King of the Rock Wall Ninja Warrior Challenge

yeah hello everybody and welcome back to another tea magic video today we're doing the ninja warrior rock wall battle we have three teams of two duking it out to see using be the ultimate ninja warrior is part one of two or this video determine who moves on to the finale and is crowned Ninja Warrior champion team ajan in your warrior champion because we're not as good as the actual real one anyways we got Marvin Corbin Kiley Jeff Joey myself yes teams are pretty simple Kylie and I Marvin and Joey go Corbin and Jeff which is not fair because he's a rock climber he's a free runner parkourers teams may be a little op sighted big thanks to Jojo boom for letting us come in this place before they open it's 5:00 a.m. here so we're all kind of sleepy and tired guys if you want to check out the website for dojo boom link is in the description below love's in Miami what let's do this let's go [Music] my first challenge is you got to jump up and grab onto that things I'm scared you know first two teams to compete in this event is going to be Corbin and Jeff versus of Marvin and 310 we're going to grab that the most mistakes the point for their team the best we have three attempts where we can hang on most of my time that makes sense right alright I say Corbin goes first [Music] I don't know what to say that's too easy Oh might as well just sit on it what all right Marvin [Music] [Music] oh you got nervous [Music] [Applause] [Music] Wow who's gonna win all right they got it two out of three times so they beat us in that round up next Justin all right teams for this job sting is Brian and Kylie and Marvin and Joey those two little lovebirds over urban who thinks gonna win you pick your class saying all right if you touch the foam you live pressures on use that stick hose Oh three two one oh my god we how do you feel about your performance [Music] [Music] all right next up is an all team round it's the last person fall off these little fabric things the rules are pretty simple the last person up wins a point for their team [Music] 10 9 8 7 6 3 2 1 [Music] gave up already not at all oh I was worried that my neck was gonna get caught in the city oh you're worried about your neck instead of kicking me the whole time all right boy goes to Jordan all right the rules are pretty simple with this one you want to get as far as you can tour across the whole thing FEMA does the best wins the point and at this point Kylie and I need the point get the point good luck yeah yeah we'll suck on this round dude if you're gonna do that then we don't have to good luck is dipping his toe in the water just shaking that thing it was all you I'm gonna just block it all outside what's the word how's that inputs of my [Applause] go try see if I can use my hand again [Music] onto the rock wall where there's still a chance for Kylie and I oh yeah okay so it's just the person to survive the longest as long as we last longer than Brian and Kylie I thought it matter it's really down to Brian and Kylie and me and Marvin whoever wins between the both of us goes on to the next video in the final hello hey no TV no no teaming up the winner of this challenge gets two points so Kylie and I saw the chance to move on to the finale we still have a chance Kylie we still have a chance behind-the-scenes we're trying to make a truce with them not to go after us cuz I really wanted to the Ninja Warrior course we all have to go on the wall the last team standing wins the two points and if you really didn't understand the rules right between the brothers I [Music] [Applause] should have done a sick move Marvin close in you're not gonna take Jeff Jeff so I just fall on him yes just Oh take them down sorry Jeff I think you've awesome boy [Applause] we won the overall video hey did you guys make sure you guys come back on Friday for the finale it's gonna be J Fred and Marvin versus Jeff and Corbin okay we come back on Friday to watch that ending to see what the ultimate warrior yeah congratulations no I'm just in the meantime go watch one of Corbin's videos right over here he does a bunch of cool freerunning parkour stuff and go watch this video that danger Bros did right over here they built the 20-foot rope swing into their pool and go check out my other channel over here with Kylie experior we do a bunch of cool stuff there too don't forget to come back on Friday bye Oh peace what a high-five the camera