Keira Knightley interview for Atonement

I'd like to actually so did you do more smoking in Domino or in this movie I don't know but I know it's a good question probably Dominator I think Domino still wins but there was a lot in this film yeah were you amazed at the young Briony because if she doesn't work in this film I don't think anything else works it was really important they got the right actress for it for Briony and Serge aronia and who was I think 11 when she did it was completely extraordinary you know she's she's Irish and she's got just the most amazing ear she can just she just picks up accents like anything so suddenly you'd have this terribly upper-crust english accent coming out of this 11 year old and she was just completely extraordinary she seems like you completely dominate the scene because she seems to be so powerful what's going on so it wasn't filming at all oh oh I'm not worried about that we're still filming out trying to salvage this um well I don't know no oh I don't you remember the question was we were just crying oh yes she's completely fantastic a condensed version there I don't want to come off as like a pervert or anything like this but what's my favorite scene in the movie the most romantic was the foot coming out of the shoe was that your foot I mean would come up how did that I did it was my foot it was Joe Wright's idea it was all the scene in the library was storyboarded completely before we started you know it's a really important it's a really important scene I think a lot of times sex scenes and films can be kind of gratuitous and sort of completely unnecessary and it was really important that this one was really passionate and really erotic because you had to believe that from that moment they waited for each other for five years or whatever it is so um so no Joe planned it really well and I think what's amazing is that you don't actually see anything I know that was the thing about I think that's what made it better yeah and then it just leaves it up to the imagination you know you see this big like guys are spiders on the wall and then you don't its close-up and then when the foot comes out of the shoe that's when I think the the climactic moment to me I think I think Joe is just an absolute genius he'd make such beautiful movie so if he calls you and has anybody think you should take it even without looking over the part is my advice yeah it's a there's a scene with I call it the exploding James McAvoy scene in the in the room when he just lets out at the confrontation the confrontation I guess that's a better way to say explode he did that we found doesn't sound good at you there's so much tension in that scene not only with him because it it's like you could feel it coming off of you too how do you guys know like how far to go because I think I would have went a little bit further I would have been more angry I think we possibly did go further and and took it back you know I mean I think that's the brilliant thing about film is that we we spent I think we shot that scene over two days in a studio and we'd had a lot of rehearsal before and and had been a lot of rewrites on that scene as well because it was it's a really difficult one to fully get you know and I think that there were there were takes where it went way way way way way further and then there were takes where it was much less and Joe obviously picked what he thought was was right I think what's nice if you explode too much then the audience sometimes doesn't feel it you know I think that you have to also let the audience project their own emotions onto something so by just holding back that tiny bit I I think you actually get a lot from yeah it's cuz that's exactly how I was in the theater I was like first all this it was hurt me inside to watch the tension and then it was just like you know I thought the same and I was like I said when I was watching you I felt the same thing because you could just see that you wanted to explode yeah but you didn't do that do you always like agree with him though Joe I mean I mean I mean yes ultimately yes but no but we do have we have a lot of discussions and and for that one it did get quite heated for that but that scene partly because you know it had to sort of it's the climax of a lot of things you know it was really important that that was right and so I think we all got we all got quite heated about it but not out of it was out of a love for the project and wanting to get the best I mean everybody was on the same side so it's not like you know we I don't think we'd ever fall out about it but definitely when you've got people that are really passionate about what they're doing it is always going to get a little bit