Know Before You Go SpiderMan Far From Home Movieclips Trailers

okay so by now you should have seen Avengers endgame if not sorry not sorry spider-man is an end game so you will have to hear about it here's everything you need to know before you go see spider-man far from home first let's establish that this is a new spider-man played by newcomer Tom Holland these films are a departure from the one starring Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield except for the origin story of the superhero this new spider-man franchise falls into place with the Marvel Cinematic Universe with tentpole films like Iron Man Thor and guardians of the galaxy so let's take it back to Captain America Civil War where spider-man is first introduced into the MCU cat captain big fan spider-man yeah we'll talk about it later just hey everyone good job Tony Stark or Iron Man has been keeping tabs on the teenager who's been web slinging around New York for six months Tony recruits him for his team as he gears up for a feud against Captain America Tony updates his look giving him the official spider-man costume we all know and love they fly to Berlin and meet the rest of the Avengers after helping out Iron Man Black Panther war machine Black Widow and vision spider-man returns home to Queens New York they're going home I'll call Amy you're done yeah I'm not moving along to spiderman homecoming peter parker is excited to be an avenger after his experience in civil war basically but Tony tells him he isn't ready yet but I'm ready for more than that now no you're not he takes on an internship at Stark Industries but it's really a cover so he can continue his crime-fighting ways how do you do this anistar internship this is dr. Jeff uh-huh one night after preventing a robbery his best friend Ned discovers Peter's been moonlighting his spider-man can you spit fennel can you summon a Gnomeo spiders Liz a new love interest of Peters is the daughter of the villain in this film Adrian Toomes he's played by Michael Keaton and his character turned criminal after his company was destroyed by Tony Stark he goes by vulture because he can fly using the Chitauri technology he discovered and sells it on the black market spider-man was struggling to find his confidence because iron man always came to his rescue but in the end defeats vulture after a tough battle fun fact pretty late in the films and day--is revealed to be playing a pretty chill version of the iconic Mary Jane what are you hiding Peter I'm just kidding out okay bye Avengers infinity war spider-man played a major role in trying to defeat Thanos but sadly he was one of the fifty percent of the population that disappeared after the horses snap but you should know by now he returns an Avengers endgame he and half the population returned after five years of past he helps the Avengers defeat Thanos and his crew but sadly his mentor iron man dies after making the ultimate move that keeps them all safe he's pretty tough it was pretty tough because even grown up with it with Robert playing iron man and he's such an iconic character everyone's looked up to him spider-man far from home takes place in the future Peter is struggling with the new responsibilities of being the top superhero now that Iron Man is gone everywhere I go I see his face this is the first time we get to see the aftermath of endgame and what it's like for New York and the rest of the world post reversed snapped what about Thor off world catch and burn unavailable any new spider-man bitch please you've been to space it's kind of like that that uncle or grandfather is Chauncey when you're gonna grow up take responsibility they tell me you're the guy but they're not join the two together the world needs next Ironman you're going to step up not now you know and now you can go see spider-man far from home July 2nd [Music]