Kevin Lee talks Brock Lesnars retirement


Chael Sonnen


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rakh Lesnar comes out and retires and as a fan as much as I will fully acknowledge he did not belong in a world title fight it's still Brock Lesnar man there's still something to see there and I still waited a year to see it what do you think yeah I mean I don't really buy too much into it you know the hype is it is all fun and games for me I enjoy it but really I love the sport and aspect of it so I wasn't even too upset about it I was more upset for DC you know I think that type of payday and that type of cash grab that they was throwing at him this a guy like DC definitely deserved it for Brock not to be able to do it it's a little disappointing for him from a sport in aspect I ain't even - you know I don't take nothing from it you know I would like to see the UFC get back to the real competition like you said the man didn't deserve to be in a world title fight so let's not go ahead and give it on there well so but what do we make of this like I mean is this just straight up there's nothing to see here Brock just said hey you know what Dana I've decided to retire and I'll tell you why that's a little bit tough for me first off anything Brock does we're always gonna question I mean that's just what happens when you spend 20 years in the wrestling business where you are fooling and disguising and look at this hand so you don't see what this hands doing some of that's gonna be there but the other side of it is look at the timeline Kevin so he comes in he pushes DC that fight get announced every one of the divisions upsets TPA gets pushed to the back shelf Vince McMahon now weighs in in some capacity by openly showing that Brock Lesnar's taken a smaller schedule who saw two ways in by openly letting us know that Brock is now in compliance did is six months being tested Brock then goes into the Minnesota wrestling room starts catching workouts with gable Stevens we're seeing this video and quite frankly looked like he was working pretty hard and then all of a sudden he just says I don't want to do it it would just seem for me as a bit of a skeptic that maybe there's something we haven't been revealed yet yeah I mean there's definitely something to that you know especially when you start talking about you sada and you know you got to go through a certain amount of testing before you even allow to compete again is there something to it I mean I don't know I ain't got no insight for you you know Brock's kind of a private guy anyway you ain't gonna get much from amigo let you know nothing one way or the other he he gonna get hit you with a little cold stare too so easy something else to it maybe I mean Dana might have something up they sleeve where they might bring them back after a certain amount of time or something to that but again for me like just from a sporting perspective I just don't I don't see much to you know Brock's a big guy he's got a lot in him but you know he would have just been a cash grab for I do like DC so you know I feel more upset yeah I and I see it that same way I don't really think competitively there's a whole lot to see there but at the same time man I'm gonna tune in and watch it alright let's see what we have so it looks like we got DC and steep a part too for some reason I'm more interested in part two than I was in part one only because steep a has sat out strong and firm and swears up and down in sideways that he can beat Daniel Cormier he started to make me listen what do you think yeah I mean that that just goes to show like some of the politics in his game you know I was wondering what I'm like I me personally I'm not gonna sit out and wait for somebody else you know I just rather stay active and I feel like I'm still young enough to where I'm a beater eventually if I feel like I'm the best guy in the world they no matter who they put in front of me I'm just gonna focus on what I got to do to get there and either way that's gonna happen but steep a kind of showed I mean sometimes maybe maybe is worth the little wait you know I know uh Rashad Evans used to do that a long time ago and there's a lot of guys that kind of will sit feel like they deserve that shot and I mean I guess they gonna give it to him so he's gonna make the most of it because you know you go I'm not a big fan of immediate rematches against a guy that you just lost to you know I think you should probably have a tune-up fight in there before I don't think historically like it really worked too good you know I don't think you'd really see too many guys come back and when that that rematch when it's right away so I don't know it that all that kind of add a little bit of the excitement to it and make the second part even better it's like you know he got knocked out in the first round the the the first time is that gonna play into his head and it makes it for a much better fight I fully agree with you young fighters that watch this do not do what steep a did and think you're gonna get the same result I know it all worked for him in this case but generally that recipe of drawing your line in the stand and you against the promotion and sitting out and waiting and thinking this big fights gonna come at generally that doesn't work it worked for steep a generally that's a bad recipe man it's really what you said you got to just stay busy take the chances you can get when you can get them yeah and I just go to me speaking personally you know I'm a competitor at the end of the day yeah I like all the the extra shit that comes along with this but I'm a competitor and you know I'm going to try and compete and compete to the best that I can you know and even if it's a fight like my last fight you know where I'm not I wasn't by no means happy with the performance and a little bit embarrassed for myself so you know to me it's about getting in there and doing it again and doing it again and so what you don't lose sometimes or whatever get up do it again if you are what you say you are you gonna get back to that same guy anyway and get that rematch and get that chance again I don't I don't have to sit and wait on no man I'd rather focus on myself and do what I can do I think that's a better route to go but if they gonna sling some money and and you ain't got a fight and you can sit on how can I argue with that it's a good deal if you can get it I'm just telling people not many of us can get it if you look back at the history of the sport it doesn't usually work out this way it did for steep it couldn't have happened to a better guy but this is a rarity I'm not sure that this is the blueprint people should follow