Kylie Rae vs Kayla Lynn FULL MATCH Throwback Series

[Applause] [Music] [Music] our opponent one of the most popular stars and the reality of wrestling it's part-time its division Ray has never tied their food give me a break will you she loves representing the Diamonds division and she is a two-time diamonds Division champion boy and she's shown over and over again [Applause] diamonds action this week on the run the diamonds title is up for grabs use that hashtag row on CW right now join in on the conversation the rotation by Kylie ray I don't know why they are headlock takeover there by Carly Rae on Kayla live from the ATL moderate wrestling history in Atlanta Georgia as we both know Matt Topolsky rider this country former team spent a lot of time down there yeah absolutely lotta great wrestling talent from as well as Chicago Illinois where Kylee ray the Diamonds division champion emanates from she's putting it on display right now yeah both these ladies great wrestling cities but no wrestling city better than Houston Texas Texas City all the flagship of Texas recipe the reality arrest we got to remind everyone still to come on the road JJ Blake gets an opportunity at the television championship against Terrell tempos build a punch in our main event but worst dive its title for grabs right now big time truck take their time it's champion highly ray dragon the Challenger in the middle of the Ring hooks both legs the kick-out at one well who knows what we're going to see here tonight Amir we saw van Halen almost capture the Diamonds title Brad to her 15th 16th tee pee that's how that one went right there Kayla Lynn definitely a unorthodox competitor [Music] Bridget look over here check out from the champion Kayla Lin may have that same it to go captured the championship a German suplex my goodness that cut me off the champion was trumped on the back of her head when she slips out the back door two and a half for a big slap to the face by Kayla little bit of some creative surprising and impressive German suplex always got a victory I think we all up here from the champion kick-out at one a series of near falls in this seesaw battle for the diamond submission championship Kayla Len looking very impressive but now the champion gone to that cross face reversal ducks underneath the Challenger Kayla win [Applause] excellent great awareness by the Challenger gala Lynn and she forces the referee to break that hold look at that stuck hey the lid is holding on to the rope back up [Applause] [Music] you can tell she's feeling the effects wait a minute hey sunset flip into a powerbomb and Kylee ray hits the back of her head for the second time in this niche this country all I know diamonds champion all the way and another nearfall discount taylor lynn pushing the limits entirely way right now definitely for the limits in do we did not expect this at all they expect this Allison Cayla lid now attempting a surfboard on her back that surfboard stretch in the center of the ring and kylie right taps out here we have a new diamond champion and history is made in submission again really rea might be able to fight her way out of that because kayla was not able to bridge the [Applause] and Kylie rain and no woman's lid right now if you will but anniversary 50 real Tom it's not Holly rain now getting fired up the energy of this matchup [Music] [Applause] [Applause] it looks like frustration is starting to set in on Carly Rae she's going back to it again that cross face hello way away from that room for Kayla when she's out of it and look she turn into a hipster wait a minute art bar across Harpo very impressive maneuver here [Applause] got nowhere to go Riley rules pinfall attempt to retain the championship kick-out at two when to sing well I think Kayla lid was broader gay but she was ready use that card rich man she what's going on here Kylie rain [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] one of diamonds the vision match let's come all the big goobers that sunset power mama to the carbuncle but she could never make you never capitalized it so you can never get Kylie right now freak out a hard-fought match [Applause] my Lyrae retains another successful defense of the diamond Division championship and the rotation Matsu [Music] [Applause] [Music]