Kentucky Rifle 1955 Full Length Western Movie in Color

so what do you think - bye Jason we get this Punta Cana stood without that last mountain pass we've been dropping them in the feet down in the valley the Prophet land and a think of it it's all sweet better than seeing a suit safe you made this Jason that's the sweetest piece of shooting our and I have a later grip on Cain Turkey right oh don't you remember [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] you [Music] well I hope it isn't that wheel again [Music] this wagon is a real Jona always puts it down I tell you Jason you've lost nigh on the 3ds quarterly ID won't take long mr. Williams fixed so many wheels this trip I reckon I could be a master wheelwright but it couldn't happen at the worst time trade enough water left to grew coffee much less water the stock get him water what's bothering me it's erm engines I mean it's the time that we be with ways and it frets me I promised a filthy not be back in time to take him up the Arkansas for a bit of traffic for the first snow I had some extra spokes made in Independence that's give me a few men to help we won't hold you up long every day just this break here that I'm worried about Daniels it's all the other things it's happening this way and all the other things is likely to happen when we get to them Hills mountains beyond them it's those rifles of plays they make too heavy a load for the wagon ever since we picked them up and independence we've been having trouble we didn't have any before now are you anxious enough to have me and my rifles back at independence first thing you thought you'd have Indians jump out at you at every bush as far as I'm concerned you can take your rifles and yourself and for them to say no time to be are gonna love what's important worried if I recollect right Foster you made a part of my situation clear that you'd cares rifles on your wagon and he look after the wagon to see that they got true seems like that was the time to do your organ when you made your deal not out here in this Indian country with a broken tweedle he's right because I'm hold up the wagon train just 30 minutes not a single minute more to give you the time [Music] [Applause] yeah any mana can put them folks in there like that is better than good okay let's get it on that wagon right now come on man that's get to keep what's the matter the action what not plumbing - huh rich Billy you wouldn't have a piece of tough timber on your wagon like this old hickory something would you I'm sorry devices roll wish we had Luke you carry any number on your wagon no I'm carry enough stuff to take care of my family and their kinfolk - you ain't got room for no timber well not knowing goodness oh here come the wagon boss times up clay we'll make room for all of you on the other wagon but there's no room for any boxes and barrels or such you've got room but Seymour and haul back engine knocking take the women my rig reckon carried like that anyhow have them some women folk to talk to even if it be a bit crowded like well I'm staying with my right ain't nobody has to stay with me but I think I'd fix that wagon if I can get a little help I'm staying with you I'll still be in time to meet Phil fear for the first no I'll give you a hand - it'd be kind of good to do as a work for a change as it is sitting in that joggin wagon all day load mr. Williams nobody knows better me with them rifles me - Jason we can be fixing this Conor stove and catch up with your wagon train in no time all we need is a body - to help well I I wonder stand in your way Luke here's a good man suppose he stays and long said it they help out you in the other no I think it on one with love ha ha stay thanks Jed don't worry we'll make are you serious Williams about leaving a wagon behind like this we have an agreement - and I paid you good money to join this wagon train you don't want to stay for speed and go with a woman I'll take care of you outfit like I said when I signed up be sure that you do and be sure that everything is still on the wagon when you catch up wait you've got no call to worry I don't Jason a long time I'll never know I'm to take what ain't rightfully here Tobias is right and we're all wasting daylight Luke suppose you and lawn bar some water off in your wagons then this wagon trains got to be shoving on yeah get your things we're moving on you may join us if you wish Corey I'm not going like Reuben says it'll only be an hour so before we're back with the wagon anywhere he stays is good enough for me but corny suppose something should happen I mean certain weapons right Corey you really ought to be up ahead with a wagon train we're dr. Vulcans is just in case isn't anywhere near my time Chad [Music] then I'll stay tuned but you can't stay Amy I won't let you take the chance you're going ahead with me yeah seems like mr. clay isn't the only one around here who likes to give orders maybe you like a man to give orders maybe that's why you stay back for the wagon so you can be near clay and take orders from him [Music] I just talked to mr. Williams a wagon boss he figures you ladies could enjoy and women folks up ahead in the Train Ruben maybe you can fix him kind of comfortable I can't loose wagon welder bars court he says she ain't going I'm not going either say we predict advice for an old hand you join up with that regime since mr. clay is in charge of this wagon I'll follow his advice he thinks I should go let him say so [Music] maybe you're coming