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a hundred and fifty years ago the Gates Falls mail stood here it employed 200 men and women good the Yankees all 16-hour shifts during the Civil War when the gates Falls mill made uniforms for the Union Army the job of the men wearing those uniforms was to handle the peculiar institution the peculiar institution being slavery [Music] when the Millburn in 1869 most of them got out the fire started in the first floor most of the adult workers escaped most of the children most of the children this is the realm of darkness [Music] I worry about you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] years later a hospital was built here Kingdom Hospital the bleaching and dyeing bats have given way to doctors and researchers and operating rooms filled with modern equipment here life is charted with lasers and EKGs and MRIs there is no place for superstition rational thought has replaced whispered myths about the unquiet hungry dead but there is such a thing as intellectual arrogance [Music] and arrogance is blind perhaps the ground Kingdom hospital stands on is still and easy for the cold and damp have returned I'm for your enema mr. stomach by tonight that impacted colon will be a thing in the past [Music] [Music] [Music] someone's there look good girl watching is thirsty work I brought you this you're scared hello problem with the elevators with two always to look did you just see a little girl in the hall they may be now I didn't see anyone but then half the lights are out again able to security able to secure it the lights are our West one in cellophane or two it's acting up again [Laughter] blondie did you see him no you know flipping a breaker isn't a solution it's um it's only a band-aid did you see a little girl this kids getting out of Pete's and wandering around dr. James is going to be very unhappy I have never seen dr. James unhappy yeah you are I've been so worried about you [Music] [Music] [Music] it's October in case you haven't noticed there's no traffic on the main road all the summer people went home a month ago God bless their waited little heads well still it makes me nervous so just down the lane okay suppose I could great and by the way you were you see that Peter um what are you painting the new strange one mad how many times have I told you I don't like it you know you don't like me looking at your works in progress but I baked it's weird you know it's weird because you never cover your paintings I'm going see you later um I didn't mean to piss you off [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] jeez hey help me up here would you she might have brushed me going by come on fella help me just a close call jeez I'm sorry man I'm really really sorry quit gibbering it help me get up like a spring my hip getting out of the way my back hurts a little oh my god did you really hit me I said I can't I can't deal with this right now man okay I got 12 points of DUI on my license already and then there's an ounce in my glove compartment what are you talking about help me it's not really primo stuff or anything we you know what else is an ounce right side someone will come along pretty soon the hell are you talking about I think I'm really hurt here help me a son of a bitch I mean even out here right someone always does eventually I'm sorry I hit you man I'm really sorry man who are you doing running in the middle of the road anyhow huh huh can I move my [Music] fuck out of here hey hey stop I need help get off of me ah you look pretty tasty get away from me I think I'll start with your eyes [Music] [Music] get away from me and please don't hurt me you're a real miss my friend I mean seriously racked up please so here to save your strength that would be my advice you'll need it [Music] [Music] help me you'll be alright fella just lie still oh I think I'm paralyzed can you go right you'll be fine I'm not actually talking am i this is bad I'm just gonna go call for just just try not to move if there's a smokey or a mobile unit got you good buddy good block him from oncoming traffic I don't think the company be too crazy rounds I'll call the Sheriff's Department [Applause] [Music] bingo mrs. Castle you're 19 you read 5x5 19 we're going mobile can you hear me move your legs how's he looking Pulis bricks dilated hey again Holly it is Holly isn't it yeah it's all your daddy never mind is eyes what about an airway is he breathing God is he conscious but it's not the same thing Ollie yeah sorry about that we do the multi trauma major head injury she's breathing days but conscious probably shocking minimally responsive compound fractures to the ribs both tibia fractures to both ankles so looks like his pelvis is fractured as well but it's hard to tell our peak walk in 140 make that 150 all right get a line in him Danny color saturation the ophthalmologist before I data got the line lines in morphine IV push PRN call their sign head supports and straps be very careful okay that's a Roger drop it in shallow did