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[Music] I've been very impressed with how many guys of like you know Kobe's kind of in a league of his own but how many high-level big-time names want to come here I mean if you're calling on behalf of Nick Saban you can just about get anything done you need done different things that I've read about interviews that I was he's a teacher and he's gonna challenge his guys I really hit their full potential but it's a grind it has to be that way and that's what I've always admired about Nick Saban from afar and I'm looking forward to sitting down in the day and pick his brain a little bit about that all right how you guys doing good I know you guys start kicking things off again it's a lot coming in different directions starting a new year you guys obviously trying to defend something and we're always found helpful particularly when the season starts is to edit your life what's most important to you when you do that you do that exercise with yourself things become clearer rather quickly but it was interesting you know hearing you speak today about you know your mentality as a player and how your work ethic your perseverance gave you the confidence to be the kind of player that you were yeah and you know my comment about that is every great player that I've ever met they all have that they all have talent but they all have that the process loving the process loving the daily grind of it putting the puzzle together it seems seems like you know this generation seems to be really concerned with the end result of things versus understanding and appreciating the journey to get there just be most important the trials and tribulations that come along with and you have successes you have failures but it's all part of the end right the end game when I see a lot of time from young players is you know don't try they'll push and all of a sudden they get hit with some adversity nah do something else I said to stand with it and you just stay with it guys you know a lot of guys just kind of give up on it because it's not happening now that's exactly right you know everybody wants to be the Beast but not everybody wants to do with the Beast you heard these are not oh yeah but and and that's the challenge but that that's what I love about the process of being a coach [Music]