Kevin Lee vs Rafael dos Anjos Heres what happened


Chael Sonnen


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our da and Kevin Lee I will tell you it's it's very hard to not Monday Morning Quarterback this thing alright first off when you look at this fight rd8 great job he go he's got the hardest schedule in MMA it's unbelievable if you go back and look at who he fought I mean he fought khabib before khabib matter before he really people understood how good khabib was he just fought Kamara Osman one fight removed from that being a world title fight now he goes right into Kevin Lee this is just off the top of my head this is just the last matter of fights okay all the hammers in between the Eddie Alvarez is in a couple of different weight class really hard schedule and he goes out there and has a really hard fight with Kevin Lee when I watched that fight and I fall biasness here okay this is this is not news or ESPN Jalen personal I'm on my personal time with full biasness of a Kevin Lee supporter it's very hard to not look at that fight in hindsight and go wait a minute Kevin Lee moves into a weight class then he's never done before and that he openly says it's not my weight class and matter of fact my weight class is not yet identified it's 165 pounds and then he goes into a five-round atmosphere that is a tremendous ask and a tremendous ballsy and courageous move by Kevin Lee and I tell you guys that because many people they aren't gonna say that right what happens when your fighter wins you pat him on the back what happens when the other fighter loses you tease em tough business if you're a fighter Fairplay by a fan tough way to go through life if your fire so Kevin Lee goes up a weight class into a division that he said like this is even where I want to be but this is what is the division so I got to go be there any goes into five rounds and I offer that because I'm not sure we've seen anybody yet that can beat Kevin Lee in a three-round fight and when you go into these five round situations okay it does have to beg the question why are we doing it why are we doing if it's a title fight and the rules say title fights have to be fine I understand it fits the top contenders fine I don't know about that I don't know and I do have sour grapes so before you guys write in the comments section yeah you got me I fully admit I'm making a bit of an excuse here for my guy that's true but I think my question is a little bit fair and I think Mike commentary that Kevin Lee moving up and wait and then jumping into a five or an atmosphere certainly in hindsight certainly in hindsight you can see with me that I'm right if you're gonna jump up in weight classes the basic protocol is you test it out first unless you're moving right into a world title fight you generally would test that out first you would not go to the top of the bill and have to do 25 minutes also if you were to just look at the first 15 minutes of the fight I think we have a different outcome and now you could play this game against me as well I'm aware of that right if we have ten round fights every ranked Univera division would be completely different it changes the game it changes the strategy becomes a totally different sport some guys are sprinters some guys are marathon guys I understand that but when you look at that fight for what it was this was a dogfight and Kevin Lee I thought in many ways fire away and I thought in many ways he showed he was the better fighter particularly if it was a three round atmosphere which in fairness it should have been what a guy is going up to a new weight for the first time RDA does a fantastic job in many different positions but if you end up getting caught in a full mount with a fully sweaty former world champion and RDA on top of you you're stuck I don't give a damn who you are insert anybody you want put phaidor in there it doesn't matter you're not getting up from RDA ultimately I felt that Kevin Lee lost one position I thought the fight as a whole there was no question in the heart either way by the way but yeah this is a little bit Pro Kevin Lee video me it's hard for me as a fan when you have a guy in there it's hard for me sure but I would never discount RDA ok he did a fantastic job and he came back and he showed resilience I thought though for what the fight was in fairness a little bit of a band I get it I get what I'm doing here you guys don't have to fuck flame away Mike I know what I'm doing and I know I'm being a little I know I'm being unfair but I do think that I am accurate the Kevin Lee out out punched him he certainly close the distance better he certainly controlled the takedowns better both of these guys at an extremely high pace ultimately Kevin was caught in one bad position but when it comes down to heart and grit and toughness and who can go on in their volka there was no loser in that department there was no given up there was no letting down I could even see Kevin Lee when fatigue started to set in I could see his punches not having the same snap but he never backed down once he was still throwing them and RGA was the same way RDA was hurt and fading too this was a high pace fight I thought the kicks from Kevin Lee particularly that right-sided kick was a new weapon that he put on display I sparred with Kevin Lee I know about that weapon but I don't know that he showed that as much or at least as effective as he did in this fight I think there was some real positive takeaways what would I like to see next one of two that one of three things I'd love to see the 165 pound division but I also love opportunity that isn't just Pro you know for Kevin Lee and a bit for all the guys that have said I think Kimora's even said he's interested for all the guys that have said they're interested it's not just for them I just like opportunity I would love to see 65 pound division and then move welterweight to 175 that's for me that's a personal choice too I'd like to see Kevin Lee spend a few months eat a little bit more food pump a little bit more weights and grow into that weight some or three and I think this is the more likely fix what I would like to see is Kevin Lee be able to go into a three-round atmosphere what's very tough is his stardom shot up he's youthful he's good-looking he's fun to watch he's great on the mic he's fan friendly the problem with Kevin Lee is it's very hard to say that he's not a main event fighter so if you always fight in a main event you're always fighting five rounds so well chill could sit over here and be as sour as I want to after the fact it's not going to change the thing so once Kevin got a doobie less exciting be less fun to watch get rid of some of his fan base quit cutting those great interviews of wearing cool outfits not be less handsome what the hell is he supposed to do the guy's a main event fighter so I'm not gonna get my way we're gonna have to go back into a five-round fight at the top of the bill so now the question becomes in what weight class and as much as I'm talking about 170 and being a little bit too big one I think 155 was a little bit too small he is generally in between weights that will change over time as you just get a little bit older right we all know that we're all guilty of it myself included we gained a little bit away yeah that'll happen Kevin lien but he isn't a very interesting spot he's gonna have to learn how to manage energy it's just a reality Conor McGregor very vocal about this when he bumped up and he said I was not efficient with my energy which is a really nice way of saying I got tired but it's a reality when you're out there in those kind of atmospheres when you start to get into that fourth and fifth round I mean it becomes a reality to the highest of levels I will tell you I noticed the conditioning I always get complimented on my card on my condition in my ability to to push the pace I do get that compliment in fairness I'm tired two minutes in the rest of its an act I'm acting I'm acting the part I'm standing my ground I'll be a discipline and focus at 25 around situation 25 minutes situation does change thing and your first time up which Kevin did look there's some growing pains that's just a reality to act as though we don't want to see both of those guys fight again and particularly in main event spots just isn't true so I think we're gonna have to deal with that on Team Kevin Lee we're gonna have to deal with that gonna have to figure it out figure out what to do with the size with the energy you know I think he genuinely believes going into that contest not only could I beat this guy can get him out of here the problem with RDA he's hard to get out of there you go follow his past you go look at his fights with anybody he's hard to get rid of that might have been a miscalculation by Kevin in hindsight but what are you doing these fights when you don't win when you when you celebrate when you loot you gotta be planning in what we should do is regardless of winning or losing we should still study the weak points still identify the high spots and work to get better but as athletes in fairness when we celebrate if we lose we reform strategies we go back to the drawing board I think part of that drawing board for Kevin because I do believe he's going to end up in a main event which means another five-round atmosphere I'll put him in there with anybody right now today beat up banged up a heart problem right now today for three rounds know anybody for five rounds it starts to change the game I know when I talk to you guys about that by the way a lot of times you start to you missin translate you miss translate my words and interpret them to mean I'm talking about a hard our guy can't hang he's not tough enough to go look some bodies are built for speed and some are built for duration you have a real strong guy naturally with his DNA just a muscle guy yeah it's it's built for speed that's that's true so part of the fight is just the punches and kicks part of the fight for guys that have that DNA like Kevin Lee is learning how to be to quote Conor McGregor more efficient with your energy