passed the most insane billboards on this tour I have met all kinds of people from all walks of life and like I said I sold out of the Kennedy Center and yet I'm just as happy to be playing in Clinton Township Michigan even though I'm not exactly sure where that is but I'm gonna come there you're hoping it's a place I opened the way this is so ironic I don't know if you didn't knew this was happening but this past weekend they were showing your Babs episodes of Law & Order SVU yes my twitter blows up for two reasons to merrily whenever I post a photo of my 95 year old alcoholic mother Maggie who by the way is having troubles with her computer and wants me to call wait for it the grief squad and you know they're really good with computers and little boys I'm just saying wait 95 and halfway through a box of wine I'm not going to correct there what's the point I was trying to get you to put a shirt on it's pointless exactly there's oh yeah you dig into the local flavor and whatever is happening certainly with this particular election I don't know as a comic and I've been doing this a while I don't know if I have ever been to giddy with delight and yet consumed with fear Oh folks we have and I'm using the term folks because I can't even say politicians because sometimes somehow now it's actually bad to be a politician even though that's called job training so you want someone from outside the Beltway actually I don't actually like someone who's very very smart and I'd like someone who's way smarter than I am and actually knows everything about Washington yeah I don't really want a random person I certainly I certainly don't want to search it let me just tell you right now I don't want to search it for president I want a surgeon to do surgery yes yeah you like it yourself separated from a conjoined twin ben Carson would be the guy yes and I love that you know you know I I love joking about the wall the Donald Trump really things he can build between here in Mexico which by the way the last thing I care about or would ever want to do is keep even one single Mexican out of this country because I live in California and it is a state that is the foundation of this state is our great incredible Latino community as is the country which is changing which is what Donald can't handle but the idea that he's now describing the wall and when he describes that door that like the good Mexicans get to come from and it sounds like that like the fountains of the Bellagio in Vegas it's all getting so insane that as a comic I'm in heaven but as a citizen and a female voter I'm terrified it's almost too much though is it like it seems like there's gold as a comedian really oh this is going to be gold and that this is like gold-plated gold like it's almost too easy you're correct this is gold-plated gold and by the way I think you've also given the Donald another idea for the wall because he might make the wall to Canada a gold-plated gold wall and also then we should maybe have like a wall to Hawaii I mean why stop now and like I said I've actually performed in like Afghanistan I've actually seen real walled cities trust me we don't really want this wall it might be fun to talk about with the older folks and my beloved mother I love her I love her completely but unfortunately she you know Fox News is real and so I guess she wants a wall although let me tell you if you built a wall between her and her box wine she would never vote for you yeah that was a conditional love it's a conditional love but yeah it is it is a gift that keeps giving the Republican line up as they kind of are like our new Kardashians so you're trying to figure out which one the candidates is Kylie which one might be dating Tyga I mean the possibilities are limitless yes we're going to talk about all that stuff but it is fun and you have to love this on the radio people are for better words people really are engaged sometime every time there's a new insane soundbite yeah it's so cool I love it too but it's it's hard living here in Billings because we have such a mix so it's like you get one guy that calls in and he's like you know what I think Hillary's doing a great job and that everybody hates him for liking Hillary and then if you criticize Donald at all our app blows up with people mad that your criticism during the criticized oh I mean look it's the same thing as a comic I mean prior to Twitter one of the great things is I could do my act and then people would have their feelings and that was all there is to it now you're right you really no matter what you say you're gonna get in trouble so trust me I am an equal opportunity offender I am happy to offend both parties I don't mind offending a third party you know this all is in fun it's all grist for the mill and I don't like that like I have many friends that are you know Republicans or they have different beliefs that I do and I really feel like I don't know when I was a kid I'm from a family where we all debated around the table and then had dessert and by dessert I mean like like Twinkies but anyway I think that you're right that it we should all have fun with all this but at the end of the day people shouldn't be going on Facebook and making Facebook enemies with their cousin because they don't agree of how they're gonna vote all that other stuff so I I love it that's one of the great things like I said when like I said when you're playing 80 cities and one of them is you know Parkersburg West Virginia I get it babe I have I have been to the real America far more than and so I have a few things to say about him about the real America because I've been there but that is the fun part that is what I love every show is different it's very improvisational and honestly my show is at 7:30 I'm not really gonna know what I'm gonna say until about 7:20 that's good I love the policy there I want to know about this 7:30 start time I've got a real issue I'm going to just take up all my small issues with you I agree it's a weird start time is this your call or you know it's never might call it's always a theater or the promoter and maybe people feel like it's a Saturday at 7:30 they can come see the Kathy Griffin two hours of hilarity and at the end you know I'm just saying it happens with guys and then go get a drink I don't know maybe it can extend your evening note I will be I will be honest the 7:30 show time does make me nervous because I have to make sure like I keep saying 7:30 7:30 7:30 I just now that I know it's the theater I can take it up with them aback I used to work at the Alberta bear many years ago in high school and everything was at 8:00 and I did theater and everything was at 8:00 and I've done comedy and everything away or you think for like one second because this would be my dream you think I might be like a Mariah Carey diva type where I'm like look I'm Kathy Griffin it's 7:30 or I'm not coming I kind of thought that was the deal yeah you know what I'm going to just go with that you know what let me tell you why the shows at 7:30 I'm not gonna have my oh god I don't drink what's the face Cristal and I want my Cristal to be chilled in my dressing room and I want you need that you need that let's talk about you don't drink which some people have you ever had a drink in my life so you don't drink I'm Anna assuming you're not gonna be open about drug use and stuff what sort of what do you do like what do you it seems like life so boring first of all I come from a family that how could I say this let's just say I think they've done enough drinking for me yeah I am the only person who might get honey I my mom was the youngest of 16 all right hello Irish Catholic history so let's just say I feel the Griffin family has really taken care of that and if there's just one Griffin named Kathy who doesn't drink trust me they made up for a long time the other thing is I never as you can tell I never needed what they call liquid courage the last thing you want is for me to loosen up more I'm trying to loosen up less so the last thing I want to do is like you I don't have one moment where I'm shy so I never need that leg sorry I'm actually getting call waiting I never need that that drink to get going that's our we tip we took too long are we are we cutting into your days at your boyfriend yeah I guess we are but I really I'm getting call waiting it's right I have to go Oh Kathy it has been such a pleasure my pleasure I cannot wait to see your show like a boss to her Kathy Griffin it's she's here in person jet that set the special Showtime at 7:30 Alberta bear theater Saturday October 10th and hey like I said Kathy if things go wrong between you and the boyfriend between now and then I'm 40 under 40 I'm just saying yes I'm we're on the same wavelength we can't wait to see you Kathy thanks so much for taking the time for us Billings number-one hit music station 109