Keira Knightley ITN News Interview for Dead Mans Chest

four years ago Keira Knightley was virtually unknown now she's Britain's highest paid actress with an Oscar nomination to her name and she's even been voted the world's sexiest woman all that at the age of 21 here she is tonight at the premiere of the Pirates of the Caribbean sequel one of the biggest films of the year lovely isn't she in an exclusive interview with Katie Durham also lovely Keira talked about making that film coping with Fame and while she'll why she'll always have a bond with England's former football captain you know these clothes do not flatter you at all it should be a dress match yeah it's extraordinary I mean when we did the first one it was based it's based on a Disney theme park ride and a pirate film haven't worked in 50 years so there wasn't really any hope for it actually and of course we'd be working with Johnny it was created this amazing character yeah Jack Sparrow and has got this wonderful reputation and presumably was a delight to work with was he he was I mean yes it complete he's he's a really extraordinary actor he's you know he got the looks of a God really I mean he was saying how very nice things about you and interviews as well good but he was also saying I read somewhere that he felt slightly awkward about it these sort of slightly more romantic angle to the storyline mister if you were quite a lot younger than him I am he's 42 that's 20 years which is 20 yeah it's just over 20 years so yes I didn't I felt great about it has been extraordinary looking at the last five years of your career and spend it like beckham would you ever have a chance to sit down and think good lord look at what's happened no I think that's a good thing I mean I haven't stopped since Bend It Like Beckham I think the last five years I finished my GCSEs went to college for a very short amount of time and then haven't stopped working since I have to ask you about football because clearly it's been somewhat dominating all of our lives the last few weeks and having been in a film called Bend It Like Beckham there you go yeah he did it once he did was good we're cheering with a certain feeling of sort of ownership and pride it was all so they wouldn't I know I I definitely was look you did it oh it was awful you must have seen headlines like voted the world's sexiest woman and British phenomenon and the next Elizabeth Taylor and all these things I mean it is it is it kind of you say you kept your head in a bubble but none of us can really avoid oh really yes absolutely I mean I very purposefully learnt very early on to not look because it's not helpful I mean that there because of course I'm not the sexiest woman in the world and of course I'm not a phenomenon and I'm not the next Elizabeth Taylor I'm not any of those things I'm somebody who has been extraordinarily lucky if you believe the good stuff you have to believe the bad and neither of them are correct let me have to find the man I love it is amazing it's sort of the last five years have molded into one mass but but yeah it's been great and I tend to think if it's going well because it crashes in a second you might as well enjoy it Kyra and Casey