Kenny Omega Almost BANNED From Japan For 10 Years


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[Applause] hello there everybody and welcome to what culture wrestling for your hashtag oh good after you have good news shouldn't you name is out of joint as ever by Adam Nicklaus and coming up for you today loads and loads of wrestling goodness including we do update on Bray Wyatt's theaters for Smackdown this weekend there's some news on a new set for full gear Jim Ross claiming the Tony Khan has his life there's a mouth-watering prospect NXT versus main roster match coming before Survivor Series need coffee Kingston opens up on his loss to Brock Lesnar for the WBO this this is the this is the this this is the news will do it again you ready three two one because it's quite it sounds like an explosive story but it's one of those where the actual crucial details is still shrouded in mystery and it could just mean so we can play against it but the bottom line is kenny omega going back to Japan for a DDT show was attempted they've tempted to deny him entry to the country now of course Kenny's relationship with Japan and especially New Japan has been quite strained since he left to go to aw but according to the Wrestling Observer or maybe it was stopped entering the country for the DDT show now as we say the exact thing is a why that was we don't know is it get into the show for me TT sure but there is certainly some insinuation that there is something is amiss on the part of New Japan they are not happy with in there trying to stop and getting into the country towards but other shows because they don't want him back with wrestle Kingdom only two or three months away apparently there is the corner games over there's some arrangement in place with Jericho they're not bothered about him he will be facing ton of extra steel at Wrestle Kingdom nobody knows what's happening with Jon Moxley in the company but yes the feeling between Kenny Omega and the books it is something is foul somebody's not happy here are they after the poem and it's a shame because you would imagine they've given quite a lot to New Japan yeah and I guess it by default to Japan Japanese culture and the same time because they love the little bit so to see it turn this kind of sour you hope they get that result it's on door no issues with Jericho nor tubes with Oxley specifically Jericho was a free agent and leave to go found aw was just pretty much what Kenny had right as he was like look I've been the guy for a while but the guy in the coma as we say we don't quite know the specifics of what it was that happened merely that something happened to stop him entering the company and he did the country and he did get in anyway no there has been a suggestion on reddit a little wider reading about this there has recently been a change to the employment law in Japan this might cause problems with Chris wolf because she originally went over to Japan for a teaching job and when that expired it mentioned couldn't work for stardom so there is perhaps some suggestion that Kenny Omega originally went to Japan to work the new Japan and I was contract with them as ended he has problems working for other things it could be something completely innocent but certainly the feeling and the word on the street is this this is a little bit underhand from you Japan potentially be a shame if it was is this similar perhaps than about is the kiss so when the whole pack had visa issues yeah it already worked in in America and we're trying to work in America again maybe there's a similar sort of issue going on there possibly trying to look at this from less of a person you Japan a company who you know they bring in talent all the time they know there's a wider wrestling world out there they haven't got the dhobi degree mindset of them our way or the highway it'd be disappointing to find out they had a hand in this or they were trying to ban him from the country for for some petty reason so we hope it is just some light little Employment Law some little misunderstanding and they get it resolved fingers crossed well it's been a lot of problems being stupid cookies and all sorts could be do we know all about that they gotta sleep in Saudi Arabia and one thing that happened in Saudi about a crown jewels was the Fein finally really abyssal champion to know where we're going now a lot of you are probably thinking when is the fiend gonna be on WBTV with his belt I was thinking that well guess what Adam clearly it's going to be this weekend actually on Smackdown the teams that are coming up obviously we're in Manchester for Smackdown this weekend they'll be happening is it tonight or tomorrow two and one stick I don't know how they're doing it I think yes check the day go that's what I needed yes it is tonight or tomorrow yes the fiend has been confirmed as being on Smackdown now he obviously did make an appearance prior to this on WWE backstage as Bray Wyatt fire five fire five fun house special episode where he came out with a belt and all he's confident and it was actually a really good problem or really the antithesis of and being this evil monster out really really well done and so we get excited because the fiend is going to be there and what capacity will not show you but we will find out also we're not sure Brock Lesnar's going to be on Raw you may fly out that's the difference between your two champions there we think of it I know we're getting box which is very much to you but we're gonna get we're gonna get fees no we are absolutely not getting there how good they've both lost to Seth Rollins yeah but they don't want to put Brock and it technically by that much if they put brought near the feed Brock has to die well yeah speaking of things that shouldn't die the concept of new set on wrestling pay-per-view well dude this is gonna be the shortest news story I've ever done for you