with me you're my woman just a forester we're not married yet and I'm stay Jason back there just now I told foster I never known you to take anything what worked nicely yours anything make you change your mind Tobias [Music] yeah maybe yeah there is something Amy she longed to foster long before we join up with this dream you got no call to let us stay knowing what you do except maybe you couldn't get itis to change things huh anybody else to say that device he'd been swans words long with his teeth [Music] I'm sorry device son we've been together long time on fails like this fender feet like these how many times you wish we had a rifle like this you made him son it came tucky and we got to see that they get through the folks who has me inform you put the rifle like that hand of a settler you give me safe passage to Indian country without get his hair lifted and protection for his farms and ranches you've got four cases of Lion King Turkey rifles on that wagon a hundred good reasons why I was so on that train should reach forth vent live now you used to stick with you did you get there and set up a shop you make a claim turkey forever sell you as a woman [Music] it's just one thing Jason rifles and women don't mix [Music] we're moving up but would waste any time get that wagon vacation we've been joined us or no oh thank you done this thing is staying with a whack where that's where you want it I don't have to tell you to keep an eye peeled and your rifles ready good luck Carrie Carrie I gotta stay with the wagon was busted you awfully careful me aren't you worried I'm Carrie honey old Luke will be back at his outfit of for the sunsets and that's a fact are you being a good boy Clyde bye daddy I love you goodbye honey [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] I won't write a friend take a closer look at the props I spot a pizza tuptim in the foothill [Music] Reuben we got a lightness wagon so and get it off the ground figure if tobias finds us please September we can make a new axle take off all right clay [Music] yes the bridge beautiful China dump your own stuff clay if this wagon needs to be lightened your rifles are the heaviest things in it you don't understand Forester if there's any engine trouble those rifles are our only chance you fooled every one of you all you're doing is letting clay talking to risking your lives for his rifles to get through his precious rifles as for me I'll take my chances with the Indians if we see any Indians [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I'm sorry but the dishes we got one chance of getting this wagon through and that's the light in the lope not just for now but permanent Bregman don't make much difference our roughest steps handle a freebie engine to get it anyway [Music] Cordy honey are you sure you alright I mean you don't need old doc Hawkins Oh anything like that way you'd be the first no yeah but just suppose it I know it isn't yet you know you're upsetting like like an old him he decide if it was my time women have had babies without doctors before the beginning of time I have nothing special special to me honey mr. Tobias we didn't see any Indians so it's time already let me tell you something Jason you're gonna get all the fighting you're hanging further both of you these Comanches out then from the signs there's thicker mosquitoes on the call river if you find an attempt out that fun axle not on the Prairie we're crazy man to be fool enough to ride up in the hills this time of day come on we'll find September Tobias you figure maybe them engines is setting up there a fixative to trail the wagon train maybe someone me order order right out to warn him taint fair let them set their like fish in a barrel Lou there's Comanches being about to tackle anything their size your wife and kids you're worrying about you can make your mind easy son when it such thing as a cripple wagging around then about the Tecla grip big wagon train but I could get a horse and ride there in no time at all nobody leaves us wagon Luke that's an order and I will shoot the first man that trusteth [Music] you sure know how to pick a woman Ruby I haven't find me a woman that can cook I kill Carly I get myself picked up right now you gotta learn him lon you wouldn't believe it but before we got married Courtney couldn't even cook water water what I really needs a little Mountain Dew to sort of wash it down long defective caption air uses water hi about seeing how I wished who said anything about wasting it mister device he no like the Reverend said a body's got to have food for the spirits she was like he won't spirits instead of food I'm gonna take it contraption put it away we got some work to do I don't manage it no no go ahead put it up I [Music] think if I was in the wrong business I reckon you bathroom most important weren't his party claps folks depending on you have one on my house Franco told me not to waste water you mean not humans can't have it but they need um critters camera that's right long exactly right em Comanches be coming in left my hair right now yours too wouldn't mean anything Shep - if you let something happen to these horses that wagon ain't got a prayer of every generations creep again you mean listen mister device you know all about Indians I think there's gonna be trouble trouble mom I reckon the whole world's gonna have your share of trouble now you take them tenderfeet they just left us up ahead and them kind of stowed away they're pushing West anal trouble