he say anything about to him nobody say anything sugar golly he's gonna crap on me you want me to pull over I got it I'm stylin just get us there [Music] watch from Mary listen for Bell it's a death [Music] I'll bag it away but I'm getting there with the assistance big-time to the right oh fudge bars going v-fib [Music] [Music] let's get a cut-down tray ready for chest as you've been searching please okay with this one he's okay with this one you have a case Druce this could be serious I've got pins and needles all up my right on there listen tit lovely and one two three up sweatpants no pockets do a wallet biopsy on this one I know who he is oh man he lives in Castle do you he's a famous artist let's go back an 18-gauge needle please no syringe just the needle car yep yes tension pneumo Elmer world sac is inflating like a beach ball time for a party trick never mind mr. Rickman can you hear me now don't don't move just blink your eyes if you can hear me fake please let this be a dream I don't want it doesn't double stuffed Oreos IV push ready with a thousand milligrams of peanut butter crackers - and messes [Music] good afternoon oh hello my name is Christine Draper I'm a neurosurgeon Sally Drew's you a good doctor as good as dr. hook no problem there your hands acting up yeah hmm needles and pins oh and I need it for my pendulum I'm psychic well I've been written up you know in several magazines patient complains of needles and pins noodles improves one hell of a blood puddle in their project clogging the practice go wide open okay first we open our craniotomy and then we excavate human toma capisce Elmer there is Elmer I always pause here and imagine that I am the first neurosurgeon the first a boldly journey into the workings of a human mind cool yes it is inside this skull is another universe the biggest scariest haunted house of them all now where were you hurry up and tell dr. hook up the found he is so we can get inside this poor guy's noggin and reduce the cranial pressure anyway after I pause to reflect on the gravity of what it is I'm about to do and only after I've done that do I proceed with language [Music] ten years ago Otto patient two nine zero you'll be fine mrs. D yeah I will you tell Bobby not to worry bye-bye these things are so slow someone was crying in the children's ward call it pediatrics these days mrs. juice but whatever you call it it sounded like it was right on top of the elevator girl I think it's very hard to get a place in here this man drown come on you're Velma jump in here please that's not my job well the Union Stuart is not on duty today if you wouldn't mind jumping in right about now how about right there right there are you seeing what I'm seeing I took those photos less than an hour ago somebody want to tell me why the size of the hematoma and that scan is three times the size of the one in this man's skull it's like the whole nest feeling itself at warp speed [Music] the home number was unlisted but rickman was in the ER last year we barely cut finger and his wife had a pap smear dr. willy dr we're like excellent and who's taking care of this fellow now it's not dr. Stegman is it no Stig isn't it I believe Hoke okay excellent do you think so yes indeed you say this Peter Rickman is quite well known oh yes in fact here i pooted this in case you hadn't seen it oh I see Thank You Brenda quick work and even quicker thinking thank you for this thank you so much here take this and one of these and of course one of these your car window ah aren't they wonderful aren't they really excellent very nice Oh Jesse you know if this works out the Rickman's are in a position to give kingdom hospital a great deal of help filthy rich charlie no I don't know if I'd say that exactly but no no no but just between us oh excuse me Jesse I've gotta run have a great day hey hey have yourself a morning aired a filthy rich call a spade a spade chicken the chicken Julie call me the minute the Peter Rickman is out of the Oh are the very minute yes dr. James perhaps you can get me an update on hooks progress Yes Doctor [Music] okay helmet is about three pound universe go back to sleep Aylmer that nurse down there is no longer dancing to the sound of the big brass band would you mind squirreling away in a corner please thank you what the hell did you just do I don't know how the hell should I know I'm just a dog yeah just slow down out oh yeah on my way [Music] mrs. Rothman I assure you are you my husband's doctor that would be hook he was on call when mr. Rickman was admitted a neurosurgeon one of the finest on step I want to speak to him he's waiting for us mrs. Rickman auntie rest guardian of the cage no I got a die this is Kingdom Hospital which stands on an easy ground here the cold and damp have returned and as the gate swing was open the dead may also return [Music] I'm gonna give you a few moments alone with your husband now if you'd like that it's like that yes yes I would like that doctor look no you can speak to your husband but he will almost