LA Man Charged In Disappearance Of Girlfriend After He Openly Rapped About It

the breakfast club bitch who's gonna keep the date today Wow ed Sheeran donkey today for Thursday September 5th goes to a 27 year old California man named Robert Anthony Camus I think I'm pronouncing his last name right I really don't know what's going on in the world anymore you know when I was a JIT that's a kid for you folks who not from the south born I was a JIT my grandmother used to say that she has never seen a time like this before and that was in the 90s now I was 2019 and my grandma been dead since 2006 13 years later I can repeat her words with confidence I have never seen a time like this before people is out of their goddamn mind we are in a world where we are surrounded by 360 degrees circumference of crazy every day every single one of us is just trying to avoid crazy you know that's it if you can make it home every day having avoided any crazy then you have probably lived to see another day sadly that crazy is often too close to us could be a brother a sister parents close friends the cameramen ever vote and in the case of Amanda Custer a boyfriend see according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Amanda Custer has been missing since late July and a video surfaced online around the time Amanda disappeared and according to the LA County Sheriff's Department they showed Amanda's boyfriend Robert rapping what was Robert rapping about let's go to CBS to Los Angeles for the report police well we're inside this bar that King Eddie Barneses where Camus was standing when he did this rap version and I guess the big question is was it a confession in my own words it was you know the and bury her in the dirt Michael Moore said he was stunned by what it was listening to karaoke night at King Eddie saloon just off Skid Row Moore said this is videotape of the man mixing with the crowd at the bar after he finished wrapping a song about how he had quote killed his girlfriend and buried her in the dirt he makes it something about the police and that he needed to close his mouth now and he walked off a few hours later he said he saw that same man on television being led away in handcuffs detectives say they are aware of the rap song video but have yet to get a copy but they say that Robert Camus is definitely their suspect in the disappearance of his longtime girlfriend Amanda Custer welcome to the rest of our lives people I mean this has been our lives for a long time now but things that never change and if you grew up in the 90s like I did and you know the world that we live in has been altered forever see this is the era we live in where people who kill people and then go rap about it during karaoke nights okay now I know what you might be thinking Eminem made a living off rapping about killing and burying his girlfriend somewhere I look no further than 97 Bonnie and Clyde for starters but the difference between Eminem and this guy is I mean I've never actually killed him he's just rapped about it okay just rapped about wanting to kill it if I have to explain the difference to you and you're probably one of those crazy people I'm trying to avoid now I know what else you're thinking what if this guy was at karaoke night rapping and Eminem song maybe this is all some big misunderstanding yeah it might make sense if Amanda Custer wasn't last seen when police responded to a possible domestic dispute at Roberts home and if Robert didn't already faced domestic domestic violence charges because he was accused of battering his girlfriend strangling her and threatening her with a Taser and when the victim tried to get help at a house nearby robert allegedly chased her into the house and then beat up an elderly man who was trying to intervene I wish that old elderly man would have had a shotgun and I wish that old man would have put a hole through Robert the size of a game pornstars butthole all right witnesses actually told police they say Robert they saw Robert putting Custer's lifeless body in the back of a gray Toyota Prius and then driving away not to mention a Fisher's found evidence recovered blood from the scene okay police also found blood and a digging tool in the cargo area of the car so yeah about avoiding this crazy thing I repeat every single day of our lives all we were trying to do is avoid crazy but sadly sometimes crazy finds us please let Remy Ma get Robert Camuto because he huh I would like everybody to know that was a very inappropriate time to laugh but y'all do not see Henry's face when I said out I wish that old man would've had a shotgun and I wish that old man would have put a hole through Robert the size of a gay porn stars butthole the way everybody in this room look at each other so stupid describe a whole big another way to describe I'm not gonna lie my brain actually said incredible halls butthole but I don't know if people watch marvel like me how do you know what the credible because then Thor the dark world I believe it was it showed the incredible Hawks beer but okay alright but you understand what I meant when I say Gabe porn stars butthole shotgun blast bow toys I'm leaving the toy box go home alright thank you for that donkey today did you do here oh you did he all right got me frazzled over here donkey today is brought to you by the law office of Michael s lamonsoff don't be a donkey down pound 250 on yourself and say to bowl if you've been hurt in a construction accident that's pound to 5 volt from your cell and say to bowl [Music]