won't stop them of course they've heard about them high mountain shot at it reach up an early touch Glock and the big green trees and the streams at full fish force full of demons all waiting there just for that good lon they've never make it if they didn't have that came turkey raffle trouble sure they'll meet up with trouble they've probably run into a Sioux war party setting on paint ponies sacks of errors across their back streets the pain on their body standing not like a Blazing Sun and them soon be itching for trouble sue could our children are smarter I'd fight well I guess they could whip them they didn't have that yes nan won't you do something fun take a hold of that kaintuck side to the end give a trigger slow smooth easy squeeze ain't it a beauty they long you know what I call it sweet Betsy from back or don't you remember sweet Betsy from pipe who crossed the high mountain with her love Reich with two yoke of oxen and one Yeller dog tour Shanghai rooster in the ones but it all give me that good instead of thing this you're on you take that bunch of Comanches out there they see a wagon like this broke down they keep an eye on in this thing happen to cripple aside being here in a minute just long as we got sweet bitch to here and we keep our powder dry now eyes open Kringle [Music] don't you wish that all retention to teach you [Music] Tobias [Music] you know used telling you sorry about the women have no worthless I mean corty well she chose to be with Ruben I think it she had a right to me I should have maintained leave only I did and Tobias maybe you're right except when I figured I I had to do [Music] [Music] their wagon broke down with a terrible crash and all of the prairie ruled all kinds of crash oh baby closed up with care I found Luke's watch you did you know oh this note was with it to read what to say mr. Tobias huh you're not gonna believe this but I can't read you can't no would you read it what's it say where's rip pretty close to paper it says [Music] [Applause] Luke's gone he wouldn't do things like that he just had to get back to that wagon train he couldn't wait Cuddy didn't worry about in the rest I was getting there not huh well what did you expect him to do just sit here with his wife and child up ahead with wagon train leave us out here short-handed when we need every man an animal we can get to fight our way back and it seems to me clay that your high-handed methods of putting us all in danger come on Tobias let's get saddle left you're not gonna go and leave us here don't you worry long now we're not leaving you LAN we got to find a piece of timber so we can make an axle besides Austin Reuven us and watch over you it'll be wrong son do you know preacher when we get to California I'm gonna get miss Amy to learn me how to read and I'll be able to read just as good as mr. Tobias can yes Oh Luke's gone what yeah what are the buyers is anything I can do here for you while you're gone yeah preach you can say a prayer for Luke [Music] [Music] well sir I'm ready any time you are ready for what preaching throat ain't love to repent uh-uh I seen that still you Broadway and long Taney very good [Music] [Applause] [Music] you remember what Jesus said about just having to get them rifles a hairs into long time called maybe the lives of every man woman and child and his wagon train depended on yeah well not only our life son but maybe the lives or hundreds of other people to come people he never seen never never will see you see his job is saving life not my job saving souls you see London Lord has smiled on this land he's made it rich and fruitful and just to show as a honeybee I'll find the dogwood buys him in the springtime just as so will they be thousands of people come along here on his trail we made of our elders and know they go need the word of the Lord just as much as I go need them Kentucky rifles and it's for them for Souls lamb painting his signs here on the rough [Music] yeah [Music] here they come the back is imparting effect [Music] I wish they'd get on with it I'd feel a lot better if we were on our way seems like bloop here's to a decent parent since we got a preacher here to give him one he asked me like folks isn't such a hurry nowadays rushing from one end of the land of the other they ain't got no time left be good Christians the more time we lose the more chances are stacked up against us let's bury him and get to work on that wagon it's a living account not the dead lord we have I pressed for time but we know to keep our eyes peeled pause while we say the word over our dear departed brother you seen old brother Luke here brother Luke has had a hard road to hoe but I reckon he's found a resting-place at last low a resting place beside you me for all eternity in peace lord have mercy on his soul brothers sisters I'll I lined him up for you [Music] are you going to let him come in what for all they're looking for is a handout but still fresh on their hand well maybe if we give them all the goods they'll let us through the pass lobster this some Union a brother trust in white folks and bunch of competitors out there like a bunch of scavengers even though the engines don't trust them maybe to buy you off maybe like Daniel said if we talk to them please Jason you got no business even thinking of trading with him you know that all right miss Amy that's the way you wanted all right if you got a do you play ever and let's get on with it the pup or chief all this is land all the pass-through must