certainly not answer although he may he may open his eyes is he in a coma well he's not conscious or responsive right now but that is not unusual after trauma and in surgery now time they prove me wrong but I don't expect him to be in a coma easy awful No you handled that brilliantly rock and thanks for putting them in video the Presidential Suite is what they call it up here excuse me well I'll just let you handle this then shall I make one of the kingdom apartments available to her if that seems appropriate there are lots of agencies [Music] [Music] [Music] just look at you know baby I didn't mean to piss you off this afternoon I really did can you hear me baby thank you [Music] artists have seen the other one Lenny how are you Lenny it's Sally come back then II it's Sally come back move your jack cover that bitch yes oh good good lovely I've returned and it's a good thing to Lenny the vibrations have changed they're not good here I heard this little child crying in the elevator it could be a little girl from the children's ward budge I think I think that Kingdom Hospital yes want it want it and we're going to resume our seance is tomorrow first thing there's no time to lose you have to tell the others yes yes master I beg and we are going to set things right yes you can count on me yeah thank you can I stay with him tonight no but the hospital keeps apartments across the street and I can arrange for you to stay in one of those if you'd like you treated him how is he admitting surgeon yes your husband had a buildup of blood on his brain a hematoma that's what caused his intracranial pressure rise we fixed that we hope he has more surgery ahead of him tomorrow he'll be in the or again with dr. Freeman dr. Freeman's an orthopod he has um multiple fractures of his lower extremities with his his right and his left tibia his right malleolus and his pelvis is fractured see in pain he's receiving medication which you believes the pain what if you I'm afraid that your husband's spine and skull were also severely damaged well are you being able to walk will he be able to use hands cuz um my husband is a painter his spine was damaged between the fourth and the fifth cervical vertebra the good news is that his ability to breathe seems unimpaired the bad news is that up to this point he has shown no ability to move his arms or his legs and no response to stimuli the brick of opinion for instance but we're still in the first 24 hours it was accident look what my husband wakes up will he be a quadriplegic we're hopeful that the spine is only compressed if that's the case then your husband may recover some use of his arms and his legs but in this type of accident we are very worried the damage may be permanent permanent I'm so sorry to tell you this wait whoa wait a minute you um come pre-compressed is better than broken or fractured am i correct if this mine is only compressed then he may recover some limited use of his arms and his legs okay well then what did the chances of it being a compression rather than a fracture not good how not good I don't want to discourage you with statistics mrs. Rickman statistics are for groups your husband is one talented driven man his chances are 100 percent or zero and we have to be ready for the zero I'm sorry you're sorry you're sorry you're sorry why do you keep because there's nothing else the chances that your husband will wake up to the same old Peter are small and the chances that he will walk again or paint are also small although of course we're hopeful the chance is that he will be his old self and walk infinitesimally I am still so sorry to tell you these things I'm alright alright [Music] look we can afford the best possible treatment that money couldn't behind but um we would be glad if I would be glad if you would stick by him at least to begin with thank you you mentioned something about apartments I'm gonna need one of those I hope and ended he's a fighter good okay Ron it's time to beat the chair and win $10,000 are you ready I'm ready G for $10,000 who starred in the suspense thriller three days of the Condor [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] not [Music] [Applause] this is all your fault it wasn't for you Charlie [Music] [Music] [Music] somebody in here [Music] [Music] [Music] this is so wasted [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Bobby isn't it a beautiful morning problem should stop never again you said my work yes but is that really a meal [Music] [Music] still no mrs. Drew's still hasn't house [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] the world is fine Histories temporary physicians in the market right [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] so my how to drive yeah stop that sorry daki Stegman is clearly not coming on ball got a lot to do let's start he's gotta have a case though you can't expect him here on the dumb oh well as he has no neurological complaint his mental condition is irrelevant in this meeting huh confidence system just this shouldn't Winchester