Kezia Noble helping student at LONDON event

it goes nice to meet you sooner what's your name hi Alexandra I resign I'm Johnny actually hi I'm Eleanor Johnny supposed to be unlucky kiss you nice to meet you girls if you had to be a super area for one day who would you be and what would you do for that one day you'd never do in the ordinary life failed the game's a degree on the plays hard to get we also driven is a bit different from the sort their captain spider-man's the something original yeah there we go there's more originality to pick flavor so when you will go to party day they marry you just saw goddess of dresses sang a bit off the card from all the other girls so you always want to be the ones that make I always like to be different yeah it's like oh I have a different colour car and stuff that's true yeah you know ki going oh no no okay no choice see my favourite cars yeah Jax yeah is that the next how you gonna get yeah definitely a tag or an all-time low and that Damon's dangerous if you had one car in the world what would it be what is this a quiz children's quiz it's a quince traps quiz I had one car would it be yeah it'd be a white diamond what would you like to stand out yeah I love to stand out okay what we have here is a good opener and this guy your your good opening you're very confident you're opening there's I think I love the opener it was great but you have a problem where you just keep bouncing so let's bounce and surface and maybe it's because you're used to approaching in nightclubs a lot where they a lot of guys say to me it's really really hard to make a deep connection in the club because of the noise this is rubbish I always find I always find a spot where there's no noise so is that chill out there or the coral or something or you can really hear clearly so you can't use that excuse anymore guys it takes a girl there you've done this quite approach to everything you take it there and you can make connection my thing with you is that I think you go to the surface I think gosh it's a really good point and he does sort of excuse me sort of gets to that point there doesn't he what's happening is I am answering my responses are congruent with my mosque so have you noticed that all cackling like witches here laughing at you and stuff like that well I think that you're not in its situation that's what girls do and so they stopped laughing amongst each other and be bitchy that's what they do not you think okay and you're still playing the mosque you're still up there the mosque and I'm just and of course I'm just going to respond something that's congruent to that Morse would be yeah anyway so you haven't seen past the fact I'm completely taking the piss that the whole reason I think they do understand that yeah yeah anyway but well done [Applause] [Music] I wanna ride