bring gifts conceived well tell chief this is free land we do not come to harm cheap but live in peace with him and already one of our people have been murdered little boy okay okay is it as well sure you say many bad indian invests do not know what bad indian do but he will be responsible if we pay him he'll let us go through the past without harm if we give him all this sati not my rifles foster anything we'll see who's the fool I told you I could make a deal and I have Jason Jason Jason simmer down no good gonna come from letting them varmints know that weird each other's thoughts so Lucia Oh don't Bowl old man oh that Godward the owners right these rifles stay here I'll do you buddy don't worry today talk about soca chief say you must give all gifts laid before him or be known as man who worth like water will you tell your chief that they call off white man a liar means death mister hey did you know Casca I stay chief say death come two white men who lie I'm squaws or he ever many Braves we better humor and play we'll never get out of here one thing you can bet on Forrester we give them those rifles we want do you think after what you've seen them doodle-loop they're gonna keep their solemn word yeah now your chief don't understand we can't give up these rifles David is not chief who is liar maybe it's you [Music] [Applause] what does that mean to challenge you gotta show these engineers get him [Music] [Applause] [Music] I wanna kill you [Applause] [Music] okay yeah that's okay hey here I gotta oh gee gee gee see you good boy yeah but you feel we many sheep say ìno great gun but hello of his wire CQ up with great cunning [Music] will you just tell your chief to keep his eye on old sweet betcha here [Music] I can see I can't hit the heroine looks great fucking see it [Music] I never asked you for much but I'm sure as new now not for my separate for the folks thornless wagon with me you gotta help me knock the hair off a Luke screen so I can show these Comanche the power this Kentucky rifle and maybe we could go through this land in peace without any bloodshed sure I'm putting myself in your hands [Music] even [Music] short adventure George hunting rifles bar every show made sweet Betsy sing these old things you dead standing battle born himself couldn't I've done its liquor for another long as Jason what you wanna bet I Spit a few on a part of a point up at a hundred face full of the old boasting Tobias pride goeth before home for the Lord's I descended that bullet I don't read you know [Music] just let it play I say we've gotta made a deal for those Indians but you chose to fight them instead over your precious rifles I'm sorry you feel like talk too plain to them Comanches foster but I've dealt with them and they're likes a long time and I ain't never seen soft words stop Comanches errors yet I got a job to do get that wagons true without losing any more lives and I have to first we're gonna get this wagon fix and nobody beds down till we do [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] I said nothing water scratches everywhere if you ain't a mess [Music] on the wagon do you think they coming in [Music] be very careful no what are you going to do clay you can't go out there alone I've done it before I ain't nothing to worry about maybe dad knows right maybe if we gave him the rifle I can't do it ma'am these rifles are like a trust in me if they fall on the engines hands Enid wagon train can move up and down this trail and safety can't you see that like murdering my own folks [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] don't worry Desna be over [Music] that's like a no don't go to grow thicker Clay's a better engine and most easy [Music] as another register beautiful preacher and I get my distinct entirety of the kids you know doggone well who I'm a pre info I think you had enough hello chief Otis has been out here to do a man's work you come on girl I'm gonna pull Cleve done some trading with them Indians they won't soon forget we aren't out of the woods yet Tobias and maybe you'll be glad to do a little smart trading before we're through do you think he's all right you thinking about claiming you can make your mind easy Dean isn't born yet to take any measure [Music] [Applause] get down Alan please my machete [Music] I'll al-hakim any Pearson what this all seems a sin and a shame to me all God's children murder each other like this and all for what for nothing the room yeah plenty for all of us now maybe you'll listen to me clay there was no need for anyone to get hurt not even Luke if we act like civilized people can't you see he's hurt defending us all of them can't you stop your bickering even now at least Daniel he had the gumption to go out and do something not just talk I'm through talking from now on I'm going to start doing [Music] remember your home you've had enough excitement for one night [Music] Hey you shouldn't be moving around with that wound and practically as good as new hey wasn't good hand you know would you round the folks after breakfast on anybody here's something for Corey Reuben thank you Miss Amy [Applause] I'd like to say a little blessing brother foster was around whereas foster faster his horse is missing over there at the fool must have taken off in the night they did cool any man figures he can buy his way through life ain't nothing but a Comanche airs gonna teach him it better I'm going after that Dog Gone fool you as bigot don't going food here that's all I gotta say about