Khabib vs Conor after UFC 229

hey it's Ramsey do we have the JX fight club in Shanghai China today I'm going to answer a question a lot of you have posed to me the last couple of days which is what do I think of the fight between Conor McGregor and khabib in this last UFC event to which I will ask you the question which one are we talking about so there were two that one that we all paid for to watch one-on-one and then the extra fight we got for free afterward ah let's talk about that first one I was surprised like a lot of people were going into that fight I would have given could be probably a 55% chance of winning probably in the second round via TKO that's what I was thinking I felt Conor McGarry I think could be that a difficult life last name to pronounce but couldn't say McGregor Conor McGregor say that 10 times fast it's like a tongue twister anyway I felt he had a significant chance of winning in the first round via knockout as he has demonstrated many times before but after watching the fight I feel the khabib stood perhaps a 100% chance of winning that fight anyway he wanted to stand up on the ground whatever just an absolutely dominant performance it was interesting to see what happened when Conor fought up a weight class again so we have to remember this was not in his usual weight class in the teeny-tiny division Conor McGregor is a big guy compared to khabib not so much and that makes a big difference man so many people will say sorrows and strength don't matter in a fight if there is a huge technique disparity well that can compensate for size and strength but if there is not size and strength matter a great deal even if there is a technique disparity if there is enough difference between size and strength that size and strength matters a great deal in a fight that is why we have white glasses after all so and I was really impressed with Gibbs performance and I usually am he's a fantastic wrestler but he showed us all that yeah he's a pretty decent striker as well it's got a very good judgement of distance much better than most of us gave him credit for myself included ah some people were a little confused about the submission that he put on at the end and I've got some questions about that like that that's not how you do a rear naked choke Conor had his chin tucked yeah he did have his chin tucked here's the thing you can choke the chin you can put your forearm on it you can put your the crook of your elbow on it now khabib used a gable grip did a rear choke as opposed to that the full rear naked choke but he also turned that into a jaw crank and a neck crank when you choke the chin you're pulling the jaw back into the brain back into the neck so you can break this you can choke this and you can crank the neck at the same time if you twist and drive the head forward so fantastic submission it's not something you'll see a lot in jiu-jitsu simply because in jiu-jitsu tournaments that stuff is illegal to crank the neck and crank the jaw there's this weird custom this weird culture in Brazilian Jujitsu that somehow neck cranks are not real submissions because they're illegal in sport tournaments which i think is really dangerous thinking because a lot of the jujitsu gyms that I've gone to when people get caught in a neck crank or their opponent their training partner is attempting a choke but the neck isn't a bad position and it it feels like more of a neck crank than a choke afterward they'll get up and they'll tap or they won't tap but afterwards they'll complain and say oh that was more of a neck crank than a choke so you didn't really get me you didn't really win and that's garbage it's absolute garbage it's dangerous here's the thing net cranks can kill you neck cracks can straight-up kill you man so get your tapping hand ready if you feel it's more of a neck crack tap out you know on neck and spine surgery guys you don't want herniated discs so if you feel that pressure on the neck and spine tap out I don't care if it's not a clean choke tap out I don't care if it's illegal in competition tap out save your body the wear and tear and if it was more of a neck crank than a choke learn your lesson and stop getting caught in neck cracks so the fight after the fight man that was shocking I was surprising I felt my heart kind of sink like oh I was really excited for kabhi this a lot of us were like oh yay good job man it seemed like the underdog pulled it off now really could be wasn't the underdog going into that fight but with all the build up all the build up all the posturing it seemed as if he was the way Conor McGregor talks like he's the king of the world like he's untouchable makes him seem like anybody he's facing as the underdog so anybody who beats immediately seems like Bravo underdog good job I can now relate to you you're the everyman and immediately all of that was flushed down the toilet gone whoa sorry I didn't mean to pull my ninja disappearing trick on you there oh yeah where was I so my heart sank and huh it seemed like man he just threw it all away he he he was the face of the of the UFC for two seconds and then BOOM he'll face turn it's an old wrestling term back in the 1930s man named gorgeous George became the first heel and Pro Wrestling he had this idea if I put on a character not unlike what Conor McGregor does putting on a character that people love to hate then people will buy the tickets to go see the fight people will will watch they'll tune on on television that's why people started buying televisions originally to watch professional wrestling to watch gorgeous George because he was that he'll that people loved or loved to hate and a he'll face turn is where you go from being the bad guy the heel everybody loves to hate to being the sympathetic character and in two seconds that's what happened McGregor went from being the heel did that heel face turn and then all of a sudden oh he's being attacked