Kezia Noble radio interview PART 7

as well it says carry on along the line of first strip game how can we suppose the girls in there they just want one thing they want your money or else sometimes they will threaten to throw you out if you're not let's say topping up a pound of yourself and depending on what kind of place you go to how can we break through the the facade of the the of Olustee and seduction strip dancer to actually kind gain them themselves okay right strippers a great practice of because they go and with this big big bravado and a big shown and a big mask that they're wearing and to get them away from earning what's potentially about a thousand pounds a night you have to make a lotta impact and and if you can do that that means it's easy to go to speak to any girl isn't it if you can distract beautiful woman from earning a thousand pound one night to talk to you yeah you've done a good job listen what I do is I teach step by step for most my strip game event and not to be miss not to be missed seriously I don't want to give away too much about the strip game techniques but there are techniques you can use to get a stripper into your bed they evening oh right yeah I think about it's like I say some I'm sick of going to nightclubs or the music's too loud the women aren't hot enough and there's always some like bloody boyfriend hanging you around the corner in the strip club you're not going to have that all the girls are good-looking and what as I take my tit into high-end ones we name those just for interests Stringfellow spirit Rhino Venus LA Confidential czar good one very good-looking girls as sophisticated for good looking you right Browns in Shoreditch no okay or the Griffin challenge okay fair enough I've got a couple of vessels of ethical questions for you here I'm just at the back here oh yes after your events obviously am I supposed along the way in your coaching of seduction or you're also at some point in the conquest men will have sex with opposite sex what kind of fish responsibility do you promote as part of that what do you do you advocate you know contraception or like you know guys make sure like rusty eyes anything like that maybe something you could twin with durricks I was thinking via PR for them any anyone that doesn't use a condom in this day and they just an utter idiot sure utter utter fool so of course the men are quite commonly quite foolish sometimes I know I know in the heat of the moment and of course I understand but it's it's stupid oh oh this is really getting dark isn't it now I mean you know all right tend to work 10:00 to 2:00 it's five to one and we've got Kezia noble from Kezia - the wonderful seduction tutor teacher Oracle extraordinaire if you want to get any texts or calls in now is your last opportunity on the show once again the studio hotline is a seven 9:31 double five eight nine eight three that's zero seven nine thirty one double five eight nine eight three it's Valentine's Day on the Benny Cash show and cassia has got ten top tips for Valentine's don't buy her drink straight away now guys if you present yourself as a human cash machine or an ATM machine you'll find plenty of girls who'll take advantage of that make a go earn it before opening your wallet she'll be more impressed if you'll not like the other suckers popping up the bar tip no that's that's interesting personally I do find the women who come up to me for cash but us cos I'm a different kind of cash Benny cash what other kind of tips are we gonna fall for us that was terrible advice I've got a home like two chapters dedicated to how to display my value and my standards and to validate the go get to qualify self so so don't go into a bar or Club like a boy in a sweet shop with your eyes popping out you know instead look look like you're slightly underwhelmed this will put the interests of the hot woman and and make them one hot women there make them wonder why why are you unimpressed what what do they have to do to impress you make a challenge women love a challenge okay third one mmm try make an observation we saw that already by by Rivini fancy goes straight away such a nightclub you risk make them uncomfortable instead I would say use indirect game in the night such as making observations about your surroundings for example you know that you hate the way the bar staff here is so cocky or don't you think that women over there has amazing style actually that leads me on to my next tip which is I would say provoking jealousy by casually saying how sexy another girl is this the one you're talking to will usually stay on her toes from this because when one sees others as competition she'll become much more possessive of you so actually provoking jealousy in a girl can be a good thing provoke her away guys prod and probe opinion women love giving advice and opinion open is a non-threatening way of starting a conversation you know it's wish if you're approaching a group of girls after opinion before sinking out the hottest one I tried and tested question is I need a quick female opinion my friends gone away and left me a hundred pounds kiss you don't say a birthday present from him what should I get and watch them all start giving their opinions and you can ask opinions on relationship so your friends gonna be here in five minutes he's gonna propose this guy he's only known her for about three weeks and and you don't trust her so so I you know you don't want to tell him and my friend and buddy dawn to go heavy the marriage so so what should you do girls and girl love to have their opinions they start talking amongst each other when when they have an opinion about relationships actually that's a good point actually I'd like to ask you your opinions and they actually know do you think men should wear aftershave as a rule because I'm on Kwan on quite a big Claire aftershave myself if I may borrow your nose cuz yeah what do you think of this