the rest these folks his life worth risking theirs you'll be all right Tobias even if you can't see as far as you claim you're used to if I'm not back in an hour start packing up and head out brother to fire huh you take your hat off please I'd like to say a little blessing dear Lord for what we are about to receive make us duly grateful amen amen Jason go on but you're gonna find out that women and rifles don't mix [Music] and your friends to stay right where they are and you can tell you a chief that this rifle is trained on his heart one twitch to the thing and he dies I'm glad you came play I made a deal here with the chief he gets everything on the wagon we get back to our horses and safe passage now don't be a fool Foster you can't make a deal with what ain't yours you get over here I can't hold them off all day yeah yg Jordan hey chief tell this one here the accept gift of rifle but your people go in peace but you chief of white men you must say whether this one speak truth o for tongue I'm willing to sacrifice all my goods the least you can do is give up the guns I'll even pay you for them you won't lose a thing as a lots more man can lose Forrester besides as rifles or money Jason you've got to give them those rifles if you don't they'll kill me too here they'll kill me Bostaph i give them these rifles maybe they will let you go but once they get them they gonna attack that wagon as sure as shooting if it were Tobias and me it wouldn't be no problem but I can't speak for Corey and Ruben and blonde and preach miss Amy up with him at the wagon and you here tell your chief I'll go back to the wagon and talk it over with the others it's for them to decide now what about me I made the offer in the first place you'll stay we get rifle you go free miss Cory I think I'm gonna be pretty busy when we start over that past so I brought you something are you baby boy I ran off from the cattle all died that morning the last piece of bacon was fly or I got discouraged and Betsy got mad and the table took his tail and look wondrous fish Thank You Tobias very much you won't leave without him in no business leaving Amy and I have to clay told him to stay I didn't mean daddy he went of his own accord I was thinking of Jason you don't have to spin it up you see me he was thinking of you that's why I'm gonna have to foster he thought that's the way you wanted Cody you no use for you to carry on so it ain't like it was your own man it was instance and now I'd bet my last red cent tasting gonna be missing long not unless there's more communities out there named heals and I think Ruben Ruben cardi Cordia is it I'm afraid it is my time now what I didn't want it to be yet in the first baby that was ever born certainly that got to be last livenbaum by the spouse no doctors anyway in here I just I just wanted him to it wasn't so much to do you didn't have so much on your mind I wanted him to be a pure pleasure to you Ruben not a hindrance honey everything's gonna be all right you just wait and see Gordy I tell you what we'll name him clay don't you worry Ruben I'll take good care thank you Miss Amy can't we get a-movin Tobias there may still be time to reach all dark hockey alright can i hours have proven you just out any time you want to thank boy clay was here nothing happened to him [Music] what are you doing it he kept you a minute at a time like this no need clean things for Spartan club let you use them pretty face well we could lots of there's no better way to use their quality not that I can think of it are you are at Kearney does anything I can do I'm just fine you know I thought I was going to be afraid scared too did not you're just one [Music] but do you know how I feel [Music] good to see you boy Owen frittata one might like some folks hello basta made a deal the turn of the rifles in return for safe passage I've come back to see what they want to do Kassandra joshan's no she better have a son too long since when you start as antenna feed what to do what not to do we're Comanches is concerned I don't joke about things like Indians arrived mr. bison as thirty or forty Braves covering that pass maybe more if it was just up to you and me have been no question we fight but too many people here think that Faust is right I'm not gonna make them risk their lives for my rifles this is when you start kids teachers and my rivals two-bys if I want to give them to the engines I got a right to man's got duties to first-time Aven no you put your rights in front of your duty huh hold on Tobias you ain't got no call to talk to me that way he's only doing what everybody is there the order done right straight long trade them rifles a hidden please precious live preacher you don't know what I believe preaches right Tobias for for foster left he said what happened to foster clay engines they're holding him till they get the right there that's all the more reason please right if we don't give him them rifles Fosters are gonna not say good riddance to me so be the first time I have an Odom man put neck King took your brothel in the hands of her mate she if you put enough of them in the hands them Comanche tail take Scout from here see Louie you roll that I know you're wrong and every one of us knows that deep down inside sure nobody wants to die I don't you don't Reuben neither do any of our friends out the head in the wagon train but you can't buy your freedom the way you buy your pocket so many Kentucky rifles per pound Jason a little while ago I thought I