because it is literally just like five words yeah twitter user Ned's bar I'm absolutely furious because he's verified despite having twenty thousand less followers than me what the hell can we sort that out please he tweeted after Cody Rhodes Matt Jackson Nick Jackson I'm Tony Khan I miss the days where each pay-per-view set reflected the field slash theme of a show unlike thee over brand now just uses the same old set with minimal changes any chance of individualized sets making return for aew pay reviews and I think he echoes the sentiments of lots of us does need that will backlash swinging clause that was brilliant all yes SummerSlam ones I absolutely love base but she's like when they did the Royal Rumble in a baseball stadium and it felt different I was like hey good I like this Nick Jackson replied he quote to me that just said you set for the pay-per-view cool hey go you set the full gear as a man who has spent time at rest ensures that you had to set up from scratch I think you probably understand why companies don't do it so much I can also busy perspective however we just kind of like everybody he was setting up the ring and setting up the stage you know shows yes how do the jobs to do which is why it was a bit of a why we all end up being back there till 2:00 in the morning pulling down Mel I got a leg through the arm against it well there's like been old cars and like you gotta trip around the place anyways I guess they're getting paid good money for it and the bottom line here is that's not my problem those ones aren't I don't use don't call Steve Austin yes anyway speaking to somebody in North Stone Cold Steve Austin Jim has been talking on his grilling brilliant our brilliant episode and he's had a lot to say because more of a serious told me this one because you know obviously the last couple years been quite probably quite opened down for Jim Ross obviously his wife passed away two years ago and since then he's kind of been on and off for comment before Shores like a new Japan he's done little stints even since of companies like us a little bit before life and and I guess maybe was looking for a new lease of life to a certain extent and it seems he's found it with all the best thing obviously the comment me royalty players on there and I guess an ambassador for the company to in many many respects and he was talking about the relationship he has with Tony Kahn and says that he's kind of helped him get out of the slump that he's been in he says I love to travel Tony Kahn saved my life I believe that because I like getting up now and going somewhere every Tuesday morning I'm up at four or five o'clock at the latest to catch a plane first flight out boom I'm going to the city to have our production meeting on Tuesday night and then I'll sure on Wednesday so I got a I got a direction now and a destination so it sounds like this is another feel-good story I guess the comes with aw and what they've probably provided to him because let's be honest Jim Ross was yeah out of the Twilight be straight A's Awards yeah what you might have seen as the end and it seems like he's completely genuinely feel like he's becoming a pet a comment it I know that sounds tough yeah I feel like you had a bit of a stint for New Japan wage but hit and miss perhaps I feel like it's coming back into being the certainly no commentators in wrestling who have managed to become such a presence during so many different new years of wrestling right we think when jr. start opening the kind of thing leaves having to commentate on you you get a sense of that now there's sometimes a little bit of scoring the way cause thing this is what this business has become etc but the man is still a classic boy she still makes me doubly was better for having him on it but the reason I'll kind of like that approach to these guys because sometimes perhaps if things are getting a bit lost in terms of old school rules of wrestling wany to tell a story still not just have lots of things happening with no real reason he calls that out and I kind of like that it's kind of remains of sort of Tony Schiavone either do this it all works for me or being good oh I will say that story about catching the first flight going sure it the production meeting being revitalized for we had him involved in the production meetings for a number of WC me shows any like that is 100% of polio there he liked asking where everybody else's with the script in hand going through everything the man unveiled the pro wrestling World Cup for us and commentating on a number of the matches for it so genuinely to see him this might revitalize and to be fair if the previous few years were him in a slump period the energy he was still bringing to working with us it was exactly is fantastic so brownie imagine one of us we'd like to work with him now and of course because I really like this for tour just to kind of sum that up here he is sat at Jimmy's seafood just yesterday with imagine what will this is he sat with two of the hottest talents I guess coming up in wrestling world he's got Darby Allen on one side he's got Joey janela on the other and he just looks like he's having the best time fantastic stuff I had a panini with him in Leicester Student Union exactly he wasn't blown away by the selection if we look at the panini Liam for this student union really outstanding two men who don't eat paninis nor indeed six or seven men you don't need paninis or the undisputed here at the say good now that what seemeth this is another dreadful dreadful story from my perspective cuz I was gonna write predicting every single mastered Survivor Series and every single time ago watch wait lateral finishes and they've used one of the matches that was gonna go into the thing they did Seth Rollins versus out of course one of my main ones and they in build this thing build that's a bring in Dominican even more and