Kyries SpongeBob Nikes Are Straight Out of Bikini Bottom


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what's up everybody I'm Seth Fowler and I'm here today at Inside Edition because we're checking out the brand new spongebob Nike Kyrie fives [Music] Kyrie Irving is a very interesting basketball player who now plays for the Brooklyn Nets and one of his favorite passions as a kid growing up is spongebob and I'm sure that's the same for a lot of you guys I love spongebob growing up I'm one of the the many 90s kids who loves spongebob when my favorite moment was the striped sweater sign [Music] spongeBob is one of those classic childhood TV shows and whenever we get an opportunity to wrap our love of something that has some nostalgia for us we take that opportunity so what Kyrie did was actually create a collaboration with Nike and Sponge Bob he's got five different sneakers that released in this theme they all are themed after one of the spongebob characters this is obviously the main one this is the spongebob Kyrie 5 which is his main signature shoe he's got two other Kyrie 5 spongebob theme sneakers he's got a patrick star and a Squidward and then he's also got the Kyrie lo2 in the Sandy Cheeks and mr. Krabs colorway he's got muddy right as you can tell this sneaker is very heavily based on spongebob because it comes in the yellow sponge colored theme you've got some sponge detailing and accents on the heel as well as Nike written out and that sort of spongebob playful font you've also got the Nike swoosh adjusted to look like part of SpongeBob's skin which in a way is kind of creepy but also kind of cool at the same time because you know it's a themed sneaker the Kyrie 5 also features some elements that are designed specifically for performance basketball and because of that on this particular model they are themed like spongebob so you've got some of the spongebob poles printed on the sneaker one of the most interesting details about this sneaker is of course this mid foot wrap right here which is designed to keep your foot in the shoe especially when playing basketball but on this particular collaboration it comes in a bright yellow of course the match spongebob you've got Nickelodeon in Orange written across the mid foot of the shoe and of course because this is a spongebob sneaker you've got SpongeBob's face on the insole of the shoe as well continuing with the spongebob theme you've got some red accents and some gum accents on the outsole of the shoe just to symbolize his pants as I'm sure you already figured and overall it's a great looking sneaker and one that I think a lot of spongebob fans and Kairi fans will love so that's one of the things I really like about this sneaker because they really went all out on this collaboration they didn't just make a yellow Kairi and call it a spongebob sneaker they actually went in with all the little details they changed up the materials they really went all out and that's what I appreciate about it overall it's an awesome sneaker it performs really well on court it's a good budget basketball sneaker but if you're really trying to wrap your spongebob pride this is also a great way to go the spongebob carry v collection drop August 10th for 140 dollars but unfortunately a lot of the colorways and sizes are sold out you can grab them on the resale market for a little bit higher prices than retail or if you're lucky you can walk into your local sneaker store and find a pair in your size however that's not the most likely thing in the world but that's pretty much everything for the spongebob Kairi fives thank you so much for watching I'm Seth Fowler for Inside Edition you