Kezia Noble radio interview PART 4

so that's something else I teach I teach how to do with difficult women and how to break down bitch shields mmm that's something else have to do if you want to to pry her away there are many things but you you must make sure that you're talking to the whole group and including you in let great thing is an opinion opener cause women all Finch together to answer the opinion good news case here we've got another phone call for us to take here maybe I'll get your headphones hello you're live on the Benny Cash show who's this hello oh hi there hi is you know is there any cash show who is this this is William stroker Williams - I'm sure that's not your name okay William you're on you're on it's because you know your life erm we don't ask well I a sort political question basically assuming that she thinks that learning game or learning how to pick up can have a positive social function does she think that the government could incorporate it into social welfare programs either at a local or national level yes I do I think that would be brilliant teaching guys very young this every student that comes to me says where were you when I was 14 years old where were you kids yeah why were you not part of the National Curriculum I don't have your question with him well actually standing for public office only yeah I'll definitely London med that's not could do a better job than that terrible Boris wherever is named Joe Joe Joe Joe get him out go on then William make it your last okay I want to know what he makes of the maxim bros before hos if two guys like a woman what should they do if I may give a bit of background for this question last night I was out with a friend and we were wearing a tube station and we I saw this girl and I made an approach with her and she invited me back to her place but I was with my friend and I thought okay got a better bring him along and so we went along to her place and they start drinking alcohol and he got much further knighted he got her number and then the night kind of I didn't get anything and the night ended with him just vomiting in my garden but I was just wondering I felt a bit kind of you know put it out by all this what what do you do when two guys like a sane girl what is the etiquette okay so do you want to know how to get that girl if you are competing with another guy is that the question well I mean I've been raised with with the moral maxim bros before hoes and I think that normally their ethic it is you don't go for a girl if you know your fan likes her or something like that right what if you liked also yeah okay right this is what you do okay you have to this is this is a bit evil when your friend okay is talking to a goal and you're together the worst thing but that you can say but the best thing that you can say for you is my friends a really nice guy he's lovely and in that way yes yeah I'm trying to help you out mate you think you the lovely guys so sweet and you know you should definitely definitely go out with my friends and it looks like you've got really good intentions but really she's gonna be like oh why don't you fancy me why are you pushing him onto me she'll be much more interested in you so I hope that helps thank you very much for those wonderful keepers course you can carry them I think you might need those urn as a friend to film Oracle's yeah keep those calls coming in question that was a good one Oh because women don't want a nice can I do they they say they say they want a nice guy but they don't they want a good guy a good guys not a nice guy true a good guy isn't a nice guy nice guy is bland forgettable a passable a good guy or a great guy is that shows high value to present strength and is proud of being the good guy whereas nice guy is apologetic for who he is the good guy sets challenged because good guy is always high-value the good guy understands the rules of supply and demand there's a lot of bad guys out there there's a hell of a lot of nice guys not many good guys so you presents a challenge for a girl so it works both ways and equally there is by some good guys get women nice guys don't nice guy equals bland forgettable replaceable don't be nice guys be good be good not nice be great now we've had another text in we've got who's this one from I yes this is from Hank from Houston and America Robert Houston in England and his text wants to know what is the best way to get a girl's number cuz yeah what do you think number close so what you do is when you're going to go for that number clothes first of all you have to stop in a point in the interaction where you're on a high because after you've reached a pinnacle of a conversation what happens is there's a lull and that's when most people go and it's like this uncomfortable silence and then they sort say Oh what anyway can have your number and the girls and then lower state then but if you can get her at that point when she's what we consider high state and say to look I've really sorry I've got to go now say I'm sorry I've got to go my friends are waiting for me whatever I've enjoyed our conversations certain words you have to use not like I've really liked you I really like what you said so I've enjoyed our conversation we should continue it for another time so there's none of this can I have your number please could I take your number what's the best way to get ahold of you it's not really like that it's it's more more subtle right we you're using certain keywords to anchor certain emotions and memories into our conversation we should meet we should carry on through this another time so what you do is you go oh I do war like you just put this idea through what here's mine home put your number in my phone book and I'll drop your texts in a week or two always tower drop your texts in a week or two because the last thing the girl wants is to get some guy buggy having you can call her than the night as long as you get that number and then what you do is when you hand the phone to her you watch her reaction so if her reaction is one that's about to say no then you interrupt her just before you know she's gonna say say but I want you to put your number underneath her nickname all right so you've distracted her and you've confirmed the fact that she's accepted to give her your num you her number it's like it's a Salesman trick you've confirmed that you're now talking about the next thing which is put under a nickname and the guy would be like why so because I can tell a lot about people's self-appointed nicknames it's more fun that way and then she's like okay and she's doing that you know she's putting in her number she's not even thinking about that she's thinking what name should I give this distraction interesting but it's really heard of me every guy I know that used that was getting numbers there's always obviously the interaction before then it's okay sure that's good actually I hope everyone's got that and perhaps might recorded that on my blog and everything on my website what's the dress for the blog just in case guys renoble calm then you will find it's easy to find all right okay excellent so guys go on the blog and find all these wonderful tips that coz you can offer you we've got another text to read out this is from a another guy unsurprisingly this is Josh from Hammersmith he is text in I always find it quite difficult to know when is the right time to kiss a girl so Casey when is the right time to kiss a girl okay what I do also is I teach linked with sexual escalation most guys what they do is they they kind of wait for the girl to you know really show them some indicates of interest before they do anything about it it's almost like they wait for a miracle to happen before they can kiss the girl that they expect like a Barry White song to come on in the background everything and it's not like the movies it's always like a crowd barn you have to create that chemistry yourself mmm and I call this lecture escalation it's taking it from the comforts those three stages to the interaction introduction stage comfort stage and the seduction stage