LED removal without hot air Can it be done

I'm trying various different ways here removing an LED without ruining this trip so I'm trying now oops he's just cutting into it with a reason I'm not going down far enough to cut the actual strip I just want to cut the led see I didn't damage the strip doing that careful not to cut yourself all right now we can see at least a metal part now I'm just gonna work it out but to try obviously if you were trying to save that led you wouldn't do this not this way things are real pain because they have a ground pat on the back that's what I'm gonna try to do is flood it with solder see that won't do any good we think that work okay that got the metal part off trying not to damage the 1x2 am I not doing very good at that be very careful doing this if you don't want to damage the traces and that is not too bad all that yellow will actually clean off with some alcohol and that is not too bad see if we can zoom in here that's not really that bad that's it