Kieran vs ChrisMD vs W2S EPIC Game of TRICK


Kieran Brown


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what's up guys is Karen is today we've got two guests that Chris got Harry and today play some trick let's go how to play a game of truth each player takes in turns to century loser players attend the same truth if they fail they get a letter first place the spelling trick loses let's do this so for my first setup easier to cross bar I think we'll be out of characters to not totally over complicate this one so Perry's gonna stand in gold we're gonna see who can knock them out first Roberto Firmino did this flick against arsenal a little while ago kind of stealing this a little bit of soccer em but we're gonna stick a mannequin down we have to flick it up and you get one shot to volley it [Music] [Music] I'll see we were taking the letter God I very three steps of one go so owned the street hi this Harold we're on the hostage Club of the corner web yeah you got a score from within the corner triangle here first try really I hate to say it oh okay so because I hit the post they've let me have another try thank you guys [Music] okay next set is a no log penury the only rule for this is go read decent it's gonna go fast the keeper so call a peach these schools stay the same for the first time so far whose techniques I'm gonna go with nothing [Applause] okay so this is the volley crossbar for my set this might go well we might lose the football [Music] [Applause] [Music] all right come on I love a chance even in the manoeuvre what TR I my set next and I'm actually into a freestyle set so Oh [Music] [Music] [Music] right for my next one I'm gonna sort of use a hammer sword Regas theme so the Bulls gonna get thrown in we're gonna have to chest it and then volley it go Harry is Rudy on the ropes for this one so he's gonna have to get it come on I'll send you 20 quid like they're a nice one okay so because we're all tied roll and see we've decided the only way to win this is we're gonna pick a trick and then the first person to get it wins the challenge over to go in goal for red ass or something like those lawyers soda the trick is you've got to stand here like this not look at the goal the balance was about [Music] rather starts to fall was I I never so I get to pick the balls at you now that's what I really what happens do this for for their I think it's a five-foot balls kicked off here in an Arabic that's what I heard this all going on there [Music] you're awful man you deserve that oh yes he lives yeah a bit of a Stinger on the legs but not not too bad so guys thank you for watching this video hope you enjoyed that you know these guys with channels down description below thanks watching I'll see you next time Cruz