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we wanted to make sure that we still had the DNA of Fast and Furious movies big action set-pieces defying gravity around every corner where you're like wait is that possible what the bass appears it's cool get ready for this action-packed film starting to eat Johnson I'm what you call a nice cold can of whoop-ass and Jason Statham I'm will you my collection by Bubba its Hobbes and Shaw the first spin-off from The Fast and Furious franchise here's everything you need to know before you go [Music] fans fell in love with Dominic Toretto Brian O'Conner and ex-cop and their crew of illegal street racers in the first four Fast and Furious films the stories were comprised of races with high rewards and even higher stakes but let's fast forward too fast in the Furious Five where the storytelling in the series switches gears cars become less of the focal point instead speed racing supported a new narrative revolving around heists heavy with action Luke Hobbs was introduced to the franchise as a tough Diplomatic Security Service agent let's go hon his mission was to capture Dom a fugitive and his crew after they stole cars that were seized by the DEA one of the cars contained a computer chip which belonged to crime lord Aaron Andreas that held the location of a hundred million dollars they say well Hobbs tracked them down in Brazil with a team of agents after some intense chasing Hobbs and his men eventually arrested Dom Mia Brian and Vince while and transport their own horse by Reyes as men and Hobbes's agents are killed in the attack along with Vince to avenges team Hobbs joins forces with DOM and his crew to finish the heist and take down Dre us all ride with you Toretto least until would kill that son of a bitch Dom and his crew steal the ball containing Reyes is 100 million dollars and Hobbs let's DOM and Brian go free by giving them a 24 hour head start come tomorrow I will find you after they leave Hobbs opens up the vault and it's empty and the mid-credits scene hobbes discovers Dom's wife Lettie is alive and involved in a hijack of a military convoy in Berlin led by Owen Shaw in Fast & Furious 6 Owen Shaw the main antagonist of the film is stealing components to assemble a destructive device called the nightshade that he'll sell to the highest bidder simplest things can cause the biggest problems this was taken a week ago I need your help Donna given their experience Hobbs sees Dom's crew as the best fit to track down Shaw's team of mercenary drivers you get as close to Letty and we'll get you Shaw and you give us full pardons all the way around [Music] in their final pursuit of shahe is seriously injured upon being thrown from a plane daaamn gives hobbes the computer-chip the final piece needed to power the nightshade thus securing the crews pardons and ability to return to the US while in a car chase in Tokyo Han is hit by an oncoming car Domenic to rap yeah you don't know me you were about to am furious seven doms crew are enjoying normal lives back in the u.s. meanwhile Deckard Shaw Owens older brother is swearing vengeance against them wish now that brother I'll show you one nostril Deckard broke in Ahab's office to extract files on Dom's crew leading to a fight that landed Hobbs in the hospital while attending Hans funeral in la dumb notices Shah is there watching in a car nearby he please just as open fire is unleashed by a covert ops team led by mr. nobody mr. nobody offers to assist Dom and stopping Shah if they help him rescue Ramsey and her computer program God's eye a digital device that helps track people down Shaw is defeated in a one-on-one fight with Dom Hobbs locks him up in a secret high-security prison DOM is coerced into working for cyber terrorists cipher did you ever think you'd betray your family the way you did today shortly after Hobbs recruits Dom and the team to help him retrieve an EMP device from a military outpost in Berlin during the getaway Dom goes rogue to steal the device for cipher Hobbs is arrested and placed in the same prison as Shaw mr. nobody hacked the prison system to free Hobbs and Shaw I said no mr. nobody I'm not leaving this cell rubber bullets big mistake [Applause] [Music] after which mr. nobody approaches them to help him track down DOM and cypher we also learned that cypher is holding Dom son as well as his former lover hostage thus revealing why he's working for her Magdalene shop pushes Decker to save Dom's son cementing him as a not so bad guy was this one Deckard connects the dots for the team he reveals that cypher hired the villains in the previous film to steal the nightshade and God's eye and that brings us up to speed for Hobbs in sha our targets name is Brixton is it ghost we're gonna need the best trackers in the business you guys have to work together no way this guy's a realist I think it'll be pretty fresh to me it's almost like asset preparation and story I think it would just sauce a girlfriend for the first time on the big screen in a tentpole global movie the Samoan culture is being exposed and showcased all right for the movie to descend upon this little island in the South Pacific where the fate of the world lies in this islets just really beautiful and is very personal sure sister took something from me the first time you really see her she should eat something nothing you have no idea what would deal with it just was like I just adored doing this sequence me and him are fighting a bit and he kept going yeah are you making sounds of the fight while you're doing things that oh my god I didn't realize so now you know and now you can go see a pause oh sure yeah Hobbs and Shaw and theatres August 2nd [Music]