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the secret's out we know what our pets do all day this secret life of pets two returns this summer on June 7th here's everything you need to know before you go and the first secret life of pets we fell in love with some sweet furry personalities on the move in New York City max our main pup and excitable terrier Gidget a loving and very fluffy Pomeranian Duke a larger-than-life mixed breed dog snowball the fiercest bunny there ever was look at me and your leader buddy a dachshund who loves to chillax Mel a hyperactive yet don't beep ugh here you go and see you later Chloe a sassy tabby the original film brings our daydreams to life by portraying the animals on wild adventures with colorful characters the story begins with max he happily had Katie and their home all to himself until she brought home a second dog this is Dooku Bjork Duke and Max's relationship doesn't start off on the right paw what are you doing see what I did there max immediately tries to frame Duke by dirtying the apartment while Katie is out the adventure begins after Duke and Max cut loose from their dog walker and are picked up by animal control two four six eight you know it 10 okay did you notice his melon buddy on their way back from the dog park without Max and do lost scared so so handsome we've got to find him and bring him home let's go snowball lizard and tattoo beat up the animal control officers and drive off with the truck to save a dog named Ripper welcome to the old blood specs these guys are older killers the alley cats appear and revealed to the flesh pets that Max and Duke didn't kill their owners the rest of the pets go to pops a dog whose owner is rarely home so his house is a popular hangout spot in the neighborhood pups guides the pets to the sewers and there they run into the flush pets they all discover they're looking for max and Duke I think we're gonna get them dogs oh man a very hungry Maxim Duke make it to Brooklyn safely let's eat they feast of the sausage factory and bunny Duke tells max about his former owner Fred Duke we got to go to your house they find Dukes house there's a cat there that tells them that fred has died and a new family lives in his home doof becomes very sad about Fred and lashes out at max for bringing them home let's go come on this isn't your home anymore why did you bring me here max wait a minute this is my fault you know I was trying to help you you were trying to get rid of me Animal Control shows up immediately and picks up dude as Max is trying to get Duke the flesh pets appear from out of the sewers [Music] as the plush pets around the bridge they see max pulling snowball who looks on alive from the bus but in perfect timing Gidget saves max from the rage of the flesh pets the bus falls into the river and max jumps in to save do snowball also jumps into the water to grab the keys and passes them to max they all escape safely tattoo steals attacked you to get the pets home max tells Gidget how he felt seeing her save the day and she shares her excitement with him the budge pets are about to return to the sewer when Molly a little girl see snowball and adopt him making him happy after a long a crazy day all the owners returned home they clearly have no idea what their furry friends got into Kitty is just so happy to see that max and Duke are sitting together when she returns so how'd it go great right an secret life of pets - were reunited with our lovable fluffy friends and are introduced to new four-legged ones it's a dog out of City film the movie follows my character I'm the story of it I play the character of Max and Max is a very high-strung neurotic dog that you know what he cares too much the baby does leave it in this know he's staying home with me where it's safe and he sort of gets his whole world turned upside down when his summer is spent at a farm but you have this ensemble cast Tiffany Haddish okay you don't listen Eric Stonestreet not only can we not say PA okay we can't also can't say ba ll especially Kevin Hart I can't wait for you to see my move and Lake Bell cattitude is a state of deep every little Side Story they go down could be its own film plus you have the Harrison Ford for Godsey no I'm not the star of the movie Harrison Ford's in it you want to join me I'm not gonna say I'm the star of a movie that has Harrison Ford in it No so now you know and now you can go see The Secret Life of pets to sit high-five good boy [Music] [Music]