Know Before You Go Toy Story 4 Movieclips Trailers

to infinity and beyond go to infinity dummies impossible nothing about science woody buzz and the crew have returned here's everything you need to know before you go the original Toy Story is an iconic Pixar film that introduced us to these beloved characters Jessie but watch it back in the first one all the toys had a real good understanding of their place at that time at handy's room Andy's favorite toy was Sheriff Woody up until his birthday when he received a Buzz Lightyear naturally what he became jealous of the modern spaceman action figure Olie it sounds like a car ran over it there was this interloper that came in and informed the Buzz Lightyear who didn't realize what he was you don't get it you're Andy's toy and therefore you got big responsibilities in the midst of their outdoor adventure and the to bond as they struggle to break free from SIDS twisted house they make it back to Andy in the nick of time before he and his family moved to a new home oh great you found the film ends with the top spot in Andy's heart being taken by a new puppy for Christmas Toy Story 2 takes place four years later the villain this time around is al owner and founder of Al's Toy Barn he's a toy collector that runs off with woody at a yard sale relationships specifically between Woody and Buzz is core to the Toy Story films they build over the years and through the films to trust each other to understand each other to support each other meanwhile woody learns who he is he meets Jessie a yodeling cowgirl bullseye of horse and stinky Pete the prospector all characters from roundup gang a TV puppet show made in the fifties the toys all make it back to Andy's room in time before he returns home he mistakes Jesse and bullseye as new toys from his mom fun fact the prospectors warnings about the future of the toys come true in Toy Story 3 you really think Andy is going to take you to college in Toy Story 3 we catch up with Andy and his toys just as he's heading off to college the remaining toys in Andy's room all contemplate their fate as they've been stored in his toy chests for quite some time going in attic most folks keep your accessories with you at all times some have been given away in a yard sale sadly Woody's girlfriend Bo Peep was one of them but it looks like he catches up with her in Toy Story 4 Andy had plans to take woody with him to college but his mom accidentally mistakes the box of toys he had packed for the Attic as trash Andy's mom brings them to a daycare so they can be used again by new children mrs. Potato Head also discovers through her missing eye that was left in Andy's room that he is indeed looking for his toys but he escapes and ends up with Bonnie a sweet little girl that takes great care of her toys despite all the fun he's having with Bonnie he still prepares to return to Andy when he makes it back to the school and Bonnie's backpack and apologizes to his friends for leaving they make an escape plan to get back to Andy push them in alone we're all just pressed when we throw away so Latoya sadly macho grabs woody into the dumpster as the garbage truck arrives the toys join hands as they face their fate together right before being rescued by the aliens and there the toys prepare to be placed in the Attic infinitely until woody makes a plan he writes a note to Andy that states they would all be well taken care of by Bonnie Andy takes the toys to her and realizes that woody is in the box they've been given to Bonnie feels like the story's over it wasn't until we kind of dug in and said what's next guys we started finding these brave little moments - to explore and it started to build into a story that was worth telling it's gotta be okay they keep finding this new kind of reality to examine in the personas of beef Gabby Gabby woody and Porky East bun is named toy the one she loves the most if Bonnie had an infused him with love put eyes on him in a mouth and eyebrows and she gave him life to love her and then he wakes up and only sees himself as a sport which it's so it's fantastic I was made for soup salad maybe chili I am NOT a toy it's like Woody has to project onto him he's got to educate him as opposed to the importance of where he stands you have to understand how lucky you are to belong to a child huh we need to get back to our kid Oh Sheriff woody you always come in to the rescue Bonnie needs 40 buddy who needs a kids room when you can have all of this what about woody have we not explored yet I think even woody in a way he doesn't know that he's going through an existential crisis weddy are we going to Bonnie I think it's a very helpful message that we learned from Bo Peep which is that she's made a life for herself it's not an orthodox life it's not a traditional life and yet she's fulfilled I know the perfect toy to help do kaboom Canada's greatest stuntman I was not prepared for how funny Keanu Reeves is for example Duke doing all these poses that was his idea one more oh yeah so now you know and now you can go see Toy Story 4 [Music] [Music]