hated you I didn't hate you I envied you you know what was right he had the courage to do it maybe without even realizing it I may have loved you now when I realized that you arrived all the time we can't put rifles in the hands of men who will use them wrong for them my friends people we haven't seen before people who I don't even for on you I caught his baby you say let's do it what kind of a man are you anyway miss Amy knows what's right if you pardon me ma'am you just kind of twisted his thinking cap all these things as you won't foster the force is what you want oh it's just what you'll get if he has to sell his soul to the devil that's all well Reuben and take a hold you want to give them healing them touch her don't you oh wow what about preacher Tobias I'm a man of peace and I think that one human soul is worth ten thousand but ever rifles they're here so I think maybe he's right find the make a tree [Music] if that's the way you wanted to risk on me good boy [Music] you're wrong I'm sure that the Untied will speak difference and I told the Comanches I'd stay for their work I never heard of such foolishness first I think you don't balmy will Missy me [Music] I'm sorry I declare up I don't think Jason's been on the Sun - I'm sorry mister [Music] thanks for coming the prize only I got has to go back don't meet you more back that the way I regular don't make much difference where there marmots lift my hair results the same though I'm gonna chase laughs you gone plumb loco he's chewing it all over again Tobias I give my word and who knows maybe it works you're the talker more like them tender feet every day [Music] [Applause] dalia chief we give up our right but tell him to give us his word you lay down his bows and arrows and leave us go in peace mangie they've done their oh yeah go back to the wagon down bring the ripe okay [Music] be alright now Boston I understand usually you did wrong about these varmints [Music] we're very good job you can okay [Applause] [Music] you said that we could go in peace [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Boston [Music] yeah she will right-click there waiting damn boys it's alright first come on let's get him back to the wagon yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] let's give me to take him he's hurt bad Amy he was trying to warn us sorry Amy yeah I thought I was doing the right no believe me yeah I'll be all right [Music] not so you don't waste your shot but I'm happy [Music] [Music] don't get nervous remember what I told you if it triggers flow smoothly squeeze get you got your Adam's apple jumping up and down like a knock over high school simmer down you took yourself for sure and now on now [Music] [Music] we said that four was in a Roma business law [Music] [Music] let's load up some more damn keen tux come back [Music] good comeback thank you [Music] [Applause] [Music] you [Applause] [Music] come on back you miserable varmint I got some more clean fucking I wore a GPS I'm Sergeant it device but I forgot everything you told are I squeezed it boys nothing [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away the Lord taketh away but the Lord giveth blessed be the name of the Lord amen we must be moving on for darkness sets in I can have Comanches haven't got enough but a body can't tell what they'll be up to next that could be weighing on the sino-indian for a while but we're gonna be mighty careful just the same Ruben Oh Ruben you best drive the wagon preach will be with you the Bison lion will bring up the rear and I'll ride point [Music] now we're all tired thirsty and beat and maybe the Comanches would be figured on that so keep a sharp eye open and if we're jump your head for the wagon this plenty of loaded rifles they're ready for us [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] a beautiful beautiful river yes violet all white man rifle speak quick death Comanche don't bite white man go in peace [Music] kamancheh say they're willing let us go through without a fight hey till we got to it I'd get a running start and blast them heathen from here to kingdom come I figure lap device I figure maybe they got that ballet school we start shooting maybe they don't run some of us gonna get hurt I slip they're riding in that wagon why are we stopped checking up everything's just gonna be fine all right now moving on figure happy with that King doesn't he supposed to fire tell Jason gives the word you hear me please mr. Vyse don't stop picking on me please I recognize no more jittery than nobody else [Music] I still think it boys in the wrong business [Music] prank mr. Tobias smiley quiet I'm scared [Music] [Applause] let's get you long [Music] [Applause] [Music] mr. Dubois [Music] Oh [Music] hold your fire our name no you said excitement it's going on up ahead besides Jason gives you the order they thought it just warned them what I'm gonna danger I think afternoon I think that a hair was shot but I didn't name now I don't do me a favor go get Jason wait please don't you hurt bad boys I can't leave you match me sample today we go ahead Tobias [Music] jeiza looks like you specially got them didn't fit into that van as a promised land devising going with you human Becca where I told you that Rahu and women don't mix well it looks like to do she's a paranoid what is real you be taking out when I'm hot I must reach up and touch garden a big green tree eby's another shop jason as you you stopped making these Quinta hippie of being a beauty don't you [Music]