King Willy Maya the Bee Episode 35


Maya the Bee


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[Music] most of flowers and the lawn it's a secret is waiting just for you [Music] you ever see [Music] [Laughter] they never give you honey in the hive of course they don't they only give me yours and yours yours let's spiral with me Willy unless you're too full from eating honey I can fly a spiral in my sleep okay then follow me if you can [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Willie where'd you go search every leaf and flower look under every stick and stone Oh what are you looking for run away Athens they must be found and returned to their home Bush immediately it's an urgent mission why are you looking for the aphids there are so many dangers in the meadow birds wasps Athens are too small to protect themselves that's why we do it well Willie's missing too I'm looking for him sir fire supply of what you do is getting low sir you what's that oh it smells so good and it's delicious where does it come from the aphids make it for us like bees make honey so we get the honeydew and they get the best protection so you can't leave them alone it's like Willie I can't leave Willie alone either he's always getting into trouble [Music] [Music] [Applause] harmless enough I'm Willy seems so sweet food hmm and I don't have to do any chores to get it [Music] halt you're going in circles get back to searching the middle immediately I smell something sweet no I need ooh no aphids and no Willie silly guzzler it's just a little rain you honey hog a lot of rain here oh poor Willie she's out there all by himself you must be terrified a little bit of freshness feels good Willie isn't used to being out of the hide after dark like I am hmm I hope he'll be okay are you all right where have you been I've been searching like crazy for you run okay Maya I spent the day in this great place I'll take you there tomorrow Oh Willie behind us that way [Music] oh hey miss Cassandra Willie where have you been you didn't do your chores today and you've missed supper oh that's okay miss Cassandra I'm not hungry not hungry I know a place where I can have all the sweet food I want and jours don't exist well King Willie if such a place exists I'd love to see it in the meantime I'll have some extra chores to give you tomorrow I'm gonna sneak away in the morning I'll show you the great place I found I can't go with you Willie I promised help the ends wore sweet stuff for me reporting for duty sir Willie is out of danger and I'm totally available for your search good we're going to search the Northwest sector of the meadow today gee maybe they do want me to be their king can Willie just like miss Cassandra said [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Lord and Lady Branch rocker it's naptime [Applause] [Music] Willie are you okay what are you doing here enjoying this sweet life my loyal subjects treat me like a king smells like honeydew then you must be the lost Athens so happy you're doing well I'll tell the answer here and they'll take you home hey I'm the king of the Athens the ants can't take them away from my kingdom King Willie huh well as the king of the Athens you now have to protect them protect them from what I can smell something sweet huh I could smell you what you want me to protect you quick everyone pick up Elise let's make a dome and hide under it that sweet smell is driving me wild me too where is it coming from that pile of leaves we grabbed that leaf and follow me I'd rather stay here Maya [Music] troops Holt are aphids and escort them and their honeydew back to their home bush [Applause] [Music] that's what you get for going up against King Willy come on your highness let's join the aphids who should be safe by now [Music] I'm just glad they're safe at home please don't ever wander off again no thanks honeydew in the stomach only when in a hammock hmm I don't ever want to be a king again too big a responsibility I'm ready for chores again [Music]