Kids Explain What Orthodontists Do Presented by American Association of Orthodontists

what's there between this cephalo metric x-ray and a panoramic x-ray the painter Maxim x-ray it x-rays your boat and the other one x-rays your teeth th and DL and das orthodontist I'm a dentist you checked your teeth and your orthodontist you Street in your teeth how much does it cost to go to school to be an orthodontist okay like 13 bucks but I don't glass rubber stem the special glue would be literally when people are like sad or mad and you just smile and I help them feel better you look healthy and zombies Club great smiles who's the last one you said spit sucker a skyscraper Kapow but they have a bit mouth regards laziness looks like a tiny fork though what if somebody told you like well I can do your braces like just come to my house and I'll do them I'll rather go to the orthodontist one kids are scared you help them and you say it's okay I know missing a tooth are you ready to be an orthodontist [Music]