Kezia PUA Creating deep connection with a girl PART1


Kezia noble



hey guys it's me Kezia I'm going to talk to you about building up deep connection with women or more solid connection as some people call it I did a three-part blog about couple of weeks ago about this and it had a huge response actually a lot of guys are very interested in this and they started using it on girls and they wrote back to me and said that they've had some really really incredible results so what I decide to do is like the blog upside to divide this into a three part video because there's a lot of information to get across but this is what we're going to cover this is the main things we're going to cover we're going to look at why it's so important to make deep connection how to do it how not to do it why men don't use this nearly as much and of course we're going to look at the amazing results that you can obtain from using this okay let's establish that there are two different types of connection our guide for making a woman there's the surface or exterior connections that you can make and this is something that's talked very widely in the pickup community so we're all gonna get bogged down in it too much the general e-service connections are finding out that you both come from maybe the same town you both share the same hobby share the same job working the same area share the same favorite celebrity star sign share the same favorite film cuisine anything like that even showing the same sense of humor or showing the same political views is still only considered surface connections and these are really good if you have a time constraint I mean if you're doing day game and she's in a bit of a rush or she's to go back to work or anything like that then you're not going to have time to really sit there and build up a deep connection so making an exterior connection in order to obtain a number closed is really all you can do in that situation and you should do it but if you are on a first date especially if you're on a first date or if you have a lot of time constraint then I advise you I urge you to create deep connection with her now don't underestimate the power of creating a deep connection with a woman when you make the steep connection you're going to open her up verbally psychologically and emotionally you're also going to build up trust with her and if you think about it she doesn't usually open up with people that she doesn't trust all the people that she opens up to people that she's close to people that she loves and the key word people that she trusts and you're going to be doing that when they're maybe 10 or 20 minutes so she's going to put you in that category in her head all those people in her life that she trusts early on connection is also going to change her perception of you radically okay so you're not just going to be another guy wasting her time never got just waiting to have chitchat with her you're going to actually be somebody who she's going to want to see again and again and again also building deep connection councils out all those faking numbers often guys say to me why you know what to go knock call me and you know everything was going okay I gave my number and she didn't call me back and they said well what do you talk about him or nothing really just chitchat like well why would she be drawn back to that okay every time that my students have gone to make a deep connection with a girl they've always seemed to get a solid number close the girl wants to see them again in fact the girl is actually the one who is pursuing him that's a another bonus I think you'll agree connecting where the girl was about showing private moment with her something that's just between you and her and nobody else can touch and also connection is why you do to be the third element of pickup and if you want to know what the other two elements are when you're just going to have to buy my book on you the audio connection does not mean that you have to open up okay believe it or not this is something that a lot of guys worry about because they think that in order to connect with a woman they have to lower their own bravado they have to show they're insecure sensitive needy side absolutely not okay I can't stress that to you enough no girl would scare up a guy who starts telling us all his problems as deep insecurities how his girlfriend used to treat him we're not interested okay we don't want to be your nurse we don't wanna be your mother you want to be your lover so when I say making deep connection I don't want you to freak out and think that you're going to have to be this this kind of wimp somebody that has to to be effeminate or has to cry or anything like that okay I want you to keep up your big bravado that's that's fine that's not an issue but I want you to understand that when a woman goes out she also wears a bravado she can come across as the bitch to power on them the sex kids in the bimbo there's all sorts of masks that we wear we use it to protect ourselves and that's the way maybe we want the world to view us for that evening or for that month that lifetime the difference is that if you manage to lower that mask we have a completely different reaction to how a man feels when his bravado or mosque is lowered we felt a great sense of relief we feel like last I can stop putting on this big app I can stop being this bitch or this bimbo of sex kitten or whatever it is and I can just be myself and it's a great and we really really feel a great connection to the guy if he manages to do this so try and understand that for us it's the bravado jobs we feel a sense of relief and closeness to the guy and I understand that guy's Foreman a bravado jobs they feel very vulnerable they feel very exposed we don't feel like that at all okay so getting her to open up is the key here not you opening up okay so the way that you start you start by just asking her a very dull inevitable question sometimes we're not going to make any impact or or build any connection at all and that is Oh what is your job what do you do for a living when you ask a girl this the first thing that comes in her head is oh no we're going to be talking about my work now for like half an hour once can be really dull and that's fine because what you're going to do is that your response to her answer or your response to her reply is going to create impact and that is the beginning of the path of making connection so remember that when you ask the other question okay she is temporarily gonna sit there big old ear but I must pursue okay your response must make impact okay so you have to create a hairline shift and her perception of you right away now remember what people do for a living tells us a little bit about them how they feel about their job why they do it what motivates them that tells us a lot more about their true character and who they really are so we're going to take that dull question what do you do go turns around and she says that she's a teacher okay one minute first all dudes I'm going to give you something called the for illegal questions now I use the word illegal because I wanted to get it deep into your psyche that this is something that you are not going to do anymore and here are the four illegal questions or poor legal responses how long you been doing it for where you based or who do you work for do you like it how did you get into it okay so those for you have probably yourself heard a million times they are lazy uninspiring and not at all interesting and if you respond with those she's automatically going to put this conversation into the chitchat category she knows full well that the next 20 minutes or so is just going to be talking about her job something she actually doesn't want to talk about perhaps she's not going to be able to talk about how she feels about it why she doesn't what inspires her she's not going to be able to talk about her true self because you're going to be talking way too much about the actual job if you use those responses