Know Before You Go John Wick Chapter 3 Parabellum Movieclips Trailers

the boogeyman is back it really is an adrenaline ride from start to finish this Friday John wake chapter three Parabellum is out in theaters and in case you missed the first two chapters of the franchise here's everything you need to know before you go back in 2014 the first chapter the John wick series became an instant cult classic I think people like rooting for John wick to kick everybody's ass in anywhere anytime there's a vulnerability to him that's always kind of driving what he's doing at least from the point that we first meet him in Frisco in a typical action thriller the death of a spouse would set off a vengeful killing spree but in the case of John wick a fatal illness is what rips his wife from his world and a cute puppy and an unexpected twist is the catalyst to unleash quick fury upon his enemies a dead wife and a puppy and losing his car three things a man could not do it out in 2017 the sequel continued the story by introducing John Wiggs debt to Italian crime lord Antonia D Antonio help John accomplish the impossible task to leave their world of violence behind in order to be with his now deceased wife what is this mmm-hmm do you remember this is your blood she came to me I helped you and the debt he repaid came with major repercussions I want you to kill my sister you want me to kill Gianna Dantonio it can't be done to this for me no Marc Rizzo [Music] out of my way rules were broken after the death of D Antonio's sister what is this he completed the task the Mokka is over in order to distance himself from the murder of Gianna Santino D Antonio put a bounty on John wick for five million dollars and they know what kind of man will they be that means that any assassin who takes out the boogeyman will receive the large reward chapter three Parabellum picks up after the bounty on John wick has been raised from five million to 14 million mr. Witt broke the rules John wick is this super assassin who is you know the baddest guy in town and all of the other badass assassins in the world are after him [Music] and so how does he deal with that who are the characters how do they help or hinder his ability to stay alive Chadd at the helm and Keanu with all of his preparation and training they brought it they brought it yeah his vision will be here and I have to I'm really the limit we just thought Canton with a really bitchin on a horse and I but we both loved westerns so I thought that would be really fun for me it's great to try and aspire to to that vision it looks like we can expect heightened action sequences with swords on motorcycles and a combat on horseback there's a sequence in there for the knife fight which was probably the most physically intensive John we can take you a certain direction through our world but it'd be nice to have other characters to take you to different routes when I speak to people about it they love the world they love the world of the Continental the characters that inhabit the world you know you might have think we've met in the film if we have on the phone to each other and you talk a lot but we actually and you understand our relationship with John which is he's our favorite assassin and we'll break the rules for him a little bit more than anyone else our services still off-limits what do you need since chapter three is giving us even more depth into wix underworld will be learning about their relationships between the key players and more assassins will be introduced you get bigger better more beautiful with the addition of you know to grow anjelica huston anjelica huston plays the director a high-ranking member of the high table Delma too I can't help you Asia K Dylan has the educator another high-ranking member of the high table the new major assassins we meet are played by Mark Dacascos you haven't disappointed Jerome Flynn and Halle Berry another good addition to it you shouldn't be here nice good to see you too I was a fan of 1 & 2 and I just heard that Chad was doing 3 and he was looking for a female character that was kind of badass and I thought well let me go meet you at the most physically challenging thing I've ever done in my career for sure and laurence fishburne returns the Bowery King a crime lord that rules a territory in lower Manhattan we were first introduced to the Barry King in chapter 2 and that rounds up the Matrix trilogy reunion all of this for what because of a puppy my children I know thank you Dex whatever it takes yeah wasn't just a puppy [Music] so now you know and now you can go see John wick three opening and theaters on Friday May 17 make sure that you have some time to rest afterwards you