Know About Your Love Life By Dr Jai Madaan Palmistry Astrology Vastu Expert Numerologist


Abhimanu Sharma


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[Music] my name is Jana I'm an astrologer Vasko consultant and also a promised today I am going to talk about your love life your emotions I'm going to talk about your mentality your mindset let's check it out what sort of person are you and what sort of person are your friends how can we check them how can we understand our strengths and our weaknesses and work upon them I want you to focus on your right hand or your left hand depends what is your working hand your working hand if you write with your right hand that means this is your working hand so your working hand is your conscious mind it's your conscience your your role your thinking pattern your conscious mind and your left hand is your subconscious mind your non-working hand is your subconscious mind it becomes opposite for the person who writes with left hand right so your non-working hand is your subconscious pattern I would call it destiny and and this is your cup my hand you're working at is karma you're not working hand is destiny and right so I'll talk about your karma hand because at the end of the day what you create is by your Karma's your destiny is important I when I see somebody's hand I consult both the hands but what will you get what will you receive at the end of the day depends on your karmic hand so let's check it out I want you to do this your right hand right so you can look at my right hand right now this is called index finger this is called middle finger ring finger little finger and this is thumb right now we need all these fingers there is this raised area can you see this raised area it's called mouths right so this is called Jupiter mount index Jupiter pout Saturn mount Sun mount mercury mount and this fat thing is Venus mount right can you see now let me explain what exactly it is if this mount can you see if this mount is well raised you can see it from that side if this is well based it shows how ambitious you are how is your administration in power how how dominating you are may be how could you control other people this mount is all about your discipline your focus energy if this is too high then you sometimes get little depressed if this is medium medium like this it should not be too high actually otherwise you get depressive tendencies similarly then we get this Sun mount can you see we need this ring finger is called Sun mount this Sun mount tells what is your favorite will you be famous in life how creative are you what is your social status this will similarly amount beneath this if it is well if it is you know it's it's good its fluffy it's puffy you know it's raised it means you're communicative skills are good you can also get into business or trading you can also sell things or maybe you could be very good in marketing it's all about your communication skills your communication with the world and this mount is all about luxury if this is raised then you like luxuries in life like pleasures in life dancing singing having fun food eating habits everything is denoted by this this raised area right this raised area so see which are you're actually raised mouths those qualities will be highlighted in you suppose if this mount is really high amongst the four that means your administrational power is the best if this is more raised amongst oo-on it means your creativity and your your desire to be famous is really high if all these are normal but this is really high it means you love pleasures love journey comforts excitement in life let me talk about your love life and your emotions also I want to show you this line this line can you see it's going from here to here it's called heartland this heart line is all about your heart your emotions right now let me see and explain it to you this hot line as you can see if it is starting from here and it ends just just till this finger that means no emotional quotient in you mommy no your less emotional if it goes to this line this finger that means it will become almost straight that means you can control your emotions emotions another vital part of your life if it ends to a certain finger then Saturn is all about you know Saturn is all about absorbing so you become little selfish in love if this heart line is edgy towards Jupiter finger towards index finger it means your love is for people you will think about other people also it's not just about self love it is about loving the people loving the human mind probably loving the you know humankind it's all about loving society so you can see what sort of emotional quotient you have it's just about I mean I suck it is about your you know you can you just want to show off love it is about selfish love or it is about giving up I won't say anything is bad it's about what you born with and we can change it as well because once you know it that means you can hear it as well if you have touched on this it means broken heart if you have very lines it means unbalanced emotions if you have straight line it means practical emotions if you have curvy lines it means very emotional so check what is your emotional quotient and you can change it every day if you apply little bit of maybe I would say saccharine of turmeric or anything related to yellow you can also take and use yellow energy because yellow and now she is all about passion it turns emotions into passion every day just start applying little bit of natural yellow color on this line this will make you emotionally more balanced it will somehow will do some work with your solar plexus chakra so that you become old balance in life you become more stable in life so this is all about your emotions and this shows what sort of person are you which emotion is more you know steadying you it's all about adventure pleasure what's a person I mean you can check your hand you can check your friends hand and you can see what relativity both of you have these are little things to know yourself better to examine yourself better and work on your strengths I hope you have a great day and I'll see you soon [Music]