check this out South Boston channel I should go collect your welfare checks this is a hospital zone [Music] how's the famous artist hook he is stable Chris I admitted Eleanor Druce yesterday good times Sally's back in town she's presenting with numbness of the right arm and possible neurological insults what is this her tenth admission that's just since I've been here man sooner or later little girl cries wolf is telling the truth Elmer I've ordered an MRI don't be silly Christine only the chief of neuro can order an MRI you know that well that's not true actually what do you mean I did it at 7:10 this morning I signed off on the paperwork surely not in Stig's name I know I know what it looked like the tech on duty come on Brenda Kingdom Hospital Nero can't grind to a halt because stag over sleeps [Music] don't look at me [Music] [Music] it was loud [Music] sterilize good breed [Music] maintenance this is where I work you try to remember that yes Bobby we have a crackpot yes but I'm very fond of you I have some work to do up here so oh I'll be fine I know my way around this place like the back of my hand this is good I'd like to report daughters not here I'm just holding down the seat farm well where may I find it I heard there was a pipe burst in the new underground parking garage no the one they're building for the docks I heard the whole place is filling up with water that's gonna set construction back six weeks at least probably more with winter coming on hey Doc listen I hope you got yourself a really big ice scraper cuz it's a winner could start anytime now and up here the winters are long it's not like Boston up here very little as like Boston I find well that's the way we like it there's a crack in the parking lot you know what I got one of those two in the back of my pants [Music] [Laughter] hold on Doc you got to fill out a maintenance form 44b Johnny should have one here don't worry about you know what doc you better take a seat this will just take a minute my name is Stegman it's dr. Stegman chief of Neurosciences we used to meet you doc Earl sweat now where he keeps it's got a beer hello somebody there [Music] hello hello who are you what are you [Music] who's there please can't you stop that man this is a hospital I'm not afraid of you [Music] [Music] I'm interested in fitting some hours in a sleep lab I almost on all the paperwork Elmer is I think you know dr. massingale I I heard you need volunteers in Miss Lee Bob well Elmer that depends on what whether you're interested in working or flirting you got a bit of a reputation I'm afraid I so flirter and for being a practical joker are we the best sleeper in the house okay but unity what's going on may I ask we we waited and then we held the meeting without you really dr. day it's very funny but regardless what dr. hook says the meeting begins when I arrive it ends when I leave any questions have a seat anytime and the admission since yesterday Peter Rickman age 41 accident brought in late afternoon just after you left for the day dr. Stegman patient is presenting what he's presenting with I read the papers dr. hook house is not it's not as you say is banged up how severely is yet to be ascertained well why don't you run some tests I may have to operate later anyone else so leave Jersey sixty-five mildly hypertensive presenting with numbness of the right arm possible / ASIS parity Jie or neuralgia I've ordered an MRI I beg your pardon M as in nap R as in rat I as immediated only one person in this department has the right to order an MRI dr. hook and that person is me cancel it immediately please I can't what did you say it's already happened if you'd been in for early rounds you know I have just like your attitude for the last six weeks since I've been here dr. hook I'm sorry to hear that dr. Stegman insubordinate an arrogant I had a job for this I think that one well don't you aren't you worried [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] I got 12 points DUI on my license already what were you doing runnin in the middle of the road Eddie [Music] [Music] young and smoothly delish oh fudge bar who's going be fit this it's a death Bell wake up wake up open your eyes [Music] I do you a solid you do mean one that's how it works tell Hulk about Mary tell the old woman they'll hear you if you make them I don't understand you will and when you do and salute the delicious my god oh my god you're wait Peter Hook to ICU room four to six set its that the painter is back in the Old Kingdom it's just a little funny little stuck in the minute now what finer shaker doctor segment we have the from time to time it will stop shortly [Music] you couldn't let go no Elmer over I would have said he was totally corked oh he was what happened here medical terms miracle but there's a price to be paid for the miraculous and Blue Cross doesn't cover it this is Kingdom hospital a better ground is an easy and old secrets have become to rise to the surface please come again stay tuned for your late local news here on ABC