Kezia Noble radio interview PART 6

that was gothic votes with a tinge of urban by kezia and that track was called so wat available on the little bird album on Renaissance records or you can get that actually what's the name of the album it's a little bird it has another name doesn't it though that right does have another name little bird I thought was there an American name for it as well but I guess my research isn't entirely correct what are the texts for us to read out here we've got a text from Nigel and he's there he's Texas asking how do I stay away from the dreaded friend zone okay jonath friend zone is a result from usually being mr. nice guy staying in the comfort stage for too long and not managing to sexual sexually escalate so um how to get out of the friend zone let's just be friends um my rocket is going to eat a wire i'm going to pick him up anyway as we have a live animal roaming around the studio desperately trying to kill itself gnawing on electrical wires what we were saying is okay um so what's this guy saying this is Nigel Nigel okay first of all change your name nobody Jacob Nigel Nigel I do what you do is you need to sexual escalate okay or you'll be in that friend zone because you'll just see what some sort of a month go to the monk syndrome not guys present themselves as a monk they don't do anything they don't show their sexual side or their sexual desire for the girl they don't flirt so the girl goes all look that's going to be my new best friend how can we avoid falling into the unfortunate let's just be friends soon um start flirting as soon as possible start flooding you see women love a flood women actually love flirts a lot of guys go out on a flood because i'm going to come across as clusium creepy so what they do is they show none of their sexual side at all because they've got such a fear of commerce as creepy but girls never think of flirt secrete that as part of paula jessica Lee enjoying temporarily teasing the girl turning each other on and then just having a laugh about it after even something as small as that just flirting can stop this whole big you know is he gay he's going to be just a nice guy friend material situation so that's my advice for nigel is to sexually escalate or at least start flirting or start it just he has to show that he's sexually even if he's talking about other women hmm talking about other women that he slept with or women that he fancies or if there's a woman that's going by not even hired as I'm direct at her so she's really sexy that girl anything like so you don't think you something you know monk excellent another text in this is from a pool peck and he's rather sensitive about his height being quite a short man what advice you have for short men out there um I dated but I'll taste a guy who was he was so short you to buy my trainers sometimes because I didn't see short I saw sexiest or personality if you want to sit there and just keep you know obsessing about your height and trying to rockys just roaming around the studio please finite I think of eating okay look let's put it this way guys veto when you meet danny devito people have met me notes it then go short short short that's all I could think about it short they sit there think personality personality the shortness is secondary Tom Cruise he's fairly short noise it's okay that short actor they go off tom cruise and a million other things come into your mind before the hike you can make if you want is love option where you can make it a big joke you're high and be the first to bring it up but almost as in a fact that you're proud of it there was one guy who's shorter did very well of women I knew and rookies doing we by the way how wonderful we have a dog urinating live in our studio this is the first for the Bene Kesha we have a we have a huh we have a fluorescent oh he's licking in those walking around a Christ mmm that's soaked through do you think it's quarter to two on the penny cash on Sunday live on radio MK code at UK we've got kezia noble with us in the studio she's having a hoot about her enjoyable little wearying dog rocky if you do want to get in touch for this door scares you any questions at all please do text 207 931 double 589 83 that's 0793 one double 589 830 we've got a another text here it says it does kev ear cascadia have a boyfriend and if then and if not yeah oh no I should one be the rest of it oh go on I'd like to read it let's have a look he's asking he's asking me to to go out with you actually it's a kind of no that's very flattering thank you very much mate but uh yes I suppose yeah because I do you have a boyfriend I suppose as the ultimate the question behind that never reveal I could be married three kids I could be single okay that's fine but do you ever find this isn't specifically about last post but I'm do you find that your students they they might fall in love with you from time to time I imagine and do you find that um from an ethical stance do you try and make yourself less attractive because you could be I suppose not even a monk look at me now do I don't like i'm tryna make myself less attractive well no my question would be that if a man was besotted with you and you were teaching us something easily his teacher as well in order to avoid let's say as a you know because he might just be paying for more lessons just to be around you fundamentally do you dress down to you as a racial slurs do you try and put him off do you you know what do you what do you do affect its original sexy always wear my black leather boots and and skin tight clothes and my makeup done I always do I'm you know they've got to get used to it you gotta get used to talking to a beautiful woman a lot of them my students come to me and they can talk to you know an unattractive girl no problem so if I'm sitting then I've got a low-cut top porn and so on and they manage to avert their gaze and they can with the role play the conversation practice that we're doing then they're doing well they become more desensitized to being around a beautiful woman does that make sense no actually I'm always just where I'm always wearing skintight clothes at my and I like my black dominatrix boots I were joking just never bet boots can I go into the short question yeah go back to the short question cuz if this was a guy that I used to know and he he was very short what he would do if he would be like saying something his opening line when he got to a go and he'd say to her excuse me can I can you lend me a pound I'm a bit short and the gold is immediately laughs and he'd be like you know why laughing I'm I know I'd do really well in Japan women love me over there they love my size and all this stuff and he'd actually make it his he would turn it you turn it around and make it his strong point rather than its weak point turn your turn your weakness into a strength yeah ultimately no I like that very much very much um I'd like to discuss with you something that I have actually been perfecting myself I'm not a I'm also a bit of a dab hand in the in the game myself and I've been developing a new star which i think is cimino and groundbreaking and I think could destroy all social conformities and conventions and rabbit like I call it retail game and also be the premise behind this is that you're in a bar or you're in a a restaurant or something like that and fundamentally you basically our bantering and teasing and flirting with the staff there knowing that they can't go away it's their job to be there so you've got your time you know they're not going to go away and they can't go away because they have to be there what do you think I detent quite similar actually I do something will strip by strip goon I take my students I take from three to seven students night with a winger a wing guy and we go to a strip choir one of the top strip clubs in London light string for those with something sorry I'm useless got a piece of paper in his mouth oh right again rocky causing all kinds of mischief on the show anyway as I say let me just carry on with medicine so um with with the strip game what it is is exactly what you're do you've got endless women coming up to you are talking so you can practice all your techniques and them non-stop all evening going to go and you and they're going to Carol talking to you so if you if you are doing and you can practice your game practical techniques on these women in in the wind the bars are in the resin so on and then great why not excellent we've got a thumbs up for retail game that was also co invented by a dear friend of mine so you know who you are you're probably listening to this so we've got the confirmation we needed mater let's go ahead and let's just yeah let's make a real go of it