Kezia Noble radio interview PART 5

so in order to transition from comfort this deduction get the sexy escalate you can have to change the tone of your voice slow it down a little bit and there is a triangle and people who faces see from i to i to mouth back to the i like I'm doing 2 i'm chasing it with my eyes and I'm giving the illusion that I want to kiss you can you see that i do see that it's very luring a meijer carol and i put on a little knowing smile slow down my voice I don't change what I'm saying because that would be really nuff it would be like a bad porn movie I'm changing the energy of the conversation I'm getting you in the mood without actually having to use explicit words or anything like that which is a lot of going through and that's why I teach my students so it almost puts the go in a kind of trance and you can also do it in a way that you can assess the situation to see if she is ready to kiss also because if sure if she starts to a triangle on your face of her eyes that's a clear indicator of interest of her pupils dilate things like that you could look out for and and then you know the moments right and you can go for the kiss lovely that's excellent um okay I feel quite round softer only kidding that says it's coming up to call up a story on the Benny cash show don't forget we've got the wonderful kezia noble my voice cracks there probably haven't completed my puberty transition quarter past one number to call is 0793 one double 598 3121 hundred one ways to kill your wife so I would like to know what is why is this book so groundbreaking as you call it a woman's never done this before a woman there's been a lot of dating guides from women and things that apply to both women and men and first date tips and so on but there's never actually been a book in the community which is a woman teaching men how to pick up women is that actually been a woman that's done that and what I did is I took some chapters which which go fairly deep actually 22 why women responder stand when I took it to a few women fans and women to to let them look at the tax and the women said this is extremely powerful and he said to me don't don't do it kathia don't it it's too strong that the guys that could have this information might take advantage and I was like considering it and I thought now look out there that's five screw it let's just of my friends not talking to me now it really is that yeah a couple of them they'd know my sister-in-law my sister mom refuses to talk to me because she thinks it's bad she says to me know you're giving away the secrets and you're using manipulation and staff so he knows its controversial look I'm a controversial person but I know that all my students not like my success rate of my students is so high is it's ridiculous how high is that's why I charge quite a lot but i guess the results and this book is gonna have it all in there there's gonna be no stone left unturned every question is going to be ants in there and the most honest it's the most honest female opinion and powerful insights of the female mind a man's gonna get well the only book signings coming up for that they're not been organized I've got one in Los Angeles but for some reason Los Angeles we've organized that exciting not the one in London but there will be one I think it's um it will be June the fifth I think Jennifer I don't be like in water stones or books exception of those places and then Soho club it's gonna be like a soho house gonna be like a media frenzy media frenzy excellent will officially feeding on that day okay let's move on to go on my list here i yes my personal balusters might want to know the difference between using techniques to pick up women in a nightclub as compared to let's say a coffee shop or something like that because the skills obviously different because it allowed me you're competing with one of the best ways to pick up women in a nightclub for example okay you see we call one night game and a game we also have something called indirect game and direct game now bear with me on this one indirect game is is going there may be with an opinion opener going to the situational observation making a remark anything which makes it look like she's not sure whether you're trying to if you're attracted to her yet or not what I do is I use indirect game I teach my students indirect game if they're in nightclubs of women because the woman okay let me go let me backtrack a bit then you've got direct game direct game is showing your intention straight away saying that I think you're really hot I've got five minutes full time constraint and I would like to get to know you sure if I have to go back to work wherever it is um if you use that in the night time the woman will even if she's not sure yet she thinks are kind of cute she might actually just say 29 with my friends please leave me alone just because you'll feel trapped and she'll be like oh god you know what if I don't like him and I've given my 10 minutes I have to see him again whereas in the daytime if you say no you can just get away from him and that's it so I teach my students how to use indirect game at night and direct game in the day excellent but how would you say you're a nightclub you see a girl but the music is overpowering rather than being one of those you know larger tanked guys he goes over and sort of cups azia around the girls you know head if she's close enough and then you know so if it says I mean it that's something to get you very far is it or is it what you can do is um there's a little trick what you do in a busy night club is first of all you start talking to a hot girl yeah but you can talk to maybe you have two other side you have to get out of that approach anxiety and talk to a very very hot girl in order to increase your chances of talking to more hot girls because all the hot girls will see you towards that hot go so let's say you stuttering this hot girl look around the room while she's talking if you notice another girl look at her and we've just wave and then go back talking to the girl now this happens in clubs all the time people waving each other so it's not a big deal the girl that you're talking to is not going to think it's anything that important and you can keep your eye on the girl in the background to see if she smiled or she waved back at you if she smiled away back to you that mean she's kind of interested so you can say to the guy you're talking to excuse i've just seen my friend over there I'll be back in a second the hot girl sees the hot girl that you were talking to left there you go get her number come back and say oh sorry about that it was my finance in a few years i lost her number anyway Karen what you're talking about sorting crab and but the great thing is that lets say the worst case scenario was case neither God that you waive that actually comes up to it says excuse me who are you you're waving at me easy you just say wasn't you as a person behind you get over yourself and Carol go into the hot woman very nice there's lots of ways that's called that measures good stealth stealth yeah stealth guys stealth vessel this is about it's 130 we only got half an hour left it's been a fantastic Benny cash show today we've got still live with us in the studio not just the lovely rocky the Chihuahua who is currently peeping at visitor dog bag we've also got the master of seduction d14 kezia noble from kezia hyphen noble calm and she's just got a book that's coming out this year is coming out around May June time and they'll be probably a book signing and what stones look out for that now moving away from seduction kaz yeah you were I don't if you still are pursuing a pop career how's that going I got a record deal in on 2008 of my album little bird it's with an American label called Renaissance Nathan's thank you for reminding me it's not okay sold a few thousand copies I haven't had time for it now because of all the events I do with my work and coaching and so on it's completely taking up all my time I'm working tonight right after this I was working last night non-stop sure okay well let's say let's listen to a track from that here is so wat but not by Miles Davis by case Oh Oh Oh