he's not really the bad guy he's he's got our sympathy well for some of us anyway the man could be what happened I don't know I don't know I've heard some stories I've heard people said mean angry things sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me that's the old childhood saying goes but words can hurt man we're talking about guys who have an extremely high tolerance for pain who are willing to get in a cage and fight for 25 minutes straight they are willing to take some serious lumps risk life itself to fight and damage another human being and have damage inflicted upon them physically and afterward these men will shake each other's hand congratulate each other embrace hug and smile but not this time why because they was not a fight with simply sticks and stones striking and grappling but instead a fight of words a war of words as far as I understand it Connor comes from a culture where it's fairly normal to banter back and forth and I don't think khabib shares that culture hmm he comes from a fighting culture where infuriating your enemy is [Music] acceptable and even advantageous miyamoto musashi did the same thing he would show up late to his duels to anger his opponent so they would fight angry because anger gets you into a fight it doesn't get you out anger gets you into trouble Jack Dempsey wrote about that and for all of those asking if I'm going to continue reading Jack Dempsey's book as an audiobook and illustrating it visually on YouTube yes I absolutely am gonna do the whole thing oh man I got to stop doing that guys here's the thing unsportsmanlike behavior is illegal in a context of mixed martial arts you can't do that in a fight in the UFC under unified rules it is a foul just like biting or eye gouging or kicking the groin as a foul unsportsmanlike conduct inside the cage during the bout is a foul it's illegal so why is it that unsportsmanlike conduct outside of the fight during the press conferences during the weigh-ins from the corner man from the people outside watching why is that tolerated why is that celebrated why is that rewarded simply because it's not illegal under the law huh now I'm not calling for mmm anyone to revoke the First Amendment the freedom of speech in the United States of America that'll live in the United States of America I live in the People's Republic of China rights and liberties are a little different here but I'm an American and I believe in the importance of the First Amendment the freedom of speech the people should have the freedom to voice their opinions and their words as they see fit even if they are not popular especially if they are not popular and the government should not have power to shut them down but here's the thing I think people should learn responsibility for their words and their actions as well that along with that power that right comes a responsibility yeah it kind of sounds like Uncle Ben from spider-man smart guy with great power comes great responsibility and I'm looking at Dana White right now the president of the UFC now it is not his fault that can be jumped over the cage it is not his fault that Conor McGregor said mean angry things but he tolerated it and he celebrated it I believe khabib got a ceremonial slap on the wrist of a 10-day suspension for that whole hullabaloo afterward and I think Conor McGregor got some ceremonial slap on the wrist as well from what I've heard I don't know but unsportsmanlike conduct has been tolerated and celebrated by the powers that be the people who run the UFC because it has made them money because it has proven to be profitable and I'm not happy about that anything that pushes the sport in a positive direction that's great but if you're pushing the sport down hill for profit if you're turning it into something other than a sport not so much not a big fan of that there are a lot of people who come on my channel for the first time and they they see me talk about mixed martial arts or jiu-jitsu or boxing or whatever and in a snarky tone they'll say oh you don't know the difference between authority and and the sport because what you do is a sport and what I do when my reality based self defense system is real and okay I kept these every single day and they're amazing and they make me chuckle every time but let's put the sportsmanship back in the sport because I do know the difference between a fight and a combat sport and I appreciate the difference between a fight a street fight a scrap what we saw after outside of the cage and inside where everybody was scrapping and acting like animals and what goes on inside the cage what is sanctioned what we actually tune in to watch and see I don't care about the hullabaloo before or after the fight I don't care about the drama I know a lot of people do I know that's profitable I know a lot of people tune in to see that they say oh yeah I love watching fights and they don't care about the fights they don't know to understand them they don't appreciate them they like the drama they like the feelings that they experience they like the feeling of empowerment but as a fighter myself as a coach myself as somebody who lives the marshal way if you will I appreciate seeing martial artists at the highest level compete in a sport and I think that's awesome and that's what I joined him to see so would we tolerate a lot a no conor mcgregor walking up and groin kicking could be but the press conference no we wouldn't because that would be assault there would be legal penalties would we tolerate him saying mean angry words and make people upset well it's his First Amendment right to say what he wants but that doesn't mean we have to give him the microphone and we have to put a camera on him because nobody has the right to an audience you have the right to say and think what you want but you don't have a right to an audience that you got to earn that thanks for watching get out there and train