Kelvin Gastelum is difficult to hit but not all that hard to kick…


Chael Sonnen


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I'm a team player guys I'm more than happy to tell you that max vs. Poirier is the main event that's great it isn't for me for me helping gasolin versus Israel out of Sonya for me that's the one I love them both but I'm telling for me that's the one because it's just a very interesting match look I'm well aware of my bias towards Kelvin Gastelum and I'm well aware that I have disclosed that to you guys enough times that I probably don't need to keep doing it I will also share a fear with you that I have if I'm being honest Kelvin gasps ah here's the good news he's very hard to hit Kelvin gassim is very very hard to hit Kelvin Gastelum is not all that hard to kick he has one of these mentalities if you will it would appear much like the Diaz voice of Kix don't hurt kicks don't matter this is a fistfight what are you doing kick it are you done kicking me yet okay great let's go back to fighting I get that but both of those guys I think would also tell you at times in their career after they took ten or eleven of those kick so over the course of ten or eleven minutes all of a sudden they're not moving around quite as quick coming guess what happens to be in there with a great kicker what Otto Sonia not for nothing happens to just be an all-around great fighter I'm just sharing with you the Kelvin is very hard to hit he's great at countering he's great at slipping he's just hard to hit for whatever rates got good eyes it's just hard to get a hand on him kicks her a little bit easier I think kicks could be the story of this fight if Otto Sonia beats him I think I think the difference of the fight will be how Otto Sonia is able to slow him down and score some points and rack some moments up with the kicks I'm just going to tell you guys that early now the other side of the coin when you throw a kick you're open every time for a punch right the easiest counter for somebody kicking at you is a straight right down the middle you guys won't Mamie may remember this Tim Sylvia the night he won the World Championship over Rico Rodriguez that was an upset a big upset as a matter of fact but Rico came out where he go through a kick Tim Sylvia did nothing he didn't need any setup he didn't need to trick him he didn't need to throw a combo he didn't need to do anything Rico's on one leg even for a moment he has nowhere to go he has no slip no Ben no pull nothing he can do while that kick is coming in Tim Sylvia just simply came right down the middle and turned one over it was as simple as that it's a fantastic counter Otto Sonia needs to be aware of that he's dealing with a heavy-handed son of a bitch in Kelvin Gastelum Kelvin is not going to touch Izzy as many times as is he is going to touch Kelvin I let you know that right now but he's gonna hit him hard and he's not gonna touch him with anything just for fun there is no feeling out with Kelvin Gastelum he's not gonna pump a couple of jabs he's not gonna slip Oh touch him in the body what no everything's looking to shut your lights off Dan Henderson he's afraid that same way good enough wrestler couldn't take him couldn't do much with him there now you're stuck on your feet with a guy that's got more power than anybody else you've been in there with it I just think that that part of it is very interesting I do because I would I fully acknowledge that Otto Sun is a lot more dynamic I don't think Kelvin has to worry about all that he's a real natural when it comes to dealing with the Western boxing he's got the power and as far as the kicks go there's a way that this can level itself out I think honest Sonia can get to the target the legs the body even bring it up to the head a couple times I think Otto Sonia can find the target I'm just sharing with you there is a risk when you go out and do that you will often want to wonder what is the best striking sport right we got this mixed martial arts thing going on dates back to 1993 putting karate guys in there with sumo guys with samba guys with wrestlers with boxers trying to figure it all out around 1997 somebody comes along and says you know who has had this figured out this guy over here named Marco who was that just does a little bit of all of these things okay great well not now that's what we're all gonna go do but there was a time when we were trying to figure out what is the best martial art and the best discipline one thing that I have always been curious of is I want to know that same thing but in a stand-up round I want to see a top karate guy take on a top kickboxer I would love to see a Taekwondo Olympian against a boxing Olympian but in a stand-up only fight because I'm curious and I don't know but I will share this stat with you it is largely believed that kicking is not helpful in a fight now if you're an aspiring mixed martial artist please do not misunderstand me where I'm telling you don't bother to go learn kicks and kick defense not at all what I'm saying but it is largely believed that kicks ain't kicking is not helpful in a fight let me tell you why and where this came from kickboxing which was very big at one time in North America kickboxing is still fairly big in different parts of the world but in North America specifically guys will go into kickboxing competitions and never throw one single kick it was to the point that kickboxing the Federation had to step in and demand that you throw three meaningful kicks per round or you lose a point meaningful kicks and then they even went down to define what a meaningful kick was the point is when guys have their choice of how they wanted to strike they would enter these competitions and they would only use their hands because the kicks were less effective and because when a guy left the ground or rather pivoted on the ground took one foot off of it to throw the kick he's now susceptible there's nothing he can do that's what happened I'm not telling you that I necessarily buy into that win you're talking about a mixed martial arts atmosphere but to tell you the history of kickboxing the fact that kickboxing itself had to step in and interfere with its own sport because people realize we're gonna take the kick out of kickboxing we're gonna do a lot better than the guys that are doing both that happened that's a relevant thing that happened so when I bring to you that somebody that likes to kick a lot but has the deal with somebody that can show us that can throw a straight power shot down the middle that's a very good analysis by me when I bring new evidence and an offering of the time Rico Rodriguez did it against Tim Sylvia and a world championship changed hands now there's a number of examples but that was a main event and for a world championship at a very meaningful period of time he'll speaking of the heavyweight let me get off topic just for a minute I was gonna wrap the show but let me share something with you just for a moment what the hell is going on with the heavyweight division we talked about Brock Lesnar a moment ago we talked about the lead-in that Paul Heyman said said I'm gonna take my client to Vegas where ultimately will be treated better now Daniel Cormier is coming out and he's trying to say Brock Lesnar's urn I mean look can we just say is that where we're at I believe that is where we're at it's gonna be Brock it's gonna be to see DC I believe that's where we're at if I'm wrong who fights Daniel Cormier I think that the reasonable answer would be steep a Miocic I think that's the reasonable answer but now let me ask you the same question in a different way if Brock Lesnar fights Daniel Cormier who does steep a fight he can only sit for so long and he's a wonderful talent and I want to see him in there but much like we talked about the way the WWE sent Brock though out the way they did the way that they had a Ronda do the job for the man right before she's going to go on hiatus you can only sit for so long the division passes you by that isn't happen at foreshore in the absence of Brock lesner foreshore steep a Miocic versus Daniel is the fight to make no question question is how long will that statement remain true and if we learn anything from history we have to be able to observe not very long