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whoa what's up ladies and gentlemen today we are going to be doing the South node k2 in the sign of Capricorn and what happens when the South node key do is in the sign of Capricorn in your horse comen meaning your birth horoscope not transit not your monthly horoscope but your birth through scope because I know a lot of you start to comment in question that hey the south mode is in Taurus it's not even Capricorn oh this is your birth position okay so what is the sign of Capricorn sign of Capricorn represents status it represents trying to climb the ladder of success and ladder of status like going from a security guard in the company to an executive you know so you're climbing that ladder so it's very much like status oriented Capricorn represents discipline hard work organization skills and putting structure into what you're doing why because in order to climb the status in order to climb the ladder of status you have to have all these things and this is why this sign is controlled by Saturn who is a natural significant of all the qualities that I just told you okay this is not really his home like Aquarius but this is like his vacation home but this is where Saturn comes to work this is where the sign of Capricorn becomes a sign of workaholic ISM this is sign of leadership because it's the original 10th house sign the original like from starting from Aries being the house one Capricorn's are 10,000 a very brightest you know point in the sky when where sun is during noon time ok so then you bring key to here key to the size node of the moon which represents spirituality which represent meditation which represents letting go of the ego and this material world which is letting go off you know everything that we are here to strive that's what k2 is k2 makes you back for things gay to makes you starve for wherever he's setting ok especially the house more than the sign and k2 are the things that you have mastered in this life I mean not in this life you have mastered in your previous life so in this life you only go to works k22 file box fell fall back on those things because it's representative previous line because in this life you're here to achieve what Ramu wherever Rahu is placed okay so when Quito comes into the sign it actually does not represent somebody who doesn't care take care of responsibilities doesn't want structure doesn't want organization skills no this person has very natural leadership qualities they have very natural skills to uplift people and be organized about projects be very on schedule about projects be organized and put structure into things there's a natural inclination towards that but what k2 does here okay he lets go of the ego a wanting to be the best he lets go of the ego wanting to be a leader okay so here's a good example like let's say Mahatma Gandhi okay I'm not saying he has k2 in a Capricorn but what I'm saying is that Mahatma Gandhi his his passion was to get India free his passion was to have everybody you know follow this the natural Indian culture and status and not be you know be subservient to the England type of culture but naturally because of his work ethics because of his drive to free India he became a leader he didn't want that he didn't go out there and say well I'm going to be this leader of Indian people are going to look up to me for you know eons to come no he simply wanted something better to come out of his situation his hard work that's what gate to des in Capricorn these people are naturally want to win these people naturally want to put structure and organization into their environment but doing so they become leaders however here's the sensitive point of K 2 if K 2 is in the 10th house in the sign of Capricorn then K 2 will need help of Saturn or Mars get especially Saturn Gators going to need help of Saturn in order to give good results in this placement because Kaito represents sudden transformative change because it's a core ruler of Scorpio the karmic co-ruler so what happens is if K 2 is in the 10th house in the sign of Capricorn without any a spectacular injunction from the 10th from Saturn or Mars ok the ascendant Lord that what happens is Gaeta will bring these sudden ups and downs and traumatising status in your in your life traumatizing reputation meaning that you may do suddenly so stupid that your entire reputation is gone but if Saturn is in conjunction if Mars aspect of Saturn aspects k2 it keeps k2 in control so then there's this natural skill for leadership and at the same time you have the drive for the leadership like if usually if Gaeta if skater doesn't receive any aspect or conjunction in Capricorn these guys will be those introverted leadership leader leaders they have that introverted leadership quality meaning that they want to do their work but when it comes to shine and take their prize and take you know announce to people hey I'm the one to do it they don't want to do it they want to subdue from that limelight you know and applicator bring especially in this under the Shah Maharaja we'll bring sudden up chaotic ups and downs being and you suddenly lose your job you suddenly get demoted you suddenly are fired because Kaito wants to make you struggle and wants to make you aware of your spiritual side in his time period but if Saturn is there or if Mars is looking at caityln Capricorn in the 10th house then what's happening is is forming a Raj yoga so then k2 instead of taking you down makes you struggle but you go up but wherever k2 is placed you have a natural leadership quality they're like you know what I got this I know exactly how it needs to be organized and stuff but Saturn's position has to be there to support that Saturn has to be exalted or in it so one sign that k2 or an Aquarius or aspect to k2 in order for that leadership quality of k2 to come out otherwise ketosis is going to hold it back and he's going to say well I know all this stuff but I don't really care for don't give me a leadership position don't put me in the limelight or spotlight you know I don't really care for organizing things you know I just want to be left alone so it can be a very good position but at the same time it can be a very troublesome position too depending upon how k2 is placed all right so guys this is my analysis of ketone the sign of Capricorn if you're new to my channel subscribe below and if you want to know where your south node of the Moon key to his place and if it's receiving an aspirator conjunction of saturn check out the link below check out my books there astrology at the speed of light in conjunctions at the speed of light and when you get these two books I will send you the link to look at your own chart just make sure you follow the directions below otherwise we'll see you next time with k2 in Aquarius bye bye you