Kodak Black Pleads Guilty In Gun Case Faces 8 Years In Prison

oh the river report the Breakfast Club well looks like Dwight Howard is engaged now he's been dating Tia Cooper and he's 33 she's 21 years old and a fan asked on a post if he was engaged and he responded duh and she's also been wearing a ring a huge ring so there's already been speculation about that now prior to all of this remember Dwight Howard he was the subject of conversation because of a young man named I seen Elijah that says that he had a sexual relationship with Dwight Howard and so now I guess that's you know it's why how it has said that's not true and now he's engaged okay I read he have a job in the NBA it no I don't think so he's married all right now little Wayne let's talk about what young Doug had to say about his relationship with little Wayne and why they'd never been tight at all or even just at least cool with each other here's what he told a big boy like me baby I think it's because he just been with Birdman his whole life and he's just so spoiled to the point where it's like he's really spoiled he's been he's been a mean he's been assumed he was nine years old so he don't know nothing but his way the first thing they don't go his way it's probably only had it don't have nothing in the world to do with me now Reggie a little Wayne's daughter went on Twitter and said if you're a rapper and you think my father doesn't like you that's not the case always he probably really just don't know you or don't care to get to know you know beep see really just beyond his ish and only that no cloud chasing because that's not a part of his job I mean did named his album Carter 5 now that was a bit disrespectful at the time you don't think so yeah he was denying everything in there that was an obvious challenge saying like I don't know if it was a challenge I just know it could come off as disrespect for the name you I caught a fire and then after that he did say that he was a big fan who in I mean I was oh yeah and originated by the way congratulations to her she just bought a house oh nice she bought her own first house so congratulations to resonate oh no Anna yep no no wasn't me all right every sells houses I don't sell houses all right ballers is ending with season 5 on HBO do y'all watch ballers no that is my show I always binge watch it see the first the first season I seen I wonder how the rock has time to even shoot - oh well it's over now so he said cheers to our final season of HBO's ballers my heart is full of gratitude to all of you from rocking with us every season you made us HBO's highest-rated comedy for years and most importantly you helped create and sustain a platform for other actors to have the opportunity to work hard grow and become household name five seasons of a show is very solid but I would love to hear what Tyrese has to say about this all right kodak black he's pleaded guilty in the federal gun case he pled guilty to two counts of knowingly making a false and fictitious a written statement in connection with the acquisition of a firearm so as y'all know he's been locked up and he's facing now a maximum of 10 years in prison followed by three years of supervised release geez I know initially he had pleaded not guilty so now he's pleading guilty he's got a lot going on I don't know what's gonna happen with Kodak and now let's talk about young Miami she bought a beautiful city girls chain for JT she posted just caught my bitch a chain to match mine at JT thank you at jewelry unlimited so I mean she really on the way home home very shortly we'll probably see you in a couple of weeks all right and young Doug has confirmed that his juice world joint project is on the way now juice world had said himself that he and young Doug had that joint project in the works but he also told big boy now that yes he said that project with juice world will probably be out in like three months y'all are excited to hear that and Drake is being sued for stealing beets for in my feelings and nice for what and that is by Samuel Nichols that there is Sam Scully he's saying that they use his beat for their in my feelings and also nice for what and he said that a Drake and Big Freedia samples a portion of his 2000 track roll call and never asked for permission and never paid as well so he's hoping to get paid all right I'm Angela Yee and that is your rumour report [Music]