LIDAR FOD Detection System from Texas AM University


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welcome to the lidar fog detection system or lidar FDS this prototype system will navigate down airport runways and scan for any foreign object debris or damage that may affect the safety of airplanes and military jets the six Tim 361 2d lidar sensor scans for instances of fog and triggers a camera to capture the object in question the image will undergo processing and the information collected will be sent live to a database that Airport personnel can view through a web application from any device the goal of the lidar fod detection system prototype is to improve the safety of runways and to reduce human error not only does fod possess a safety concern but also an economic one brad back tole of boeing reports that fod costs their company four billion dollars a year through improved detection of fod we believe we can reduce the costs of damage and labor in the aviation industry the marketability of this system reaches both the commercial and military aviation sectors through the widespread implementation of this autonomous detection system we hope to provide a safe and reliable alternative to the current methods of detecting fod including fod walks performed by airport and military personnel the lighter fds is an autonomous system capable of using the sick tim 361 lidar to detect instances of fog on runways using the external trigger on the lidar a camera takes a picture of the instance and using image processing determines what the object is while in motion data such as the time stamp and the GPS coordinates of the fod are required all of this information is sent wirelessly over a mobile connection to the pod finder web application using HTTP GET and FTP protocols then airport personnel can search sort and view all instances of fadh reported by the system on any device capable of connecting to the Internet [Music] [Music]