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(exciting rock music) - So today we are fighting a kid. That doesn't sound so great when you think of it like that. - I do not have any experience with fighting. I've only watched it on TV, in bars. - I've never really thrown a good punch in my life, so I'm not really sure how today is going to play out. - I'm afraid I'm going to pull a Ronda Rousey, and talk a bunch of shit and then get my ass knocked out. - I think I'm going to be good at running away. She's not going to be ready for the amount of avoiding that I'm going to be doing today. - I can't wait to fight this child. - Hi my name is Teyah Gutierez, I'm 12 years old, and I specialize in jiu-jitsu and MMA fighting. Since I was nine years old, I've been doing breaking, Muay Thai, boxing and also judo and wrestling. Today I'm going to be fighting some older adults who are bigger and maybe stronger than me. I've never fought an adult before, but I've fought older kids than me who were like, 13 or 15. I think it's going to be really exciting. - Today we're going to have a couple adults compete against Teyah in some MMA challenges. A grappling challenge to escape from bottom. Our other challenges will be with Hykso, a company designed to count your punches, the speed of your punches, and then count the intensity. Final event, we'll have the adults try to evade Teyah's strikes. So this challenge, we're going to have Teyah escape the adult's mount positions. - So basically I'm going to try to make sure Teyah doesn't flip me over. - Yep. (surprising shout) (grunting and laughing) (bell dinging) (light upbeat music) - You're going to have one of these sensors wrapped on each wrist. And they calculate the motion of your arms about 1000 times per second. And that's how we're going to calculate the intensity score. There's going to be three minutes of straight punching. The goal is to get as high as you can. So the higher the number pf punches, and the higher the speed, the better. (exciting drums beating) (cheering and clapping) (exciting rock music) (bell dinging) - I'm really terrified right now. I've seen of the things that Teyah can do. I don't know how it's going to go because she's really going to hit us. - Going to face off against this 12 year old. I'm actually not really sure she's 12, I kind of want to see her birth certificate. When you make yourself into a ball, you can't be hurt as much. So, that's my plan. - I'm scared, I'm about to go up, we'll see what happens. - [Referee] Okay, go. (whooping) She tapped out. (exciting rock music) Go. (exciting rock music) Nice there you go, it's a little combination. (exciting rock music) There you go. And, time. Nice. (bell dinging) - At a certain point, I got I got in the ring and then I was like okay this is really happening. I'm really scared of her. - Teyah put up a good fight but you know, I still managed to get a few good shots in there. No I didn't, I lost. Someday I hope I'm a mixed martial artist like you, Teyah. - Thank you. Thank you to both of you guys so much because that was amazing. And I loved it so much. - Thanks for beating us up I guess. - Yeah. (laughing) - I feel like my nose is bleeding. It might be bleeding. (exciting rock music)