happy when you find out that Adam will one's got a video ways well yeah I'm not gonna bother that's the end of the video see video and I'm obviously they can't do that at Survivor Series well the cam but they're not going to you because Adam Cole is obviously going to be involved as 5s you don't know who before yeah but obviously they own just be an era they're in the tag team manager as well as the oh no no you'll see I've got this to co-develop compute basically everyone's busy they can't do there we go they're gonna be doing the undisputed obesity of see on television at some point in the future apparently this week AJ Styles went backstage to pitch the idea of doing himself columns and I'm the gallows against three members of own spirit pairing the feedback that came back and that was know will do all for them and we'll get you another partner at some stage so that looks like it's going to happen however oh my whoever styled is going to be involved in that called triple threat ouch now apparently not much as we've already said a number of these videos it's the the call was made that they want to do North American champion visit the Continental champion versus united states champion the call was not made that they wanted to do Roderick Strong mr. chewinsky Nakamura who this is a j-style and there is talk that one of those belts probably styled in the continental championship might change hands between now and then obviously he's involved in this yeah that moves him to come no title no way we do feud with Daniel Bryan and that's gonna be changing hands yeah at some point interest potentially lots which would free up no more annoys him on the show or they could have styled his title change and then you could use him in something else going forward basically they've got loads of stuff they can do between now and then and we keep getting given these absolute gifts these absolute gifts on television of the minute and my the only thing the only only thing I want them to do is to do that match if it's gonna be on TV to do an XT yeah when I say don't like don't put on with me and Ross the others enough going on yeah and I'm sure they can find better matches that is a matter that belongs an XT more so because they could have the fourth man be finn balor yeah it's difficult to know precisely where they're gonna go with it at the minute because obviously NXT will stay with the dominated smash out on Friday the where presence they went out on top on Monday Night Raw but now a little bit back didn't really felt the main roster gave too much back on an episode of NXT was literally just EOC involved when you expected a few more things to happen so difficult in know precisely how they balance is going forward because obviously they need to keep NXT a strong presence piracy but at the same time you have to let their own rivalries grow on their own show and you can't have them teaming up every single week on the main roster so it's it's difficult to know where they're gonna go with this but I have complete faith in them not ruining anything oh that's nice well he has a nice tie in the ruining something because as you all remember back on the opening episode of SmackDown on Fox Kofi Kingston's championship ream was ruined by Brock Lesnar who came on and squashed the poor man in the blink of an eye and he's actually been talking well first time I think I can remember I'm talking about this with Alex McCarthy of talkSPORT who's been getting some great abuse you should definitely check out Alex's content on Twitter if you haven't already especially this weekend because there's lots of debris debris people in Manchester and he was taught him a coffee about the Italian and how he felt about how it all come to an end and this is what our boy caught feet had mercy said there's a bit of a disappointment to go out there and have it go so quickly and the biggest especially on the biggest name of a Smackdown so have it end late that was a little bit disheartening but it is what it is you know what I'm saying it's not really like I can do anything about it you show up to work one day and it's like okay this is what's going to happen put listen to this the man who preaches the power of positivity this what a great way of looking at this is Donnie preaches the power of already wanna know what a great line this is the thing about it is though they talk about Ric Flair being a sixteen time world champion you can't be a 16-time world champion without losing 15 times I knew it wasn't going to last forever but hopefully there's more ins to come oh oh that's really nice Kofi's title room will probably be looked back upon far more fondly in the future than it is in the immediate presence a lot of the title defenses very disappointing they're never really put them with somebody who you felt that was a natural storyline in there they never ever managed to get back to those height of the build to that championship match and indeed they never got anywhere near the actual moment of him winning that belt with tears we were in the stadium there were actual tears in that stadium when Kofi won that and some of them some of them were mine and so um in mine and some of them were Adam will born yeah we all had tears and it's okay and I shaved a bit up against genuinely it felt like a genuine moment as big as a wrestling fan and we were there to see it but and I will point out the coffee did also really not like obviously he's not going everybody Cana said winter man had supported them throughout the whole lot of this from the very beginning of the new dr2 obviously right now and it was a big moment for the pair of them and I think it sounds like it really had an impact obviously it's a shame it's a go away body says you can't be a 16-time world champion are losing 15 times so that hopefully means there is another great Kofi Kingston championship story in his future and indeed