Kezia Noble radio interview PART 3

okay let's just move on to a fashion advice for those guys out there is there one particular what does i suppose what does what does once of fashion say about somebody I actually don't teach fashion vintage fashion I mean my students come to me and they're like please please can you dress me and um I just say look it's not about that you can look like crap and still sorry you could look into rude word okay so I that one's allowed up crapola up food you can look rubbish & and it does it doesn't matter if you know the methods and systems and techniques that I teach you'll get past that if they really say please no cosi it would help my confidence then I'll take them out and I'll usually just dress them if if they're fat something dark oh that's true lady these dark colors are they do they hide you that practice silhouette and their slimming everyone knows that I'm a fashion design I don't really have much of a clue about fashion I teach my students a lot about in a game and the fact that you see they could have an off day my students they could just an off day they look like they look rubbish and then walking down the street and they don't have to be in that position going oh I haven't got my best jacket on I haven't got my super hat whatever is my lucky hat I don't want them to feel like I want them to be able to be on the beach if they put on weight and let themselves go doesn't matter they still with these techniques are going to last them a lifetime if they get old everyone loses their looks eventually it doesn't matter those techniques will carry on fashion changes fashion does change which is why one should invest in classics that's what I like to do nice black winters coat is my mother fit with us to your lifetime ask me Kara Jonas will have a cashew it black we took her yeah I have an oilskin jacket my mother bought me well an oilskin jacket there's like wax ones I saw yeah I just had to have like like three Labradors with me and I would have looked the part it's terrible as the worst jokes oh come on she said it will last you for a lifetime nice aunt Kezia that jacket last your lifetime it was not a particular voice solace let's hope not later you teach in a game that's confidence really is that is that what you can save what I suppose if you could philosophize what do you what do you believe confidence actually is okay everyone has confidence a lot of time my students come to mini say I need to be more confident and I'm like okay let's go for a list of things that you're confident in and now give me lists you know things that are nothing to do with pickup or women now like be look you are confident person you just don't know the skills of how to attract women that's that's the problem no one's taught them so as since it's a young they come to me say I want to be more confident women they just haven't got the skills yet they haven't been taught no one sat down and said this is how you do it so that's really just it's really just about just education really because everyone they've got that fire inside them they just needed to be uh excuse the pun will pick up on it quicker no no we like puns of any car but that depends how much effort and time that they put into the techniques and skills that I teach them they can't just come to one of my sessions that oh I'm fixed now they have to go and practice what I what I'm telling them but something very interesting is like a lot of my students came back to me after a year or so and they said that they applied my techniques in to their business which is interesting now they're like partners in law firms and things because they took that that idea of being high valued and displaying highway and displaying my standards two men two partners to two bosses and so on and the results were remarkable that I find really interesting how you can take it to other areas of your life what I teach so a freely accessible and applicable more to the point being is obviously to increase your confidence but only um sort of exercises that one could teacher or like you say is it more just about learning the skills learn the skills and practicing them going out practicing I mean I have for instance you've got to say to yourself this even if you're the biggest pessimists in the planet what's the worst that can happen if you speak to a woman nothing she could kill you technically like Jackie she could kill you nothing cuz you're except that she could kill you though that's ok if you're in Glasgow or something maybe yeah be careful but in Milton Keynes it will be fine that's true for you'll be okay okay ultimately guys the point is that I'm nothing bad will come about talking to a woman unless you're going to get gassed in Bonnie week illogical if you're perhaps involved in a rugby spat as well let's have a another jazz track now we're coming up to course 21 on the Benny cash oh please do keep those calls coming in case you need reminding of the number to call because you want to read that out there's the studio hotline number on that window 0793 1558 983 done with panache and with absolute articulation that's 0793 one double 589 83 alternatively you can email requests at radio MK dot co dot uk' but we also have a new text line that you can also use that 60 triple seven but the be warned if you do use that it will burn the hole in your pocket the size of a 60 pence piece that fund which you could be putting towards buying yourself a daily star today since cahsee eyes featured and a huge double spread got some text to read outs and because he's going to answer them Marvin from Huddersfield is text in and asked you kezia have you ever been picked up or at least approached by one of your students the brave ones yes was one Irish guy and he said it using all the techniques that I had been teaching him um like an hour later it was quite funny and then he went in for the kiss which I found quite amusing so yeah I think there's been one or two brave men out there and did you did you actually actually kiss either yeah no I said you're my student I'm your teacher and they'll be violating the code the code of honor code of honor so very very sorry about that I'm a professional even though I'm in the daily so I am a professional the dosa as a professional publication maze-like professional that absolutely ugly don't shun your work it's valid and it helps people in industry and business as you said it would okay with another text here we've got a cocoa that's not their real name cocoa from Exeter is text us and I said how do I know if a girl is him to me we called those indicators of interest I owe eyes right classic ones laughing way too much your jokes maintaining eye contact for too long and little thing that girl's do if they're interested as they look down to the floor and they look back up at the guy checking you out it's a sign of vulnerability almost it's like the girls got a bit coy she's got a little bit shy so she looks at the floor and then looks directly back if her eyes go to the side away from you that is an indicator of disinterest ad I know dude district it out if you I mean obviously that is I teach much more detailed techniques in this of how to force an ioi also you can force an indicator of interest every reaction has a reaction so every action has a reaction pardon me another one she's touching you a lot a great one is that touching me kazoo yeah okay that's my dog's paw actually Oh anyway so uh where was I if you're talking to a girl she's in a big group and you've managed up as we say isolate her from the group mmm and her friends are still waiting for her but she's just talking to you that's a clear indicator of interest because girls are very loyal to each other girls when they go out in a big group they stick together there are they available lifetime mmm I kind of like men allow their friends to go off and conquer whereas women very it's very loyalists that yo you're sticking with us girls night out you promised and if she's actually gone away from that from the group and chosen you over the group that has a clear indicator triste how might you be able to pry a girl away from her little safety circle as it were you have to make the friends happy you have to keep the fans happy the way I do is I always say in any group there's always the leader of the group there's always the mega bitch or the leader then you have to get through her you have to get past her in order to get the hot friend that she's standing wave