Kezia speaking at Bootcamp

that's my intention and I can only do that by being honest I don't care internalizing cleansing is horrible I don't like our she's not very nice I wasn't ready but did you get results need to say yes that's my only intention it's the same intention that took my trainers half of my windows they're just probably a little bit more diplomatic than I am okay so I want you to all understand that what I'm saying it's not to hurt you not to make fun of you in any way it's just to get you results how many times you've had a real honest female opinion okay you probably heard dating coaches VEVO sakes coaches they just be yourself be more confident smile more things like that let's finish that's not announced here everything i'm going to give you is very detailed and you can apply it straight away okay in the indoor practice my makes is fifty percent in filter keeps in theory it's perfect balance we're going up a lot of fun today it's raining doesn't mean shit because we do residential courses where we let to take them out the snow and still got numbers this can make a guy so much more attractive so doesn't matter what you go or doesn't know what the opening line is if you have a look your body language in place to get it just going to throw uncomfortable you have to make them feel very very comfortable very quickly right but you look down you never ever look at the item the girls they can write about it she gives you a compliment or she had songs you'd never look at it i'll show you how weak it looks Tom tell me my jacket looks terrible like Jackie gloves tell me no it doesn't week the body language ok enough I said fuck you it still you're thinking in your head kenzie looks weak she had to look at her jacket because she wasn't sure that's much more strong so you said thank you originally but you looked down so the body language wasn't congruent with the attitude that he had verbally he sell important 40 languages now in your reflexes you