I was a because fingers crossed against the atomic lock your fingers on this podcast it's okay man we'll get there we'll get to remember on see we do some Twitter questions yeah go on now that you're wide awake yeah I'll try and run through these as quickly as I possibly can the first one as always you can fire your Twitter questions to us on Twitter heart or culture WEA let us know what you want to hear about and we'll try our best to answer them first one comes from David Burns hello David who says well I'm not gonna tell you Dubi Dubi doesn't like to acknowledge other wrestling companies exist but they never pass up a chance to do business do you ever see a match between a W and WWE happening at WrestleMania no not anywhere in our future what we go ask yourself right that's happening on WWE's grandest image what do they benefit from having a slot like a far smaller wrestling company let's face days they are still have a small arrest under there the TV or you can hear the comment section go in my mouth that's good not seeing waste like nothing like that for right now that would be a huge platform that is a platform for aw bigger than they can conceivably get themselves anytime in the near future not forever but anytime in the near future they would effectively be doing them a favor and why in business would you do your new titles a favor doing wrong it's a wet dream from a man's perspective I could find a simple cocktail my pants fall off but knocking out nice to dream about it but I ultimately don't think it'll happen up the only way it'll happen the only way it'll happen is if W by a doll is if hell freezes or well well that's the same thing I guess and the next question comes from Ben who says with the match between the three women's champions I wish I could give you the more exciting mr. and mrs. Jennison book but err with the match between three women's champions at Survivor Series do you think this could lead to a possible four horsewomen match at some point hopefully wrestlemania people baby fun wrestlemania this morning well this because this is just talking about Randy we've like this spark touch the field that's it and then fire that did all this for Wrestlemania we've officially started the countdown to Wrestlemania 36 who's editing this I hope it's not me I think aside from doing the first ever women's main event of Wrestlemania the last genuine genuine eye catching thing they've got on the table of them Instagram things will changing the features they get other stars and the groundwork changes but right now the one thing w/e has almost in its grasp that would be a huge money match a genuine eye catching main event for the women's division is for some inverses for awesome but between now and then a you got to get Rousey back yeah beer you've got a setup Duke and Jaffe being rather yeah too good does so genuinely to good you've got to set them to as being a little bit more of a threat they need like a women's tag-team run yes they need to do something to get themselves doing wrong if the full Horsham of remember may you're gonna be the heel team which and undoubtedly there will be you can get away with having two goobers in it but they need to be you see more of them in ring between now and then but I'll tell you what there's plenty of time between now and the time to squeeze that will I think I don't think they will I think if they do love to ramble it shackle it together at the last minute but John the table actually wouldn't I couldn't agree more I'd like to follow up with more but we are running short and time I have this really important question and now finally to do this one is the one this is from Gutierrez from Costa Rica who says and that's not me giving you the country absolutely he's near on to it okay to mister missus from Costa Rica indeed why don't add employee you in Adam Nicolas answer to a question anymore on good after news hashtag good after news circuit guty time constraints yeah we got you for you we will pull them if you send the one in we answer that one yeah I'm the next go after news and finally finally finally I'll do this dead quick sign over and over but yeah we've had on finding today come from James on Twitter I genuinely didn't pick all these photos simple names other than Gutierrez from Costa Rica James has been busy today or yesterday he's going to the Manchester Shores and James are say you might well have seen Jim said he has his signs and ready for hashtag do we degree Manchester tonight and they have a distinct what culture wub themes we have Simon given and that's becoming very very additionally we have worldwide and of course working on Saturday Fox I'm taking out elastic I've never had a place to my sign interesting show I'm taking out a point we love a point that was our news from that Saturday and wonderful stuff doing that James if you can get on TV get your ass on there took it over you're not you're a saving and will there well well we'll be happy about what we're not gonna do I'm gonna know whether you were they looking for somebody covering a sign that you says Adam very still outside news yet probably be about this afternoon as well yes only modeling melter said he's got a big update on Saudi Arabia and indeed so do I forget to edit it in time so then we're back for all that later you'll be telling us the latest on these match with cellphones but yeah let's know what you made of all this in the comments locals to like share and subscribe enjoy your weekend whatever you do need because if it were Smackdown tonight if you're gonna be watching what culture on Seiler who's in you in definitely not me somebody's it to do all this stuff let's know what you make of it comments etc difficut like share subscribe in the meantime this has been out of clearing and are limitless we've been your morning news friends good we'll see yes we will sooner than you'd like I'm sure