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hey that wasn't me screaming moving on let's get into the details of the conjuring numbers specifically the Annabelle storyline here's everything you need to know before you go see Annabelle comes home before we get into the details in chronological order let's answer the most obvious question who or what is Annabelle it's a doll Lorraine Warren explains in the latest film that the doll is we can follow the spirits the Annabelle films are a spinoff from the conjuring so all films either produced or directed by James Wan a tacit to all of us early on is they have a superhero universe why can we do that in the horror wall they take place over roughly 30 years in different parts of the world all of the films centering around demons or ghosts if you will possessing human bodies and objects in order to thrive these stories are based off the real-life couple and Lorraine Warren and their accounts as paranormal investigators the film Annabel creation a prequel to Annabel it properly tells the story of how the doll came to be possessed the doll maker Samuel Mullins and his wife Esther lose their daughter Annabel and a terrible accident he prayed to see how a girl again the contact started small she wanted permission to move into the dog we soon realized it wasn't our daughter one day the presence became too strong and it attacked mrs. Mullins 12 years later the couple took in six girls and a nun who became homeless after their orphanage closed down Esther is bedridden at this point and needs a stairlift to move about the house Paranormal Activity begins in the home as Janice one of the girls came in contact with the doll after they were forbidden from entering Bea's old room [Music] Janice is hurt badly by the entity that takes the shape of B and is no longer able to walk this leaves her vulnerable to be possessed by the demonic spirit within Annabelle Janice is possessed by the spirit and terrorizes the girls and the nun fast forward through the movie the police rescue the girls and Janice is relocated to an orphanage in Santa Monica where she's adopted by the Higgins and now refers to herself as Anabel twelve years later with the help of her satanic cult member boyfriend she takes out her parents all of this happens next door to their neighbor Mia form and that helps us segue and to Annabelle in 1967 John formed gifts to his wife Mia one of the limited-edition Annabelle dolls that she is long admired John next door I heard scream stay here but took it out go back inside it's not my son go back inside call names right now and is attacked by Annabelle Higgins and her boyfriend John and the police arrived during the struggle and kill the boyfriend Annabelle Higgins kills herself while holding the doll Mia decides to get rid of the doll for obvious reasons but despite the doll being thrown out it continues to appear in the forms home the doll even causes a fire while on a stroll Mia goes into a bookstore the clerk evelyn tells her that the presence in the doll wants her baby soul you do what you have to do during another attack Annabelle begins to levitate but Mia realizes him a horned demon his holiness this is the demon the satanic cult worshipped Mia is ready to sacrifice herself for her daughter safety but instead evelyn takes her place Annabelle disappears from being beside Evelyn's body Lea is then found safe and sound in her crib six months later the forms have moved on and have not seen Annabelle this brings us to Annabelle comes home don't your parents keep any creepy stuff around you keep it all locked away in a room so we're safe we catch up with the Warrens who now have the Annabelle doll in their possession why don't you tell [Music] so now you know and now you can go see Annabelle comes home on June 26th