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dad I'm coming home I'm gonna play video games in your basement on this episode the breakdown twitch streamer kitty plays is ready to reveal how she turned fortnight into cash welcome to the breakdown guys I'm your host live - and first up we've got the story of kitty plays she's a twitch streaming legend cashing in doing what she loves I'm the gamer since I was like 3 years old my dad was a huge gamer growing up and any chance I could on friends game boys or in tendo 64 I would be playing but I was originally studying biomedical science and so in all my study breaks I found myself really just spending time researching and learning about twitch I recognized when I was using my study breaks to study for streaming that I was probably not on the right path and needed to make this switch I dropped all of my classes and I called my dad and I told him dad I'm coming home I'm gonna play video games in your basement and it's gonna be great thankfully my parents over the two weeks that I had been streaming from their basement got to see how much joy I was having from streaming how much growth I was having from streaming first time we ever received a very large donation I actually blacked out I have so much adrenaline coursing through my body it took me watching the vaad the next day to realize what I experienced and it was really interesting to me because I kind of went through like seven different stages like one of denial one of like paralysis one of like pure joy and excitement and then another of anger like what why would you give me this amount of money it's just still insane to me to this day every day I would come up and I'd be like mom oh my gosh I made a hundred dollars playing video games today and then you know a couple days later oh my gosh I made a thousand dollars today playing video games oh my gosh I had you know a hundred viewers come into my stream there were a thousand viewers come into my streams I think in the beginning what really made my channel different was how interactive I was and how positive I was while also being great at the game my community balloon you know I became the most following female streamer after a year of streaming so there's lots of different ways to earn revenue on Twitch and that amount is changing all the time the first thing is based on ads so every thousand views to get a certain amount of money towards your channel then you have subscriptions I'm just a $4.99 999 or $24.99 amounts per month that people will pay to have perks that the streamer designs for them and then after that you can do things like sponsored streams or sponsored social media posts and that will bring in a set amount of revenue whether it's a for a image below your stream that will be a more of a monthly basis thing or an actual sponsored stream with a company then also there's opportunities as you grow in size to do things like appearances or panel or conversation and giving you revenue for that in the last year you know it's really interesting being able to transition all the skills that I earn from twitch into this executive position at gingy while you know supporting female gamers hosting and casting for the World Cup for fortnight and then also hosting and producing my own show play time with key beat plays as well as running the social media and consulting side of Kitty plays which is really special and the fact that its initial growth and popularity was strengthened by gaming but now it's evolved into so much more you can go on there and do painting and graphic design leather working cooking shows start your own TV or hosting game show or be able to play games at a low level or a high level you can take an IRL backpack I just walk through life and live stream life while bringing your community on along with you so it's really it started as gaming but it's developed into so much more I believe as a twitch streamer we have so much power and a huge opportunity so it's really important for me to recognize the position I'm in and take time to give that power and energy oh the people that come into my stream every single one of you are so good at this game okay you just you need to know that are you watching - you're amazing I know how hard it is for people in their life right now whether it's a breakup or a family member animal dying or not doing so well on their exams and if I can give them a moment of peace and allow them to come into my stream and enjoy my content and not think about the hard things in life for a moment hopefully go into the moments after watching my stream feeling better about them their life situation and if I can do that for one person I have reached my goal for the day up next we have a flashback from Sal Bono but first I'd like to get something off my chest sorry interrupt Luke this is the comments section Jay's 4-days commented show us the break room ok Jay Z for dayz we might just do that oh hi welcome to the break room this is our standard Inside Edition break room take breaks in here all the time and you know what no this is the break room we have but not the break room you deserve I'm gonna take you to a real break room where you can get your rage out any time you want in New York City let's go what are you doing to my glassware thanks JB hey screen times over kids on that one maybe Jordan well that's the break room now if you'll excuse me I have a show to host right now Sal Bono has a flashback about the early days of YouTube and stick around after because we're gonna do an interview with the original reporter from that story over a decade later a lot of my colleagues think I've been here forever but it's really only been 12 years I know still pretty long when I got my start it was in our library as a librarian working in our archives I'm gonna show you that vault let's go take a look so as you can see we've got rows on rows and stacks on stacks of so many different stories ah this is a good one this is an episode from 2006 and one of the stories on this I kid you not is what is this thing called YouTube let's go take a look what's happening Ron this is Ron everybody and by the way this strange room that we're in is called the dub room with more than 100 million clips being downloaded daily is making celebrities out of regular people the most popular video of all time is the evolution of dance with 33 million downloads to date YouTube's international fame is for wacky videos like this one watch as a man piles on dozens and dozens of piece shirts 6x no problem the man on the mission is Matt McCallister a DJ from Santa Barbara California Matt wore a total of 155 t-shirts the total load weighed more than 100 pounds now I can do that I mean I can't do most of the stuff that people are in the Guinness Book of World Records for but I could do that so how do you get a clip on YouTube it's actually pretty easy all you need is a video camera or a video phone a computer and a YouTube account I've decided to upload this video of myself giving a tour of our newsroom and before you know it here I am for all of you and me to see now let's wait to see if I become a viral video hit back then it was this new sort of phenomenon I mean I think most people knew it for cat videos and things of that nature now Inside Edition has 6.2 million subscribers alone to our YouTube channel so it really has grown exponentially over the years YouTube has affected how we do our job because it is such a phenomenon and it does have such a wide audience that we can build stories around things that we see on YouTube news where these stories that we see every single day and it really is an an incredible resource a computer and I didn't look that much older but that was 13 years ago television keep you young they say and I've course now know how to post video to YouTube thanks for watching us on YouTube ring that bell for notifications so you never miss an episode you don't want to do that do you comment below so we can bring you the stuff you want to see we'll see you next time on the breakdown [Music]