Kezia Noble interview part 2

do you think that they lack of real man or do you think it's more a point that our men are are insecure about being themselves about you know they're sort of like you say their role and society has changed and they're not sure how they should portray themselves do you think maybe it's just more than men need to be just just happy to be who they are not feel that they should behave or act a certain way and just be some more so for short do you think maybe yes a completely I think they should be more self-assured but they are getting mixed messages right now which is really confusing them and women are saying I want a guy who's sensitive who's sweet who will hold my hand is not afraid to cry who reveals all those illness insecurities and vulnerabilities and then the guys I think okay this is what women are saying they want and then they go and see that woman go out of a total asshole and not them so there is all this confusion and mixed messages being sent out excellent okay now I'd like to move on to the yeah the crux really over of today's interview and that is about you know let's get down to the the actual why you teach and what you teach about about seduction now I'm just going to go through pretty much everything that I could find in your website as there's my rigorous research displayed so what I'd like firstly you talk about mindset being important important component in when you when you go to you go up to a guy need to have a mindset what kind of mindset should people have when they are approaching women or they're doing anything to do with that obviously a positive mindset a lot of people don't know how to get into that state so what I do is I break it down to them I break it down I get them to understand that if their outcome dependent when they're talking to a girl then they're going to be very nervous if they're sitting there thinking I want to get any day I want to get a number whatever it is that outcome depends on their putting themself in a position where they can be rejected whereas if you go to a girl we've got a cool cuz here oh okay fine John is it very important what I'm saying but that's fine let's take the call is it yeah we can I do hate to interrupt but I'm like we back to these calls us to do them all right let's go for this ok hello I think you're on the air hello oh because you need your offense for this actually I said they might just hello bear with me for a sec hang on who am I talking to you by the way with Gavin beam Gavin beam oh right hello Gavin should because he can use those hello Gavin hello all right hello I like to watch you a question please yeah I saw her I saw Richard bidding on Dragon thin what were you going to use the money for what were we going to use the money for and dragons then we mainly did it for the for the publicity to be honest I think he mentioned it on there that he needed it for you no more marketing to go to America but I think we did a lot of it because the publicity it gave us from there ok thank you is that it so everybody business questioning know why we were getting money on Dragonstone thank you very much for your calls do keep them coming in they don't necessarily have to be a seduction related because he doesn't mind them all all attention is good attention as far as I'm concerned now getting back to our interview we have lovely kezia noble from kezia hyphen noble calm who also had a lovely double page spread in today's Daily Star that's 90 pens and available for most news agents now coming back to our interviewer before we had a call which interrupted the momentum of what we were describing about the mindset of a man how his mind should be when he's going in to approach a woman kids yeah where were we saying ok I was to the point where he he can't allow himself to be outcome dependent so what I do is I put I make sure that the guy goes in at a higher level than the woman most was like oh what do I say I'm really scared and I hope she likes me and they become needy and it comes out in their voice the proof will seek is almost um if you go in there that you know what she's hot um I give her about a seven out of ten not quite an eight not quite a nine in your head saying it and don't exist no I creo que I always say to my students this is give me a ten let's say Angelina Jolie or someone i'll say okay does that go over there look like a 10 and I'm going to say no I was like what everyone says she's a 10 immediately but if you compare her always that celebrity that's like the hottest thing on earth you suddenly look and get everything back into perspective hmm that's true so they go in and what they do say okay she's hot for what else does she have to offer so you're just going in there for a conversation aren't you if she proves that she um is good enough for you to offer your number I feel nothing you can worry about you know actually making a move in that sense so if you go in there so I'm going to have a conversation with her it takes away that fear if you go in this ain't I need to get that girl's number just on the basis that she's incredibly hot then you're going to be in a lower position in her so we're talking about it's going to be the judge and you're going to be the one being judged so we're doing like taking away the idea guys this and my very dispenser advice for you ultimately don't go in there with the mindset of thinking Christ this is it this is it I've got to go up to this goes now whenever it's just a conversation nothing more than that there's nothing more you want from that you think i'm going to get to know this person but of course there is always that that feeling of at literally freezing all that sort of anxious feeling which i believe in the in the game as it were is called approach anxiety very deadly thing I only I've only recently got over my AAA I've been going to a Amy things as a result of directly and but it's always that easy to get over that and this video did say earlier we can't be relying on Alkema hole to get us through these trying times so what is a good way to overcome approaching sighs okay um what I use is behavioral therapy actually I believe that changing the actions first the beliefs will follow as a result whereas a lot of people they try and change the beliefs first and then the actions will follow I've found that it's stronger teeth behavioral therapy so let me explain I get my students to stand tall in the correct body language a little bit like you are now we're very relaxed out for stance that's what you you are doing naturally I have enough for stone now if you're sitting like this if you sitting really like crouched out with your legs crossed like they're in rubbing your hands you would start to feel more nervous so I get them to have very very alpha body language all right i'll make my little bit less alpha now you know like that arm like this / nature looking like they own the place and then suddenly they notice that their fear their anxiety starts decreasing because their mind the same why is your body in this comfortable position and it has to start explaining it it's a little bit like you know when someone says to you smile and things will feel better and you're like I'll shut up and then you're smart you're like oh my god it actually worked because apparently the brain what happens is if you're using certain muscles too small the brain connects with that as a memory saying that you were happy at that time has to explain why you're doing things the mind so behavioral therapy is something I teach my students in it it works in quite a bit like even when I get nervous sometimes I have to do like a big public speech I will make sure that I stand even taller and I actually look at everyone in the room first and say hello into their eyes and actually got and shake people's hands just to get out and what I'm doing I'm like oh my god I'm so scared but because my actions are doing something against the fear I suddenly thought ten times more confident internally don't make sense the Mingo therapy before so in essence what kids are saying guys is smile more smiling we will feel happier now will be more confident in what we do those interesting you say that because that's always good on his chairs oh yeah guys casual also advocating that one should become like Tony Montana not perhaps in the very last episode of The Sopranos I think we all know what the formidable ends to mr. Tony happen fact she's encouraging us to to slouch Tony Montana oh sorry look oh my god that's the surprise got ya na cultural yes ok excuse me for my cultural ignorance of course Tony Montana is because the cocaine snorting man in Scarface but that's not particularly livin right now so again gay right to to do thing that's so embarrassing actually I know God and under national radios get it and what he'll don't ever say