Kezia Noble Radio Interview PART 1

who shot the arrow from Cupid's bow it's Valentine's Day on the Benny Cash show what are the bitter see it's February today the Chinese New Year on today's menu and chairs hello and welcome to the show it's the Chinese New Year also known as the Spring Festival and this year is the year of the tiger so happy New Year to all of my Chinese listeners but the cultural observant doesn't and there as it's also Valentine's Day the day of lovers and what better way to celebrate and have as guests in our studio for today's show the proclaimed number one female pickup artist the Oracle of attraction Miss Kezia Noble and her puppy pooch devil rocky the Chihuahua shall be with me here till the end of the show and we'll be discussing these secrets of seduction for your free to call in a shot badly answer any questions that you have the number as always is oh seven nine three one level five eight nine eight three that's oh seven nine three one double five eight nine eight three you context if you feel a little bit shy or alternatively you can email to requests at radio MK co uk okay very good afternoon to if you've just joined us you listening to the Benny Cash Valentine's Day special which doll he's suffering from broken heart fear not we've got the doctor of seduction on the show and she's on house call so let's get straight to it let's find out what cuz you can teach us about seduction number one cuz yeah what is a pickup artist artist is a guy who sees no limitations in what type of girl he can get what caliber though he can get um he uses techniques and skills in order to seduce the woman in order to make her believe that she's attracted to him even though initially maybe she wasn't a pickup artist is someone that does incredibly well with a number of women Osen and I suppose is your is your aim when you do teach guys to do that to make them into a pickup artist no my students come to me and they start from different levels there's some of my students they say to me look I just want to be a little bit better then I thought I'm doing now I'm just getting average girls I want to get hot goes I'm not gonna make them into a pickup artist and there's some guys who are really really good already they're like no I want to be a pickup artist I want to officially be able to call myself that that's a whole different level that I teach them and then you've got some guys I'll issue the foster old virgin who's like 0 women so it's different levels but my intention is the students come to me and they say I want this and that and I'll help them how long have you actually been teaching this now since 2006 and how do you actually fall into this how do I fall into it yeah if you call it point um it's a long story can you be bothered to hear at all well we've got two hours in the show right I was in a club guy came up to me make you know not particularly good looking but not ugly either but a lot of impact on me and said look I'm running these courses to help men seduce women we need some girls who are like gonna be wing girls or guinea pigs that we can get our students to practice lines on them so on and I was a true skeptic I thought I know what I'm gonna go there for a laugh and I went then two things hit me the first thing was that these methods and techniques actually work and the second thing was the lack of honest female advice that was being given I mean women were very you know going around the houses with their with their advice and feedback alone and there are people please if they wanted to come across as very nice and say oh you know just smile more be more confident be yourself and the minimum like I'm sick of that I've been taught that all my life and I don't exactly know what it means so I was like you know screw this I'm gonna be completely completely honest and just saying that you need to a B and C and I don't care if you hate me for it and I started getting the reputation for being the bitch with a heart so to speak yeah it is actually the bitch with a heart because they knew that my intention was them to get results and that was it not to be like like the other girls want it surely us because be kind that kind of thing course it be kind of love tough love exactly and that is very much the nature of what you do as opposed they're from survey a cultural perspective why do you think it's necessary to coach people in seduction less in England for example England has got a real problem I went to a club the other night and I was sitting at some really beautiful girls and they were not approached by any guys though just sitting there they were smiling at guys guys were not approaching only when it got to about 2:00 in the morning the guys were totally drunk did they make the effort to go speak to her to speak to these women and this is really common if you go somewhere like America or California the men are much more they come up to you there's no big deal about it you know it's much more relaxed and much more confident whereas in England there are a lot more reserved and they have to fuel themselves of alcohol in order to have a full sense of control of the situation and the four sense of confidence so I think in England there's a massive problem go talk to the women or they're getting up coming up to them as drunk guys over over cocky guys or no guys they'll just sit there and the guys would be too scared to live had a few loggers down them to speak to her by then they're talking nonsense so ultimately you could say that you could say but do believe all women want to be approached no want to be approached but I think and I don't think all women want to be picked up I mean certainly not if a woman gets a whiff that she's being picked up she'll do everything she can to to resist the guy but women are very open to the idea of being seduced and that's what I teach my students how to come across as an actual and to seduce the woman in a way that it doesn't make her foolish being picked up that make sense no that makes absolute sense it's coming up to 20 past 12:00 on the Benny Cash Valentine's Day special once again we've got the the Oracle of Attraction mister Kezia no wool from Kezia - on today's show and she's just had an enormous is it a center page spread Center page spread in the Daily Star that reputable tabloid ninety pence that will set you back but you'll get a fantastic center page spread of care and you're one of your very interesting YouTube videos you talk about where have all the real men gone trying to tell our listeners a little bit about why there is such a a death I suppose today of real men okay this is gonna be a bit controversial but I think men are they made to look like wimps very beat up and I think a lot of it is because women and I'm very happy about this but women are very powerful in the media now and we're getting our revenge we'd like to ridicule men so we put people like Hugh Grant who goes around fluffing about he's lovely Hugo I defend him account I think it's um he uses self deprecation too much at forty five years old doesn't work anymore we've got our David Cameron I mean what is that but Jamie Oliver who sits there and says very proudly my four daughters and my wife bully me and rule the house and any fits are very proudly and says that um you know where is Marlon Brando where is Mickey Rourke where is Sean Connery where are these you know Richard Burton where are these alpha wonderful men gone in the media why do we have to have either guys who just constantly make fun of themselves all the time self deprecation again or just complete wusses on our TV shows hey Sonu there's one thing I would say is that I think Clive Owen you like Clive Owen I think is a man I think it's a man as well I think that's a fair thing to say Clive Owen is definitely definitely a man